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Pangloss avatar 1:00 PM on 07.13.2012  (server time)
We Legend Now: A Recap

So, the inaugural episode of We Legend Now, in which we play the Legend d20 system while doing offensively stupid things on Streamtoid, went off fairly well. Certainly better than I expected our crew of gallivanting jackasses to manage. If you were for some inexplicable reason one of the few (like, the entire human population less 20-30 people) poor fools that didnít tune in, you missed the following misadventures of our party.

Dramatis Personae:
Vasuki, fallen cursed remnant of an ancient dragon, also a dervish, played by King3vbo
Vidya, the other remnant of said dragon, caster, healer, pyromaniac, played by yours truly
Verchiel, arrogant, insufferable prettyboy angel, played by Analoge
Staude Haragos, unhinged sniper whose guns talk to him, played by JohnnyViral
Wespyr, smarmy demon con man, mechanic, played by the absolutely top fucking percentage Will Beers
And the dickass GM himself, Ryu89

Events of note:
-Introductions out of the way, welcome to the show
-We are somehow already at a combat encounter, despite nobody having any idea how we know each other. In Media Res!
-Haha oh wow, Beers' frigging token. Seriously, look at it (I made it the header).
-No seriously, who are all these people weíre supposed to be allied with?
-Oh fuck, skeletons!
-Whatís the proper term for a group of skeletons, anyway?
-A pursuance, is general consensus.
-Who cares, fucking hit them already.
-Vidya is half dead. The first round is not yet over.
-Seriously, you asshole, stop using good tactics and focus-firing the healer.
-Wespyr has a fucking obscene Bluff modifier. Skeletons are persuaded of completely implausible things, and then shot.
-The skeleton king rolls up, gets set on fire, shot in the face, and gusted.
-Vidya is brought to exactly 0 hp. Itís okay, Iím a healer.
-The skeleton king hits Vasuki, and promptly dies to Vasuki bleeding on him.
-Moral: the wages of sin are acid blood.
-Skeleton King: he showed up, looked vaguely ominous, waved his hands to make shadows with no immediately obvious effect, and then died the first time he hurt anyone.
-Oh hey guys, it turns out the proper term is a drudge. A drudge of skeletons.
-Stupid skeleton archers get the living shit shot out of them, dragons are intimidating.
-We spend five minutes trying to figure out if there is an Attack of Opportunity (there was not).
-We win, loot the shit out of everything, get no loot.
-Vidya finally locates the blood she was promised (it was in the thick of slaughter the whole time).


-So we swamp now. Halflings live here, apparently?
-Vasuki attempts to steal back the quest turn-in after we get paid, gets caught.
-Something something, Verchiel thinks the quest-giver is a grubby little asshole and the whole thing is beneath him.
-Vidya pays zero attention.
-Beers brings the location-appropriate vidja gaem music with a fierceness.
-Staude wants to know if this is Kokomo. No, wait, his gun does.
-Halfling thugs jump us on the docks. Apparently some of them are called Shockers, as well?
-Consensus is that if they manage to get two in the pink and one in the stink, it will inflict [Dazed] or [Nauseated].
-Vidya is dropped to exactly 0hp again. This will be a theme, probably.
-Verchiel stabs Vidya with a dagger of pure fire. This makes Vidya feel much better.
-No, seriously.
-Halflings are generally set on fire, knocked around, shot and beat up. They donít do a lot of damage to non-Vidya people, because Wespyr has an energy shield.
-Vidya drops to 1hp. Everyone is racist against fire elementals.
-She sets someone on fire and gets very far away.
-Boom, last halfling down, encounter over.
-Party dings level 2, so long folks

-Johnny checks the recording this morning and realizes that nobody watching the stream could hear Evan talking all night. Whoops.

Sooo, yeah, apparently when Evan (who was streaming) was fucking with audio settings at the beginning of the stream to make the rest of us not sound like we were speaking through tin cans in a cave, he somehow managed to turn himself off. This is going to be fixed next week, so you can hear his dulcet tones and the funny things he will probably say, unless he accidentally leaves his actual mic muted anyway. It will be especially fixed if we can get someone with actual chops with these programs to teach him their ways.

Catch us on Streamtoid again next Thursday, 6pm PST/9pm EST for more insane hijinks, and see all the new tricks we get now that weíre level two! Expect allies to get buffed, and punk bitches to get dazzled, cleaved, smote, and headshotted. Allies may also get set on fire, for laffs.

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