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Pandaloons avatar 5:37 AM on 03.30.2010  (server time)
Mr. Pandaloons Trip to PAX East 2010

My blog post about the following events are fun photo's I took at PAX East to help draw and write this webcomic i'm trying to start. I had a great time this year having made most of the panels I wanted to see and getting some band photo's which I often never take. I tend to try and take snapshots from the background instead of asking for posed photo's from cosplayer's and other pop-culture enthusiast. Other than that I was just looking for expressions of genuine interest, happiness, and discomfort. It was a huge surprise to me that I got to take the Destructoid community group photo. All and all I had quite a fun trip in Boston and plan to make a more comfortable interview approach to a photo concept I want to do next year at PAX East 2011.


This was the starting point to my trip at the Fung Wah Bus station in New York

After unpacking at the hotel I following up Power glove, I come to find out that the Publik House was a meh idea and made camp at this Pizza Uno. Merriment Ensues.


Waiting in Line for the Keynote Speech

Waiting for the Keynote Speech in the Main Theater with Special Guest Major Nelson.

Major Nelson Lady's and Gentlemen.

Keynote Speech

After the Keynote Speech I set out to find my own temporary sumo bean bag chair.

I set up base finding a comfy spot on the third floor

Smelling Crime

My second location was going back to the main stage to see The Protomen and Anamanaguchi


Waiting in line again, but this time finding a nice group of people to play card games with

2 Player Productions Q&A Panel and Guest Commentary on two Penny Arcade Episodes

Robert Khoo and the 2 Player Production Team

After leaving that panel I went off looking for more trouble and ended up taking some group pictures.

Group Picture's GO!

Done, now back into convention grounds and catching up with failure along the way. I attend the Fail Now Panel

I later check out the expo hall to see the split second demo and call it a night with my duck buddy.


I prepare for my last day in Boston, going to four panels and cheesing it when the time was right. I'm out of time and money to stay for the rest of the weekend and I end up not saying goodbye to any of my Destructoid Community Friends, I miss you all.

The first panel of the day, "So You Want to Get into the Game Industry"

Second Panel, "Forcing Your Way In & Coming Out On Top: The Game Industry in Rainbow Color"

Third Panel, "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Game Journalism". Following is the mix up transition with some cool people, i think Samit is in one of these.

Fourth Panel, "Sequelitis Snake Oil: Quack Medicine for the Video Game Industry

After my last panel, I decided to leave immediately. Taking some photo's on my way out I try to beat the rain and walk to the bus station in China Town.

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