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Pandaloons's blog

8:49 AM on 03.08.2011

MAGFest 9 Photo Journalisms

So going to Alexandria, Virgina was gonna be another new photo adventure for myself. I've only gone to one other convention alone (PAX East 2010) and I was planning all of this on the fly. My traveling plans went awry when...   read

2:36 PM on 12.20.2010

Destructoid TV always wins


9:56 PM on 04.08.2010

Kickball/Dodgeball Flyer

When I'm not busy nerding it up, I co-manage a kickball/dodgeball group. I just finished our flyer for this year and it came out alright. It's no game of Megaman soccer, but it's a good start.   read

1:54 PM on 04.05.2010

JUST CAUSE 2 contest entry


12:34 AM on 04.01.2010



5:37 AM on 03.30.2010

Mr. Pandaloons Trip to PAX East 2010

My blog post about the following events are fun photo's I took at PAX East to help draw and write this webcomic i'm trying to start. I had a great time this year having made most of the panels I wanted to see and getting som...   read

12:09 AM on 03.29.2010

My return from PAX East 2010

So this being my first Destructoid Gathering/PAX ever I have to say it's been quite the weekend. I snapped many a photo, some with Major Nelson, Ken Levine, Jeff Gerstman, everyone I met from the Destructoid community, and a...   read

6:50 PM on 03.22.2010

My first creative submission to Destructoid /Deadly Premonition Contest/


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