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PandaBear's blog

8:37 AM on 04.09.2008

Living with a new N-Gage phone (and why it kinda sucks)

I recently picked up a Nokia N81 to replace my old phone Sony Ericsson W800i which was starting to give me the shits by turning itself off all the time. Still, after two years of abuse I donít know what I expected. Anyway, wh...   read

7:56 AM on 03.26.2008

Why I support mod chips and you should too...

Video game piracy is bad. Thereís no doubt about it. But here in Australia we have the right to own mod chips legally. Why? Because we get screwed so often that's why! Have you ever stopped to consider just how ridiculously...   read

7:08 AM on 03.03.2008

My video game junk, part 4 (Final Fantasy junk, part 1)

When it comes to video game junk I canít get enough Final Fantasy stuff. They could make Final Fantasy tampons and Iíd probably buy every box I could just to make sure I had one with Cloud and a Cactuar on it. But I donít thi...   read

9:47 AM on 02.28.2008

R rated games for Australia! ...maybe

Well itís that time of the year again; time to talk about the elusive R rating for video games in Australia. Yes thatís right, there are talks going on right now to decide if we can handle an R rating for games yet. I first h...   read

4:20 PM on 02.19.2008

My video game junk, part 3 (PAL edition)

Living in a PAL territory you get used to being screwed by video game companies . And I donít mean a gentle slap and tickle behind the bike shed, I mean a hand over your mouth after lights out style screw. Little things l...   read

6:53 AM on 01.21.2008

My video game junk, part 2

Something that has been helping my pile of video game stuff grow recently has been the number of promotional items sent to me by video game publishers. I was fortunate enough to do free game reviews for a local paper awhile...   read

3:24 AM on 01.17.2008

My video game junk, part 1

I own a lot of video game related junk. I horde the stuff like thereís no tomorrow. A friend of mine recently tried to throw out a few broken GunCon pedals, which I quickly snapped up and put in boxes. Why would I do this? W...   read

11:08 AM on 08.09.2007

Also, cock up in a report about Xbox 360's 65nm chip

GameTab recently became one of my favourite video game websites. It's a simple idea Ė take every popular gaming website out there and form an easy to read website with a list of todayís top stories. However, just recently s...   read

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