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How old am I? I saw Star Wars in the theatresÖ in 1977. I voted for Mondale. My graduating class theme song was Donít You Forget About Me. I wore a members only jacket without irony. I remember when the Players Manual for D&D came out. I remember when Steve Jackson left Metagaming to form his own company. I remember when this cool new game hit the arcadesÖ Centipede. Iíz OLD!
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Microsoft kept talking about video stuff again at E3. When will they realize that us real gamers donít care about that? We want to play Arkham Arena, Battlefield 4, Black Spots 3, Lollygag Chainmail and Halo 12. You know, real games. Why do they keep ranting on about Nike shit and something called Hulu? These idiots at Microsoft have no idea what they are doing. Clearly no one wants to do all this multimedia and casual shit on their Xbox. I bet if I go in my friends list right now, I can prove it. Andy Dixon is playing.. um Hulu. And Bloodspray is playing.. um Netflix. And wait a minute, looks like my wife is upstairs watching YouTube. And WTF Vimeo? Clearly no one wants this shit.

A little over a year ago I had a full cable package. For a mere $160 a month, I got more HD channels than you could shake a stick at and pretty good Comcast internet at 20-30 Mbps. Have you ever seen the Golf Channel in HD? If not, you are missing out, because Hawaii. But then my 2 year contract ran out and they started charging me even more. So, I did what any brainy hominid would do Ė I quit cold turkey. No TV? Eek, run for the hills.

Well, not really. A year later I donít miss it. I get my Penn State football on ESPN on the Xbox (sweet carolineÖ), my wife streams all the Desperate Housewives she wants, and the little guy watches hour after hour of power rangers on Netflix with no commercials. Did I mention no commercials on Netflix streaming? My kid has watched every kid show ever, but he has never come begging for the latest BS plastic toy that they want to sell him. Why? Because he does not see commercials. He thinks MF power rangers is a TV show, not a toy line. He doesnít know that they have toys.

So, what did I do with the 1000 bucks I didnít spend on cable TV last year? Well, I got another TV and another Xbox for my desk because it seems like someone is always watching TV on the Xbox in the living room.

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