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How old am I? I saw Star Wars in the theatres… in 1977. I voted for Mondale. My graduating class theme song was Don’t You Forget About Me. I wore a members only jacket without irony. I remember when the Players Manual for D&D came out. I remember when Steve Jackson left Metagaming to form his own company. I remember when this cool new game hit the arcades… Centipede. I’z OLD!
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3:32 AM on 08.29.2013


So this is just going to be a bunch of pictures of me at PAX with Scield's avatar. Hoping to get some good pictures and collect an epic swag bag for him. PAX is such a huge maze, it will be fun to have some limited objectives (take a picture with his avatar while wearing the helmet, get him a Korean MMO t-shirt, pictures with DTOID glitterali, etc)

Any suggestions? Where should I take him? I'm only going to the show proper on Saturday and Sunday and I'm feeling lucky to even get to do that. I totally failed on tickets but Beccy and Dyganth rallied and unless something goes totally sideways, I should be set. DTOID panel on Sunday, Thursday night bacchanal at GameWorks, podtoid live and assorted after-hours-isms. What am I forgetting? Or better yet, meet me and come take a picture with me and Scield!
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Oops, that was the even-less-blog version.

We’re all here because we love games.  It’s fun to talk about games with other gamers. It’s fun to debate games and game platforms. Who would win a fight between Chell and Faith? Which Pokémon would last longest in the Fallout wasteland? Who has the best online service?  Debates are fun and they give us an opportunity to geek out and indulge in a little friendly sparring. Talking about strategies and tactics is a great way to kill some time when you can’t be actually playing. But, when you take it to the extreme, you suck the life right out of it. Yep, to paraphrase Iverson, we’re talking about fanboys.

I put up my original post as a reaction to seeing the phrase ‘PC gaming master race’ one too many times. To some extent, railing against the fanboys is like battling the tide – you’re never going to get anywhere. And let’s face it, this site runs on page views, so a good debate is butter. But that phase is particularly obnoxious because it is a loaded term. When you talk about a ‘master race’, YOU are bringing up Nazis. Try looking at the Wikipedia article on master race. I know, I know, Wikipedia… But seriously, do you really want to identify with “a concept in Nazi ideology”? If you’re trying to be funny, sorry, that is not funny. If you want to bring more gamers to our platform, pick a different poster boy.

So this is where I have to bring up some of the comments on my original post, who warn about Godwin’s law (roughly put; comparing your debate opponent to a Nazi). I asked the rhetorical question “Name two groups who talk about the master race?” My point was not to compare PC fans to Nazis, my goal was to emphasize how loaded the term is. There literally are only two groups who use this term. When Rush Limbaugh calls feminists ‘Feminazis’, that is pure slander. Feminism  has nothing to do with Nazi thinking. When you talk about yourself as part of a ‘master race’, you are comparing yourself to the Nazis.

This whole discussion is a good example of why the phrase sucks. I would rather spend my time on Destructoid making plans for PAX meetups, checking FNF plans, and debating PC specs. If you want to debate PC vs. console, talk about Steam sales. Talk about mods. Talk about Humble Bundles. Talk about Hawken. Talk about the cool stuff. Protip: Nazis are not cool.

Put differently, my original post could have read like this: “Stop talking about the master race, you’re making us all look bad.”  STFUAJPG
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Is PC gaming better? Yes.

Do you have to be an asshole about it? No.

Now the quiz: Name the 2 groups that talk about being the Master Race.


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8:44 AM on 01.11.2013

Hey both of you DTOID parents!

Want to help your kids build real robots?
Check it out!

Average robot costs about $300 and needs a team of 4-6.

Robots, FTW!


Microsoft kept talking about video stuff again at E3. When will they realize that us real gamers don’t care about that? We want to play Arkham Arena, Battlefield 4, Black Spots 3, Lollygag Chainmail and Halo 12. You know, real games. Why do they keep ranting on about Nike shit and something called Hulu? These idiots at Microsoft have no idea what they are doing. Clearly no one wants to do all this multimedia and casual shit on their Xbox. I bet if I go in my friends list right now, I can prove it. Andy Dixon is playing.. um Hulu. And Bloodspray is playing.. um Netflix. And wait a minute, looks like my wife is upstairs watching YouTube. And WTF Vimeo? Clearly no one wants this shit.

A little over a year ago I had a full cable package. For a mere $160 a month, I got more HD channels than you could shake a stick at and pretty good Comcast internet at 20-30 Mbps. Have you ever seen the Golf Channel in HD? If not, you are missing out, because Hawaii. But then my 2 year contract ran out and they started charging me even more. So, I did what any brainy hominid would do – I quit cold turkey. No TV? Eek, run for the hills.

Well, not really. A year later I don’t miss it. I get my Penn State football on ESPN on the Xbox (sweet caroline…), my wife streams all the Desperate Housewives she wants, and the little guy watches hour after hour of power rangers on Netflix with no commercials. Did I mention no commercials on Netflix streaming? My kid has watched every kid show ever, but he has never come begging for the latest BS plastic toy that they want to sell him. Why? Because he does not see commercials. He thinks MF power rangers is a TV show, not a toy line. He doesn’t know that they have toys.

So, what did I do with the 1000 bucks I didn’t spend on cable TV last year? Well, I got another TV and another Xbox for my desk because it seems like someone is always watching TV on the Xbox in the living room.