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9:02 AM on 03.29.2008

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue - First impressions

Like alot of you I got my hands on the latest step towards a fully fledged GT sequel yesterday Gran Tursimo 5: Prologue. I say alot, but apparently not everyone who wanted a copy.
After going on and on about pre-ordering a copy from, i did'nt acutally get around to doing it myself! But my sisters boyfriend did. Along comes release day and i get a call from him saying that the game has been delayed, apparently had run out of copies, and have said that this is due to a problem with sony meaning they're orders were put back 24 hours, though they did give him a £5 voucher off of GTA 4, he still was'nt too pleased, especially as i popped out to town and gloated when i came back telling him that they have copies everywhere.

So I get home and pop in the new disc, up pops the little blu(e) disc and I'm away! ... well almost. Along comes the little box telling me that I need to install the game, ok a 5 minute install and im away! Or so I thought... 20+ minutes later and its finally installed and away I go!
Erm? After I've downloaded the update of course, which took about another 20 minutes, but after thaaaat i was away! No, really!

The first thing you see after all that downloading and installing jiggery pokery is the custom GT intro.


Shiny flashy cars ahoy!

Eyeballs suitably sautéed you click start to see this

(Minus the expesive motor)

Oooh, where to start? Well a good place is the dealerships, to buy your first car.
Ferrari? Aston Martin? TVR? You can't afford any of these, so time to buy your self a nice piece of crap and work your way up! The good thing being that even the crap cars look great in this game. You start with 30,000 credits which can get you a nice little Honda, Ford or Suzuki, once you've made your choice you're off to the events where you must earn your A,B, and C grade badges.

So strapped into my nice little black honda civic, I set off for the 1st race of the sunday cup!
After 5 or so minutes of racing the gorgeous Daytona Speedway I emerged victorious!
After winning the next few races with out much bother it starts to dawn on you. This game is abit too easy. Now I've only just started on my B badge so maybe there is a steep learning curve thats about to hit, but so far its all been a little too easy.

The stand out reason I feel for this, is the games AI, or lack there of. I hope one of the things they missed out of this stop gap game is the final code for AI drivers, as the only challenge seems to be over taking them, and once thats done they never challenge to do the same to you. They stick to the racing line, rarely deviating, and often don't seem to be getting the same speed out of a car as you can, even on straights.

There are other challenges, like time trials and such which keeps the game entertaining though.

After abit of zombie racing i decided to check out the online play!

Each race has diffrent parameters and car restrictions, but the lay out is simple enough.
You race with the car you're in from your garage so none of this picking a car and colour before each race to slow things down.

The race parameters mean that you can't pit an F1 car against a Suzuki cappuccino and keeps things fair (sorry newbs!). Also to this end, if you hit the barriers at high speed you get a timed penalty which slows your car (sorry again newbs!) Also sharp movements (such as those meant to take out a fellow racer) result in your car becoming epheral and simply gliding into said barrier instead, though you can still go toe to toe with other drivers. So far these seems like good ideas implemented well.

The races start quickly and theres little faffing about. Each race begins with a rollingstart, which is ok, but i hope they bring back grid starts for the full game. So far I've only raced in the minor compitions and i'm now off to fix that.

Update to come once I've finished the game...!   read

6:48 AM on 03.21.2008

PES 2008 Online (and on Wii!)

Does anyone else play Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 online on PS3? You do?/don't? Thats great!/retarded!

Though if you started playing the game online on day 1 i would'nt of blamed you for not trying it again. After playing a fair bit of the master league I decided to venture online and use my newly gained skillz to kick some ass. All was fine, I won my first couple games and all seemed well untill my 3rd game which i lost. Now i can accept losing to a better player, maybe even to a cheat if i was still having fun, but to lose becuase my defenders were chasing a ball which suddenly teleports to the feet of an oppostion player whose now 1 on 1 with my goalkeeper seems abit much.

The lag got worse. I got to the point where at virtually every other kick off the opposistion players would teleport across the screen like demented nightcrawlers. My players would move a couple of steps with the ball berfore having it whisked away and appear down field where my defenders and goalie would go in the complete opposite direction to the where their players were.



Since then there have abeen a few improvments and games like these are now very rare (though lag "blips" are still rather common)

Also in fairness it does have a bar showing the signal strength between you and your opponent before you play them, the only thing is if you do come up against a player with a really bad connection you either have to play him, or reset the console to get back to the main screen,in PES6 there was an option to not play the player you were picked against, why remove it?

Yet i still play it, even with all its problems and the players who constantly choose barca,inter or brazil (Using Adriano is virtually cheating!) simply becuase its the best "soccer" (eeeww i feel dirty, its football!) game out there.


Its comming to the Wii!

Now its hard enough controlling the players when you have umpteen buttons on the controller, and to make up for the Wii's severly low button count Konami have completely revamped the controls.

- From

"Using the Wii Remote, players simply point at the screen and direct the man with the ball as to where they want him to run by clicking in the open space. However, it's what happens with your teammates that will prove to be the defining moment of this latest PES. Users will be able to click on other members of their side and tell them where to run, to perform one-two passes or make them create space by dragging away defenders.

It will be possible to manipulate as many players as you can quickly get control of to make set pieces become a vital part of the attacking play. Make forwards run across goal, defenders will spin and attack the back post while the towering striker makes a dart for the near post - all of which is controlled by you.

The game will automatically detect the type of pass you want to make depending on the distance the player you want to pass to is standing. If you point for a pass to a player on the other side of the pitch, the game will loop a high ball over. Likewise, if you chip a ball into space, you can then grab the nearest player and move him towards it.

New gameplay modes have been added, including the Champions Road option. Players get the opportunity to train sub standard team and then play off against other teams online. Defeating these CPU teams enables you to take some of their players and strengthen your team on the road to glory"

It definately sounds interesting, but I cant help but feel the point and click aspect will slow things down and make every less intuitive, but we shall see...   read

4:53 PM on 03.12.2008

Ads on websites, and why i hate them.

Don't get me wrong, i'm a realist and i know that companys need to advertise their products and services, but why do they have to do it in such annoying ways? I mean take that annoying ad that stretchs the screen up there^ (hopefully that will be fixed soon!)

The ones that really get on my nerves are.

Look tits! ads - Ads that cater to the lowest common denominator, namely teenage boys. Don't get me wrong I like bewbs as much as the next hairy handed net surfer, but come on, I dont need to see a set of cans advertising every little thing from poker sites to shower gel!

ZOMG YOU WONZ!!!1! ads - Yes thats right! You are the 10,000th visitor to the site for the 2nd time today, what are the chances? Ads that prey on the gullable and people new to the internet.

1+1=? ads - Ads that ask a stupifyingly easy question, and that tell you that all you need to do is answer it to "win" Yup just answer the question then gives us your contact details (of course we wont sell these details on, promise!) oh, and we'll also need your friends email addresses and your medical records and your bank details, but you get a free ringtone! =D

Test your skillz! ads - Just like the 1+1= ads but instead of a simple question they take the form of a "game" which (usually) consist souly of you tapping a button 3-4 times before you can claim your prize - a pop up asking once again for your details - whoopee do!

Rant over   read

4:20 PM on 03.08.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

In the pics
32" samsung LCD TV for monitor
Flanked by a xbox 360 and PStripple
Just underneath it is the DS
Top right is the Wii
Bottom right is the PC - running windows XP media edition
intel core duo @ 2.39GHz
2GB ram
500gb HD
Nvidia 8800gtx

Hmmmm not the worst set up in the world, but the winner is chosen at random so i have a chance :-D

Yes i am greedy.   read

12:51 PM on 02.26.2008

Old Samurais never die....

Well they do actually, and often very painfully as can be witnessed in the video for SNK's latest foray into the the Samurai showdown series found in Dale North's blog here>

Its looking pretty good! (Though i am slightly more impressed by the latest KoF)
The one hit kills look paticulary cool! But they did remind me slightly of a game I played many moons ago on the original PS called Bushido Blade.

I was totally hooked on this game when i was younger, though it did have its faults, most of these, as can be seen in hindsight, were down to the limitations of the console(Such as the loading between each segement of the huge fighting area)

One of the best features of the game was that you could injure specific parts of your opponent during battle resulting in them using thier other hand to fight with, right up to fighting in a prone position becuase you've hacked at their ankles.

Heres a couple of videos showcasing the huge map and general gameplay (contains spoilers :P)



It does'nt look like much now but i'd love a remake/sequel on current gen consoles.   read

7:57 AM on 02.25.2008

Wii heals the world

Is there nothing nintendo's little white box cant do? (apart from compete graphically with its main rivals of course)
It seems not as now the little box that could can now help heal burns victims amonst other things.

From the site-

"The Wii has already been used at a Manchester hospital in the rehabilitation of a boy who suffered burns after being struck by lightning.

Its healing properties have also been touted for stroke victims: in the US and Germany, it has been used in several clinics to help patients regain movement in their arms and legs.

Most recently, it has made an appearance in a Welsh care home as a way of keeping residents physically and mentally active"

See games arnt just murder simulators after all.   read

10:33 AM on 02.21.2008

Best Console EVAR!!

Which has been the best console you have owned?
We'll forget about this current crop of consoles as they're still doing battle.
Heres a quick selection of consoles past.

The Sega Genesis/Megadrive

The Super Nintendo (with added german!)

Sega Dreamcast

And a quick overview from our friends at GT

Do you agree with thier top 10?

Hmmm think i'm gonna go pay my virtual console a visit... :D   read

6:08 AM on 02.05.2008

If Uwe Boll made games... Zelda's Adventure!

I took a peek at Destructoid's rewind of this week last year and came across two Zelda games I have never heard of

Wow they do look crap dont they? But still it got my brain ticking so i decided to do a wiki search on them. Apparently Phillips got the rights to make these games in a deal with nintendo after their plans to make a cd gaming machine together fell through. That games machine later became the Phillips ill fated CD-i on which these were released.

While reading about these two games I found out that there had also been a 3rd! Joy!

Produced by a diffrent company Zelda's Adventure had a completely new (but still crappy) look
and style of play, complete with AWESOME LIVE ACTION FMV :D :D :D


Wow, and if that did'nt completely blow your mind heres some of the gameplay


I'm not sure why Zelda dissapears between each screen, but im putting it down to "magic"

And now the final bow, the end boss fight(s) with end fmv


Epic   read

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