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Pagster's blog

9:02 AM on 03.29.2008

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue - First impressions

Like alot of you I got my hands on the latest step towards a fully fledged GT sequel yesterday Gran Tursimo 5: Prologue. I say alot, but apparently not everyone who wanted a copy. After going on and on about pre-ordering a ...   read

6:48 AM on 03.21.2008

PES 2008 Online (and on Wii!)

Does anyone else play Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 online on PS3? You do?/don't? Thats great!/retarded! Though if you started playing the game online on day 1 i would'nt of blamed you for not trying it again. After playing a fa...   read

4:53 PM on 03.12.2008

Ads on websites, and why i hate them.

Don't get me wrong, i'm a realist and i know that companys need to advertise their products and services, but why do they have to do it in such annoying ways? I mean take that annoying ad that stretchs the screen up there^ ...   read

4:20 PM on 03.08.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

In the pics 32" samsung LCD TV for monitor Flanked by a xbox 360 and PStripple Just underneath it is the DS Top right is the Wii Bottom right is the PC - running windows XP media edition intel core duo @ 2.39GHz 2GB ram 500gb HD Nvidia 8800gtx Hmmmm not the worst set up in the world, but the winner is chosen at random so i have a chance :-D Yes i am greedy.   read

12:51 PM on 02.26.2008

Old Samurais never die....

Well they do actually, and often very painfully as can be witnessed in the video for SNK's latest foray into the the Samurai showdown series found in Dale North's blog here>   read

7:57 AM on 02.25.2008

Wii heals the world

Is there nothing nintendo's little white box cant do? (apart from compete graphically with its main rivals of course) It seems not as now the little box that could can now help heal burns victims amonst other things. http...   read

10:33 AM on 02.21.2008

Best Console EVAR!!

Which has been the best console you have owned? We'll forget about this current crop of consoles as they're still doing battle. Heres a quick selection of consoles past. The Sega Genesis/Megadrive The Super Nintendo (with ...   read

6:08 AM on 02.05.2008

If Uwe Boll made games... Zelda's Adventure!

I took a peek at Destructoid's rewind of this week last year and came across two Zelda games I have never heard of Wow they do look crap dont they? But still it got my ...   read

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