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10:47 PM on 01.05.2008

Assassin's Creed - Keeping the HUD on or off?

My brother has rented a copy of the glitchiest game evar, that he has brought to my house, he is in the other room playing it, but soon, soon my time will come to finally give this 'average to good' title a try (I kid, but I keep seeing the most mixed reactions about this game).

Either way, like the question asks, about the HUD, I remember browsing through one of the million page Assassin's Creed threads and had seen people not only play with the HUD off, but recommending it. So starting out my file, should I just adapt to playing without it if it gives that much of a better gaming experience?

Thanks for any help on this random question.

Note: I posed this question elsewhere, but I want a few more replies about this, here are some answers I have received so far:

The game feels better without the HUD on. But you might have a hard time finding everything.

The game does feel better and a bit more immersive without it, but you'll probably be hitting Select (or Back) a good amount without it. (To bring up the map) The other three elements of the HUD are not really needed.

Knowing your health, especially when it regenerates back to two bars after a near death experience, is essential. Same with radar, the only other reasonable way to find pre-assassination info would be listening for people to call for you, I'd guess. The hud really does help more than it hurts, you can't escape the sci-fi elements either way, so I'd just keep it on.   read

10:08 AM on 12.14.2007

I Am Legend (IMAX) Movie Review (Also, Batman/Joker)

The movie made me appreciate "Children of Men" and "28 Days Later" a hell of a lot more. Don't get me wrong, I Am Legend isn't a bad movie on its own, but, I would highly suggest making it a Blockbuster night and skip it.


You have an IMAX theater in your area, as they do a 7 minute The Dark Knight trailer/preview (Batman Begins 2). It was better than the movie I paid to see. Joker was a fucking maniac, the scene they used was awesome. Now below, I will describe the scene, but first some actual thoughts on I Am Legend.

It had a decent storyline. The action scenes were well done. Has a 'sci-fi' feel, but it isn't a sci-fi movie, it is one of those end of the world type situational flicks that come out so often that are supposed to make us appreciate life or something. There was a sad part (even I was sad about, I won't say anything except 'woof'), but in the end of course all is well (with some sad loses to get to the great big goal of life again). As far as my final thoughts, well, out of what is in theaters right now, it isn't too shabby, but honestly I just can't wait for Maddox to get a hold of it.

Now for some Batman spoiler shit (nothing big or plot ruining, but i am describing a full scene)




It starts off with about 5 bank robbers. All having clown masks on as though it is the Joker's thugs. There is the "gun men" .. there is the one who cracks open the safe, there is the driver, and I am sure there was a fifth one somewhere in there.. anyways, point is, they all have cheap clown masks on and are robbing a bank that is owned by mobsters. One by one you see the robbers killing each other off, saying that the Joker told them they would get a bigger cut of the money from the heist and some even talking shit about the Joker because he set the whole gig up and isn't doing the hard work. Eventually you see the last clown masked thug kill the getaway driver and then of course he reveals himself as the Joker. He looked crazy and worn out, it was awesome. Also, the issues with[url=] Batman's costume[/url] I had seem non-existent when on screen. Maybe though it was because the whole trailer/preview was basically selling me on a Joker movie, Batman wasn't shown nearly at all (which I did not mind).   read

9:30 AM on 12.14.2007

Call of Duty 4 Updates/Patches Coming This Month (Full List)

The bringer of all that is Call of Duty 4 news, Fourzerotwo has made a post on the official Xbox forums letting us in on an update/patch that will be coming sometime this month. There is some cool shit coming, other than a few playlist changes/removals, there is some maps being added to some game types, host issues solved, and even something I didn't know I wanted, the addition to a Kill Cam for everything (like if you get killed by an Air Strike, it will follow the bomb from the plane to you so you can see that in the after death screens). Here is the list:


Hey Everyone –

I wanted to give you the heads up on a lot of cool changes coming to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer in the month of December. Before you ask, there is no ETA on these changes, most are included in the upcoming patch, with all the playlists stuff happening independently at some point in the near future.

All of these changes are thanks to YOUR direct feedback and suggestions through forums, emails, IMing me personally, and any other way you managed to get your feedback to us. So what can you expect?

Multiplayer Playlist Changes:

The multiplayer playlists in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are always evolving based on community feedback and stats we track behind the scenes. We’re focused on constantly keeping the game fresh and tweaking it based on your feedback, so expect the following Playlist changes to be hitting soon:

Team Deathmatch

* Map Added to Rotation: Showdown - now available in map rotation.

Mercenary Team Deathmatch

* Brand New Playlists: No Clans / Parties allowed.
* Players who don’t want to be matchmade with clans (or people in parties) can team up with fellow lone wolves and play some TDM.


* Map Added to Rotation: Showdown - now available in map rotation.
* Score Limit Change: 100 Points


* Map Added to Rotation: Ambush - now available in map rotation.
* Map Added to Rotation: Bloc- now available in map rotation.
* Map Added to Rotation: Pipeline - now availalbe in map rotation.

Ground War

* No changes.


* Map Added to Rotation: Showdown - now available in map rotation.


* Map Added to Rotation: Ambush - now available in map rotation.
* Map Added to Rotation: Bloc- now available in map rotation.
* Map Added to Rotation: Pipeline - now availalbe in map rotation.

Search and Destroy

* Map Added to Rotation: Showdown - now available in map rotation.

Team Tactical

* Map Added to Rotation: Ambush - now available in map rotation.
* Map Added to Rotation: Bloc- now available in map rotation.
* Map Added to Rotation: Pipeline - now availalbe in map rotation.

Hardcore Team Deathmatch

* Brand New Playlist: 100% Hardcore Team Deathmatch Only
* No longer switched between Hardcore Search and Destroy and Hardcore Team Deathmatch
* Map Added to Rotation: Showdown - now available in map rotation.

Hardcore Search and Destroy

* Brand New Playlist: 100% Hardcore Search and Destroy Only
* No longer switched between Hardcore Search and Destroy and Hardcore Team Deathmatch
* Map Added to Rotation: Showdown - now available in map rotation.

Old School

* Rule Set Change: Free-for-All Only w/ Old School Rules
* Increased Health (slightly)
* No Health Re-gen
* Score Limit Change: 100 points
* Map Added to Rotation: Showdown - now available in map rotation.

Cage Match

* Rule Set Change: No Longer Old School Mode
* 1 v 1: Normal Rules
* Map Added to Rotation: Countdown - now availalbe in map rotation
* Map Added to Rotation: District - now available in map rotation


* Playlist Removed

Team Objective

* Playlist Removed
* All gametypes included now available individually.

Upcoming Patch Updates (Seperate from above Playlist changes):

Addition of Host Migration

* If Host of lobby leaves, all players will be deposited back to the lobby where next best host will be selected before new game restarts. Players will no longer be kicked out of game entirely.

Improved Network Performance For Larger Games

* 18 player games now require more bandwidth to host, resulting in smoother performance for players.

Optimized Server Selection for First Match

* Server selection is now optimized to select best bandwidth servers associated by LSP.

Updated Spectator “Chase Cam”

* Change Spectator Mode: Switch between First Person and Third Person.
* 360 Degree rotation around character you’re spectating.

Fixed “Playlist Older Than Host” Error

* Player will no longer get error when entering games.

Optimized Corrupt Create-a-Class Handling

* Players will no longer be kicked from game when their create-a-class data is corrupted.

Added Kill Cam To Everything

* Kill Cam view Added: Air Strike Bombs (Follows bomb from plane to target)
* Kill Cam view Added: Grenades (Follows frag from hand to ground, then rotates to view target)
* Kill Cam view Added: RPGs (Follows RPG from launch to target)
* Kill Cam view Added: M203 Rounds (Follows round from launcher to target)
* Kill Cam view Added: Claymores (Views from behind claymore until explosion)
* Kill Cam view Added: C4 Packs (View from pack rotating to watch target)
* Kill Cam view Added: Martrdom (View from grenade rotating to watch target)

Optimized Old School Experience

* Added Unlimited Sprint
* Doubled Magazine Size
* Added Ragdoll Cam

Additional Start Spawn Locations in All Maps

* Added a minimum of 9 extra start spawns on each side of all maps.

Optimized Sniper Rifle / ACOG Scope Accuracy

* Sniper Rifles and ACOG scope accuracy improved due to fix.

Fixed Weapon Sprint Bug

* Bug which gave players more sprint when using particular weapons.

Thanks again for your constant feedback and support of the game, keep in mind that playlists are constantly evolving, so everything is subject to change based on feedback and results. If we feel something isn’t fun or based on your feedback we’ll continue to change it up and I’ll continue to keep you in the loop.

Thanks everyone.

(The Playlist changes apply to both the 360 and the PS3 versions, but the PS3 will have different patch changes)
----------------   read

6:32 PM on 12.13.2007

GameFly Just Got Better - East Coast Distribution

In the past I have tried many different rental services for games. When I last wrote up a bout between Blockbuster and GameFly, I still had enjoyed Blockbusters service, but a lazy part of me enjoyed GameFly.

There had previously been rumors of a facility opening in Texas, I am unsure if that had went through or not, all I know is I get all my games coming and sent to, California, which as a Floridian, blows. Still, I use their service, and I am glad I have stuck around so far, as I received the following email:

Dear Mike,

Starting this week, you may notice that the return address on your GameFly mailer will be Tampa, FL. Were pleased to open this new Tampa Shipping Center as part of our continued effort to improve mailing times for GameFly members across the entire United States.

Your area will be supported by this new Shipping Center. Depending on inventory availability, you may continue to receive some shipments out of Los Angeles or Pittsburgh. We expect your shipping times to improve over the next few months.

We would appreciate your feedback, both positive and negative. Please send any comments about your experience to [email protected]

The GameFly Team
E-mail: [email protected]
Online Help:

With East and West coast covered, hopefully the turnaround time for games will be as low as Netflix gets it (ie 3 days), put this with the fact that the last 3 times I have went to BlockBuster, they always have 10 copies of something like The Bee Movie Game where as the one copy of Mass Effect is of course rented out.   read

4:33 PM on 12.12.2007

Call of Duty 4 Huge Giveaway - Enter Now!

The prize list:

Call of Duty 4 Collectors Edition (Xbox 360 Version)
Call of Duty 4 T-Shirt (XL, has a cool design btw)
Call of Duty 4 Hardcover Art book (sweet!)
Call of Duty 4 Official Strategy Guide

A pic of the goods:

And now how to win, I am making this possibly the most simple contest I have had on my site, just make a comment on this page (click link) including two things:

# Type a gun sound effect. (”Bang” / “Pew Pew” / and just about anything else is acceptable as an entry)
# Your Xbox Live GamerTag.

Make sure the email contact you are required to put in to leave a comment, is a valid address. Contest will end on Wednesday, December 19th at 11:59pm EST, so make sure to get your comment in before then.

All valid entries will be thrown into a list with the top number being the winner. Keep in mind this contest does not interfere with the Super Mario Galaxy contest going on, so feel free to enter both. Big Thanks to RocketXL and Activision for this awesome CoD4 pack.   read

12:19 PM on 12.08.2007

PS3 + Blu-ray Remote + Stranglehold = $399

Amazon seems to have an offer up called the “10 Days, 10 Deals.” Starting today, each day a different video game related deal will be going on. Right now is a pretty nice PS3 bundle, where you can buy a PS3 40GB, and get a blu-ray remote and Stranglehold Collector’s Edition for free (about $100 is being saved, well if you were planning on buying Stranglehold and a Blu-ray remote that is).

Click here to pick up the PS3, or just bookmark the page to see the other deals coming up each day, if a really big one comes up ill post it if -D- doesn't catch it.

In another offer not part of the “10 Days, 10 Deals”, -D- has put up that Lair is $25 off, so you can pick it up on your brand new PS3 for only $34.99. If you were on the fence with the PS3 before, Sony has been giving plenty of incentives the past month or so and it just seems to continue. Now if they only had a few more 'must have' games I think I could eBay some crap in my room to get one.   read

10:42 AM on 12.08.2007

Bioshock Wins Game Of The Year - Full Video Games Awards Winners List

I am honestly *slightly* shocked that BioShock, as beautiful game as it was, has turned out to be the winner in this years Video Game Awards. Despite my little personal issues with BioShock, I am happy that it managed to beat out Halo 3 (aka Halo 2.5). It is amusing that I have no intention of watching the show nor do I even know what channel Spike TV comes on with my cable, but I do love lists, and the final list of winners is out on CNN via PR Newswire (before the show has aired! Which is tomorrow December 9th at 9pm btw). Full below:



Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision/ Infinity Ward)

Mass Effect (Microsoft Game Studios/ BioWare)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision/ Infinity Ward)

skate (Electronic Arts/ EA Black Box)

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo/ Nintendo)

Crysis (Electronic Arts/ Crytek)

The Simpsons Game (Electronic Arts/ EA Redwood Shores)

Rock Band (MTV Games/ Harmonix)

DiRT (Codemasters/ Codemasters)

Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo/ Nintendo)

Madden NFL 08 (Electronic Arts/ EA Tiburon)

Rock Band (MTV Games/ Harmonix)

The Orange Box/ Portal (Valve/ Valve)


Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo/ Nintendo)

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (Sony Computer Entertainment/
Insomniac Games)

The Orange Box (Valve/ Valve)


Halo 3 (Microsoft Game Studios/ Bungie Studios)

Halo 3 (Microsoft Game Studios/ Bungie Studios)

Overall, not a shabby list of games. I am glad to see Rock Band beat out Guitar Hero, I think Call of Duty 4 EASILY beats out Halo 3s multiplayer, but you cant beat a game that had its own Slurpee cup, and though I think it is a little early for Mass Effect to get an award, they didnt have much competition in the RPG department. Click here if you want to see who the full list of nominees were. Digg this post.   read

8:59 AM on 12.08.2007

Super Mario Galaxy Coin Contest

I am copying and pasting this from my site:

Oh boy, do we have a sweet contest for you here at [url="]1PStart[/url] (actually, we have two, but one at a time folks!). Right now up for grabs is a Super Mario Galaxy coin that was only made for those who had pre-ordered the title. Did I pre-order? Nope. I just happened to be buying Super Mario Galaxy at a Target that did not mind giving me a couple of these coins they had behind the counter. Since it was such an easy swag for me to grab for you guys, it should then be no big hurdle for you to jump to try and win it yourself (but I will be damned if I still don’t love all the Sonic the Hedgehog photoshop entries from a few months ago). Here is how to win, no photoshop skills necessary (but will be accepted), however in the end, the winner is going to basically be completely random. Keep reading:

In the comments section on THIS PAGE (click the link), simply write or draw, what does Mario do to earn his coins? Be creative, or just write in “hits those gold boxes with the question marks on ‘em ya dummy” .. I do not care, as long as the question is answered with either text or a picture, you are eligible to win the coin and your name will be put in to pick a winner.

Make sure to leave an email address with your comment! Now get going, you have until December 15th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced on Sunday!

Check out these pics of the actual coin in action:

Notice the smooth box it comes in, same size as a regular Wii game box for ease of storage.

Yes, this thing is so collectible, it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

And a few little words added to the box about the game, how nice.

(pssst.. hey, did you catch in that first paragraph I mentioned another contest coming up very soon, well, I don’t want to say too much, but, I think a picture is worth a thousand words .. so click here and look at what is to come)   read

7:20 PM on 11.29.2007

Motivational Gaming Posters 07 Part II

I had to make a part II to this, as I think some of these are far better than yesterdays (while others not up to par, but all good imo).

Related Links:

Part 1 I posted yesterday (Don't miss the epic Navi "Hey Listen!")

Original Destructoid post from last year

NeoGAF thread (still currently running with new entries)

Make your own poster with this link and post it! (do it! .. I have been part of photoshop contests here, I know you guys have talent and creativeness and "it")


This one reeks of being an actual good motivational poster, nothing amusing about it, it is just that good it needed to be shown.

Yeah, this one isn't good, but its mine! See, anyone can do these!

Finally, seemed appropriate for dtoid:

11:53 AM on 11.28.2007

Motivational Gaming Posters '07 Edition

Haven't been around in a while, been gaming in Cali (I know I have been missed.. right!? .. don't answer that). Anyways, gaming forums NeoGAF have started up their gaming themed motivational posters for this year. Using a script on, users (and yourself too!) can create a motivational poster and post them in this thread. Keep an eye on the thread for more updates as users make them (and if you are not a member of NeoGAF, feel free to make one and leave it in the comments here, I love these things, there was a whole post last year here on DTOID with a bunch of them). Here are my favorites so far:

(If you don't know who this guy is, it is Jeff Bell, click his name for some info on this a-hole Microsoft employee)



6:30 PM on 10.20.2007

Street Fighter IV being developed by Capcom Japan

Sven posted on the Capcom Forums:

We've announced Street Fighter 4 to let everyone know it's in development. We aren't really providing any more information than that at this time, but over the coming months, you'll see bits and pieces come to light. Platforms especially aren't being discussed.

While CUSA owns the rights to Street Fighter, we have contracted Capcom Japan to handle its development (we felt they would, by far, do the best job with the title).

The game is further along in development than probably most of you think, but as we've stated, it's still quite a ways off. Again, the announcement was just to get it on everyone's radar, nothing more.

Beyond that no one at Capcom will speak about characters returning, character count, platforms, features, 2D or 3D or 2.5D, whether the trailer is representative of gameplay/character design/visual targets, arcade or not, online features, downloadable strategy, where it fits in the canon, etc.

All of that will be revealed over time... the next bits will be revealed a bit later this year.


So Tron Knott's picture below still may be true, at least we know not to blame those stupid lazy Americans! (italicized portion must be read in a snooty french voice).


4:01 PM on 10.17.2007

The Most Stunning Megaman Artwork pt 1

There is a whole bunch more that Racketboy posted at this link (Click here)   read

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