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PacoDG avatar 10:20 AM on 08.29.2009  (server time)
Selling of Pirated Games - A Highly Non-Indepth Study

While attending Mini-MegaCon, I noticed a booth that disturbed me. It was one I had seen before at FX Show. It is people selling the bootleg video games. I don't know why I take it more personally than the guys selling bootleg tv series and anime. I don't even get pissed when people pirate music or games. But when it comes to the roms and emulators, in a way, it isn't even about them having those things, it is the selling of these stolen goods.

So you see, here is a video of the booth:

And one picture:

Here are some from the FX Show:

So that is all. I don't know what the solution to this really shitty problem is. Maybe I'm overreacting to these fucks who take part in selling the pirated games, but I just don't support it and I really wish I knew better ways to help stop it other than whining on a blog about it.

Note: Like I said in the title, this post wasn't going to be in depth.

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