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PacoDG avatar 7:53 PM on 03.07.2008  (server time)
MegaCon 08 - A Story In Pictures (Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay)

MegaCon started today, so me, my brother, and a girl friend of his went off to attend (I think I have missed only 2 or 3 MegaCon's since it started, I am a geek and a half even though I no longer buy comics on the regular).

So it starts... waiting in line (took about an hour to get tickets).

The nerds get restless in line, so they fight.

Robin... DICK grayson.... the UPS man.. has a package for you.

I think this is a Final Fantasy character.. but.. im not sure. I tried to make sure I have no anime kid pictures, because their costumes tend to be horrible.

Predator (duh)

This guy looks sad and/or is talking to his foot.

Kid spidey (hard to see), the thing, and a jedi, playing DS.

The first costume winner of the night.

The awesomeness of the Phoenix Right guy is thrown out the window because of this guy.

And these two guys too.

Meh, I respect the Harley Quinn. .. but Bob the Builder... wtf. And why do I know that is Bob the Builder.. bah.

First Link of the night (I only got a picture of this one and one other, but there was at least two more)

Resident Evil guys, they kicked ass, very detailed costume for the short one.. the big one didn't have to be all detailed, cause he was huge.

The first cross-dresser of the day (there had to be at least 8-10 throughout the day. No mistaking ugly girls, they were dudes. Not cool.

Oh this poor little kid being raised like this.

C'mon, No More Heroes. Overall costume sucked, but the "lightsaber" was dead on looking like NMH.

This Hitman guy was detailed. I didn't get a picture of the back of his head, but he had a barcode on it where you can see in smaller letters "Hitman" were a serial number would go, plus he had a serious look the whole day.

Even Link can't help but rock out.

This threw me off, a dentistry place grabbed one of the spaces right in the middle of the floor. Out of the 6 or so MegaCon's I have been to, I have not seen a thing like this, sad times (even worse than the fact that they had belly dancing classes this year).

Smash Bros Brawl has a crowd around it all day, didn't get to play (I am not that impatient though, I can wait a few days).

This Luigi was sad the whole time.

My little brother, some random guy who didn't mind doing vocals, and a Storm Trooper that felt the need to rock. Who is drumming!?!?!

My fat ass is drumming mother fuckers (I kicked ass on "In Bloom" of course.. but KISS came on the next track.. I hate KISS and didn't know the song well so fucked up.. just so you all know).

One more picture of the Storm Trooper.

My greatest picture ever. A Spartan (ala 300) and a Spartan (ala Halo). The 300 Spartan's belly must be experienced first hand in movement to truely understand its horrors.

I'm easily amused.

God damn people liked playing Brawl. Some kid was using Olimar (from Pikmin). It was awesome watching him run to where no enemies were just long enough to yank a shitload of Pikmin out the ground, it was so bad ass (I love Pikmin and can't wait to play as Olimar).

Uhh.. random heroes that I don't know. Seriously, am I that out of touch with comics :(

I am at this time leaving, so all of the following pictures were taken within about 5-10 minutes, some of the best costumes were seen as I was walking out. I am not sure who the chick is supposed to be, but I recognized Pyramid Head right away.

Gears of War. So bad ass. Their whole costumes were very solid and 'hard' looking, not cheap at all, these people took their time to make it as "real" looking as possible, it paid off.

As I was taking a picture of the GoW people, my brother is like "oh, look behind you!" .. I turn around and am forced to snap a photo post haste.

I love Go GO, this made my day right after the Companion Kid.

I don't even like GI Joe (I know, blasphemy).. but damn, I knew exactly who this old man was portraying. BAZOOKA.

Well, they can't all be winners, the last pictures prove it. I wanted to make an animated gif out of two pics of this guy, but its not as great as I thought, I feel bad for wasting this retards time.

As for the rest of the show. Brandon Peterson, Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmoitti, Mark Waid, and Steve McNiven were all cool ass people (met them all before except Waid and McNiven, so I expected no less).

I was pissed that Andy Kubert, Chuck Dixon, and John Romita JR did NOT show up while I was there (basically from the start of the day till finish). That sort of pissed me off, I had a couple of issues for each of them to sign.

Mark Texeira seemed like an a-hole. I can't complain that he allowed me to get a comic signed even though he wasn't doing signings until 4:30pm (only for one hour though).. but I can complain that he seemed more of a dick than George Perez, who is king dick of MegaCon every year.

I have some videos I need to upload. Just a random fat guy playing DDR who looked as though his pants were about to drop. Some geeks fighting. And I forget what else. I'm tired, but wanted to resize and upload these pictures before taking a nap. So thus brought about this post.


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