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PacoDG avatar 8:43 AM on 04.09.2008  (server time)
GTAIV - The ONLY Version is the Xbox 360 Version

I have read across many forums (where else can you find people spouting their opinions on every subject and non-subject in the world). Finding people actually considering what system they should be getting Grand Theft Auto IV. I couldn’t help but easily list the reasons why there shouldn’t even be a question of what system you should get this on. First I will start out with something small..

Custom Soundtracks - The talk radio in GTA is classic, the songs they tend to put in the game are usually great, but you will be playing GTAIV for quite a while. At some point you’ll want some new music, maybe your own music, thus the 360 comes in with the custom soundtracks (PS3 possibly one day?).

Achievements - This should never be a deciding factor, but more of just icing on the cake as far as a game purchase. When you think of a game like Crackdown, the achievements in a sandbox type game really do add a lot. Also the great names (”Warm Coffee”..classic)

Controller - Yes, the Grand Theft Auto series, started on the PC, made it big with the Playstation 2, and then was perfected on the Xbox. The tight controller made to fit comfortably in a person’s hand was what the game needed to be complete.
No more having to use the ‘too light’ toy like PS3 controller in the game. No need to spend $50 to get a controller that should of had rumble in the first place. The Xbox 360 controller gives you everything you need (except a good d-pad, but that won’t factor in for GTAIV).

More than just technical aspects, the Playstation 3 is the reason why we all have had to sit through delays until now to finally get a hold of the game.

It’s really no surprise to anybody that the PS3 was definitely a contributing factor to that” - Rockstar Games Vice President of Product Development Jeronimo Barrera

How can you morally support a company such as Sony for doing this to us! Seriously though, the fact that delays were made because of the PS3 version shows that the game was basically made for the 360 in mind and the PS3 version is almost just a port.

On the positive side, as the development teams had to take more time to get the PS3 version up to speed with the 360’s, there is no doubt the devs on the 360 were able to use this extra time to test and tweak the game to get the most out of it.

A possible situation on the extra time for the the Xbox 360 is by benefiting from better graphics. Look at a lot of the multiconsole releases, Devil May Cry 4, Call of Duty 4, even Lost Planet, a port they had all the time in the world to work on, all these games in the end are just plain better looking. I can admit I am nitpicking here, but if I had a choice, I would go with what looks as good as the game can of course.

Xbox Live - There is just no comparison with this versus the Playstation Network. PSN is getting better, that is all well and good, but it is still no Xbox Live. Looking past all the great features Live offers over PSN, the main focus should be your friends, and we all know your friends are on Live. With the 15 multiplayer modes, you know you will want to be doing some co-op with your friends, and of course they will be playing online on the 360 (Note: Also know they have a headset because it was included with their system, I’m sure Sony will fix this some day).

Exclusive Downloadable Content - Microsoft paid money to get the goods. If you are a true GTAIV fan, this part should have already made up your mind for you. Feel free to be in denial about this being a factor on what version of the game you should get, just remember what was said about this DLC, “It will be bigger than a lot of people think. GTA Vice City and San Andreas were basically expansions of GTA3. Think of the DLC that way. We are talking major expansion for GTAIV” - Consider those words, and think of how big Shivering Isles was for Oblivion. This should not be overlooked if you have both systems and honestly can’t decide.

For at least another year, I would count on multiconsole releases to be superior on the Xbox 360. Developers say it, it shows in gaming sites reviews, in fact, the only group of “gamers” that would tell you otherwise is GamePro, and I think we all know how credible of a source they are. While Playstation 3 owners are making a sandwhich because their version of games require a forced install time, Xbox 360 players will already be experts in cop killing.


The above post got front paged on N4G then taken off in record time. I am proud that it lasted that long, even I recognized how much of a fanboy I sounded like (despite I am a Nintendo fanboy). Either way though, the 360 version owns the PS3 version, I just don't understand how people try to argue it any other way.

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