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9:42 AM on 04.17.2010

The Bender Podcast – Infinity Ward, Obama, Wii Fit, and other Hot

On this week’s The Bender, the gang is on point….though Mike currently fasting and pumping up so ‘not all there’ (more so than usual). I believe the Yoda Fleshlight comes up at some point. Other gaming blogs get a little talked about in this ep (oOO, soap opera!), and of course what show wouldn’t be great like ours without Skype taking a crap on us near the end. We have all the crazy gaming news like the Infinity Ward EA love fest, the MPAA and RIAA, plus more, enjoy!

Listen with..
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Show Notes | Topics


-Gears of War 3 is Officially Official

-Former Infinity Ward Bosses Found Respawn Studios

-Infinity Ward Resignation Total Jumps to Eleven

-StarCraft Match Rigging, in South Korea, is Serious Goddamn Business

-Marvel vs Capcom 3

-Wii Fit Injury Turns Woman into Sex Addict (CLICK HERE FOR PIC OF THE GIRL!)

-Russian Boy Kills Father With a Sledgehammer After Having Keyboard Taken Away

-Uncle Sam sez… “Most Piracy Estimates are Bullshit”

-By the Way: MPAA and RIAA are Batshit Insane

-South Korea Imposes Gaming Curfue

-BioShock MMO?! That’s the Rumor

-Obama Contacts Microsoft, Wants to Make a Video Game About the Budget

-SEGA Closes 50% of GameWorks Locations

-Sony Shitcans PSP Room — One Down…

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11:49 PM on 03.29.2010

MegaCon 2010 Cosplay Pictures! - Shy Guys, Rufus, Hunter S Thompson, Pedobear +

Here are some of my favorites from the MegaCon 2010 show in Orlando, FL.

For all my MegaCon pics (I had five cameramen out there all three days!), Click Here   read

12:57 PM on 12.20.2009

Interview with Erik Estavillo - Using or abusing the court systems?

A special treat for The Bender this week. We spend time with the gamer who loves to sue (currently Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and Activision-Blizzard), Erik Estavillo. Special guest Raychul Moore (girl gamer, Dan Hsu's better half) joins us with this interview discussing his cases and the guy himself. Listen in at the end of the show for some random thoughts about the interview with Mike and James along with some news blips.

Get us on iTunes, through Zune, or download the mp3 here

Cliff notes for the Interview (we jump all over the place):

*Erik, meet Binge Gamer
*Subpoenas the celebrities (Bill Gates, Winona Ryder, etc)
*Is a lawyer pulling the strings of Erik?
*Why sue instead of just putting the controller down?
*Erik’s mental illnesses
*The World of Warcraft Activision/Blizzard debacle
*The Sony/Playstation 3 case
*Erik, serious about these cases or not? What motivates him?
*”gaming world” versus the “real world”
*License agreements and clicking “I Agree” without reading
*The Microsoft/Xbox 360 case
*The Nintendo/Wii Homebrew Channel debacle
*Gaming blog possibly hiring Erik?
*Counter suing the disabled
*Jack Thompson
*Morals and ethics
*Back to the celeb subpoenas
Random News Blips:

Coming soon: Star Trek Online

Also coming soon: Green Day Rock Band

Thoughts on the interview with Erik

Sonic/Sega’s All Star Racing including Banjo Kazooie

New Transformers game not related to the movie

Video Games Live will be on PBS! WATCH IT!

Greatest gaming eBay auction ever   read

10:20 AM on 08.29.2009

Selling of Pirated Games - A Highly Non-Indepth Study

While attending Mini-MegaCon, I noticed a booth that disturbed me. It was one I had seen before at FX Show. It is people selling the bootleg video games. I don't know why I take it more personally than the guys selling bootleg tv series and anime. I don't even get pissed when people pirate music or games. But when it comes to the roms and emulators, in a way, it isn't even about them having those things, it is the selling of these stolen goods.

So you see, here is a video of the booth:


And one picture:

Here are some from the FX Show:

So that is all. I don't know what the solution to this really shitty problem is. Maybe I'm overreacting to these fucks who take part in selling the pirated games, but I just don't support it and I really wish I knew better ways to help stop it other than whining on a blog about it.

Note: Like I said in the title, this post wasn't going to be in depth.

Other links

My account Mini-MegaCon

The Cosplay from Mini-Megacon   read

3:24 PM on 03.02.2009

MegaCon 09 Swag + Some Pictures

I am surprised not more of dtoid has posted about MegaCon, I found VGMari's post here (which I recommend you check out, she got some people I didn't, I got some she didn't). Here are some of my favorite pics from all three days:

(someone already photoshopped the bear, good times)

I got some swag I'm giving away on Binge Gamer, I really think it would be geared toward all the people who enjoy Art Attack Friday's, but I have no doubts any gamer would enjoy some of this stuff.

1 - Shirt/Poster combo

(click pic to enlarge)

2 - A Nightgig comic

3 - Bad ass drawn within the hour Donkey Kong art

4 - Original comic page from a Sonic the Hedgehog comic (yes, the real official Archie comic ones)

(click to enlarge)

Rules on how to grab one of the above pieces of swag are @ click here.   read

2:00 PM on 02.04.2009

EA's "Champions of Gaming" Event in Orlando, FL (Feb 3rd)

Sometime last week Major Nelson made a post detailing a Gillette/EA even being held on Febuary 3rd at the UCF Arena (Orlando, FL). Though on short notice, I went ahead and called into work and charged the batteries for my camera. The basic concept of the even is that the best players in EA Sports titles were to face the real life athletes in the games. Decent enough concept, there was no charge for the event, and it was only a 15 minute drive from my house.

Showing up, the main room was not open yet, but everyone was nice and happy outside. Denny Hamlin had his NASCAR car outside which would be really cool if I was into NASCAR. Local radio stations were in attendance, a big Gillette truck with a screaming lady who reminded me of PMS Clan's AthenaTwin but not as annoying. Fairly quickly, someone from Gillette walked me inside where I got a press kit with a free razor (retail $11.99, woo!) Inside they also had setup a simulated Tiger Woods on one screen judging your screen on a Wii-like golf simulator (sans-Wiimote, you just had to do the swinging motions in the air).

Having a huge wrestling fan like my cousin present made it easy to choose whether to stand in the John Cena autograph line or the Reggie Bush line. Major Nelson popped up and introduced Cena, and signing commenced. There was a sign next to the table where Cena was seated that said "Autographs Only (1 per person) No Posed Photos".. obviously meant to keep the fairly long line moving quickly. Of course I got my autograph, shook his monstrous hand, and kept moving.


While walking around the event, seeing where the "pro-gamers" were practicing and playing each other before playing the pro sport stars, out of the corner of my eye, I caught the biggest star at the event all by his lonesome. No, not Tiger... but... parking lot security Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live !!!!!! I ran up to him yelling his name, he seemed happy to be recognized, snapped a quick photo, and then asked me "Who is here?" in a nice spanish accent ..making his confused Mexican character he is on tv all too real.

Walking back around the little arena floor, I notice people snapping photos over at Cena's table. WTF!? It said No Posed Photos! He was clearly posing. I like amusing pictures with me and wrestlers. My cousin was more outraged than myself. Back in line we stood. Thinking of how I wanted my picture, I had the great idea to grab that "No Posed Photos" sign and take the picture of me holding it. So I popped the sign off the stand it was on and stood in front of Cena, where he grabbed the sign and goes "What is this!?" ... I was mumbling trying to explain what my idea was hoping he wasn't pissed, he then signed the sign "That's not how I do it" and gave it to me. Good times.

After that, I was all smiles, went to get some grub, and came back to some of the pro-gamers getting a quick shave in front of cameras. I couldn't believe their was a crowd for this, but hey, even I took a picture.

Major Nelson announced that the athletes would soon be taking the stage. However, before that, they would be shaving themselves. So here was round 2 of a crowd watching people getting shaved. This time with twice the amount of cameras snapping...

... and also it was on the big screen.. wtf...

Then it was onto the games. First match was Michael Loyd vs NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin. I assure you, NASCAR is as boring in video games as it is in real life. I only took one picture, of winner Michael Loyd and his plaque. So though it is slightly boring, I am posting a video of some of the match (also so you can see the stage/screen setup in action).


Next up was a nice game of Madden with Canadian Paul Glasgow vs Reggie Bush . I will say it was amusing to watch this, as Paul was way over confident, to the point where he picked the Detroit Lions and said he wanted to let Reggie get 7 points on the board from the start to give him a chance (note for non-Football fans, Detroit Lions had no wins this past season, NONE).

New Yorker Steffon Dunlop was up next to face a recently injured Orlando Magic player Jameer Nelson in a game of NBA Live 09. Much like Paul from the Madden match, Steffon was quite a cocky player, saying if he had a cast on, he still would of won. Jameer then said that he could take Steffon on a real court, with his cast on. Lots of shit talking, but all in good fun.

(Hamlin present for moral support)

Mexico had representation with the form of Jose Miguel Morales Herrera playing against Derek Jeter in EA Sports Soccer. Why was Jeter playing soccer... I have no clue. All I know is Jose was amusing as all hell and Jeter seemed like he did not want to be at the event. Anytime Jose would score, he popped up out of his chair and did a pose for the audience, good times.


The final match and a big one, Steven Ward from Australia versus Tiger Woods himself in... Tiger Woods Golf. Steven was an older player, I think he was over 50, but he seemed happier than the other teen pro-gamers, which was cool. There was some Aussies in the audience that were heckling Tiger on stage (again though, all shit talking was in good fun). Steven seemed to be a better video game player than Tiger... but Tiger held his own and it was claimed as a tie.

All in all, I got a free razor, met Guillermo, and somehow managed to get my cousin a press badge, so it was well worth missing work for. Check out Spike TV on February 18th for their coverage of the event with Geoff Keighley's commentary.


12:11 PM on 01.18.2009

Otronicon 2009 in Orlando FL - Saturday's Show

Rather than make a informal post covering the Otronicon 2009 event, this is more or less going to read like LiveJournal post on my day with a crapload of pics and video (I'm not embedding all videos, but links are spread throughout, including some pictures that link to videos). My initial intention was to check out the "Halo Wedding" (a couple who met playing Halo online and now were getting married publically at Otronicon) and my other reason was to play on "The Ultimate Rock Band Drum Kit."

Both my dreams came true and much more. I had been to Otronicon in the past, being held at the Science Center and not being as big, it really felt more like an exhibit than a video game convention. This year, it felt a bit bigger and slightly more organized.

I had turned up a little earlier than the seating for the wedding, so I quickly checked out the "Evolution of the Mac" exhibit then went off to see some games. "Simulation Universe" was on the first floor, lots of racing and flight sims were available to play, and as I've noticed at almost all gaming events now in days, the US Army was on hand with their games to let kids of all ages kill.

After making the rounds in the "Simulation Universe" and the "Wii Family Arena" it was time to hit up the wedding. It seems only the family was being allowed inside first, a guy walked up to me and seen me in my suit asked, "Are you with the family?" .. I said "No, I'm Mike Murakami, I'm with the press" .. "With what press?" ... "Binge Gamer!" I exclaimed as though we are some known site, and I guess my tone was enough to convince this guy to yell to some other lady with a tone that suggested he knew who I was.. "Hey, Binge Gamer is here, let him in!" So then me and my brother walked down the little corridor to the stage room where I was shocked as all hell to see familiar robot head (footage of Destructoid interview going on by some media outlet.. hey, free interview without having to think of questions, woo).

(Note: Despite the look on my face, I was not farting during that picture)
(Double note: Niero has pimped out jewelry on top of a pimped out suit)

As I sat down, minutes later low and behold Mr Mtv Multiplayer Blog himself, Stephen Totilo appeared. WTF!? I thought. First we have some main Destructoid players here, now Mtv! Otronicon is getting better (or this wedding must have garnered more attention than I thought).

Random: Colette Bennett was there as well, but I did not recognize her at first (I just thought it was a random short cute chick with Niero, but then I imagined a NES controller in her mouth and felt like a tard not going up and saying hi). Doing camera work for DToid was, as my brother in law informed me "that guy who slept on Hulk Hogan's daughters couch on Brooke Knows Best" .. well, I didn't believe them, but sure enough, the tattoos match.

The wedding itself was really nice. The music beforehand was great. Master Chief was marrying the couple. The bride and groom had trouble hearing a few vows so there was some repeats, it was funny and cute. I missed out on the question & answer session afterward (I was told that they were going to do something at 5pm-6pm, but it ended up taking place right after the wedding it seems). So I was off to watch people play games and then play some myself.

(Kids playing rated M games OMG)

(The 501st Legion represented)

(Star Trek > Star Wars)

There was an exhibit called "Artronica Digital Art Studio" where I nabbed some photos, but they were not game related (if you want to see them, I'll post them in the comments).

There was an "Xbox Rocks Stage" which was actually just a room with a bunch of 360's hooked up. While my brother waited to play on Halo 3, I noticed something very disturbing, a crowd gathering and shouting while playing Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. Something neat about the 360 room, some of the staff (who were all middle/high school students, I kid you not, they were running stuff), started taking names down and put together mini-tournaments. Just whoever was standing around and wanted to play jotted their name down and the winner had bragging rights. I was cracking some people up during my Halo 3 round (I stopped playing Halo 3 for Call of Duty a long time ago, so I was just messing around talking crap about the game.. it was all in good fun though, no fanboyish hate I swear).

I had entered the MK vs DC mini-tournament, where I was pitted against a kid who was 4 or 5 years old, so I won the first round, then in good faith started letting him hit me around during the second match (there was the crowd cheering him on and stuff).. well, that little bastard, he started doing some move with Scorpion that I couldn't block and he won the second round.. then the third! Bah! Shitty game.

On the same floor as the 360's was a bunch of Playstations hooked up with all the Guitar Hero's. At least five of them with two guitars on each set. All the little kids had a lot of fun, while the real men were downstairs playing Rock Band on a stage (more on that a little further down).

("PC Gaming Dungeon" ..aptly named section, I had the flash on my camera on, but it was really dark in the room where people were enjoying Left 4 Dead and World of Warcraft)

(Note: It was kind of amusing seeing a broken Dig Dug machine in the "Classic Arcade Lounge," as a couple of years ago I specifically remember they had a Dig Dug machine.. and it was broken then as well, maybe it is time to stop bringing this out to the show)

While walking into the Rock Band room I was treated to an amusing sight:

I watched other bands hit the stage (surprisingly a lot more good than bad... then again, many people playing on Easy/Medium). There was a kid named Logan who was owning everybody, played on only Hard/Expert and kicked ass plus but on a good show (people were requesting him to play with them, he had to be only 6 or 7 years old)

It was time for me to get my Boston on:

Now, if you notice in the above video, the drum kicks during the first half were basically non existent. Because the damn foot pedal was broke!

I was bitching the whole day on deaf ears, well I took my complaints to the experts at the Rock Band thread on NeoGAF where I was vindicated by them noticing and confirming it was broken.

There was a huge IMAX+ sized screen (dome) where Halo 3 was being played. First with the bride and groom who were married earlier, and then just regular matches being played with an audience yelling, helping, cheering, making fun of people, etc. It was honestly really fun. In this same room they later had the Halo machinima, which seemed to be just Red vs Blue episodes being played on the huge screen, which was cool, but by this time I was tired and ready to head out.

(Note: Taken at the "Evolution of the Mac" section, where they were playing nonstop all those stupid Mac vs PC ads, bit spammish much)

In the end, Otronicon was not like other conventions I have been to. It was not about selling you anything here, no venders. It didn't seem to be focused on upcoming titles either, so it was not much of a preview type show. This was completely for gamers to have fun with other gamers. I couldn't say this is necessarily an even to drive out of state for, but if you are in Florida, head up (or down) to the middle in Orlando and enjoy a day with a bunch of games (still open till Tuesday, January 20th, or wait until next year where I'm sure it'll be a bit bigger/better).

Thanks to Dan Ginader from the Orlando based Radio Rickshaw podcast for letting me use his video camera during the whole show. Thanks to my "little" brother Anthony Murakami for being a secondary camera man and all around good guy. No thanks to Anthony for kicking my ass in Halo 3 on the big screen in front of everybody, go to hell! For all the video I got, good or bad, check the Binge Gamer YouTube page.   read

8:43 AM on 04.09.2008

GTAIV - The ONLY Version is the Xbox 360 Version

I have read across many forums (where else can you find people spouting their opinions on every subject and non-subject in the world). Finding people actually considering what system they should be getting Grand Theft Auto IV. I couldn’t help but easily list the reasons why there shouldn’t even be a question of what system you should get this on. First I will start out with something small..

Custom Soundtracks - The talk radio in GTA is classic, the songs they tend to put in the game are usually great, but you will be playing GTAIV for quite a while. At some point you’ll want some new music, maybe your own music, thus the 360 comes in with the custom soundtracks (PS3 possibly one day?).

Achievements - This should never be a deciding factor, but more of just icing on the cake as far as a game purchase. When you think of a game like Crackdown, the achievements in a sandbox type game really do add a lot. Also the great names (”Warm Coffee”..classic)

Controller - Yes, the Grand Theft Auto series, started on the PC, made it big with the Playstation 2, and then was perfected on the Xbox. The tight controller made to fit comfortably in a person’s hand was what the game needed to be complete.
No more having to use the ‘too light’ toy like PS3 controller in the game. No need to spend $50 to get a controller that should of had rumble in the first place. The Xbox 360 controller gives you everything you need (except a good d-pad, but that won’t factor in for GTAIV).

More than just technical aspects, the Playstation 3 is the reason why we all have had to sit through delays until now to finally get a hold of the game.

It’s really no surprise to anybody that the PS3 was definitely a contributing factor to that” - Rockstar Games Vice President of Product Development Jeronimo Barrera

How can you morally support a company such as Sony for doing this to us! Seriously though, the fact that delays were made because of the PS3 version shows that the game was basically made for the 360 in mind and the PS3 version is almost just a port.

On the positive side, as the development teams had to take more time to get the PS3 version up to speed with the 360’s, there is no doubt the devs on the 360 were able to use this extra time to test and tweak the game to get the most out of it.

A possible situation on the extra time for the the Xbox 360 is by benefiting from better graphics. Look at a lot of the multiconsole releases, Devil May Cry 4, Call of Duty 4, even Lost Planet, a port they had all the time in the world to work on, all these games in the end are just plain better looking. I can admit I am nitpicking here, but if I had a choice, I would go with what looks as good as the game can of course.

Xbox Live - There is just no comparison with this versus the Playstation Network. PSN is getting better, that is all well and good, but it is still no Xbox Live. Looking past all the great features Live offers over PSN, the main focus should be your friends, and we all know your friends are on Live. With the 15 multiplayer modes, you know you will want to be doing some co-op with your friends, and of course they will be playing online on the 360 (Note: Also know they have a headset because it was included with their system, I’m sure Sony will fix this some day).

Exclusive Downloadable Content - Microsoft paid money to get the goods. If you are a true GTAIV fan, this part should have already made up your mind for you. Feel free to be in denial about this being a factor on what version of the game you should get, just remember what was said about this DLC, “It will be bigger than a lot of people think. GTA Vice City and San Andreas were basically expansions of GTA3. Think of the DLC that way. We are talking major expansion for GTAIV” - Consider those words, and think of how big Shivering Isles was for Oblivion. This should not be overlooked if you have both systems and honestly can’t decide.

For at least another year, I would count on multiconsole releases to be superior on the Xbox 360. Developers say it, it shows in gaming sites reviews, in fact, the only group of “gamers” that would tell you otherwise is GamePro, and I think we all know how credible of a source they are. While Playstation 3 owners are making a sandwhich because their version of games require a forced install time, Xbox 360 players will already be experts in cop killing.


The above post got front paged on N4G then taken off in record time. I am proud that it lasted that long, even I recognized how much of a fanboy I sounded like (despite I am a Nintendo fanboy). Either way though, the 360 version owns the PS3 version, I just don't understand how people try to argue it any other way.   read

3:58 PM on 03.10.2008

I Am Giving Away - Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360 (Plus Other Stuff)

I have Call of Duty 4 Collectors Edition for Xbox 360, a CoD4 T-Shirt, Strategy Guide, and Hardcover Artbook. I have tried to give this away before, however after three attempts to contact the winner the last time I tried to give this away, I said fuck it, I am keeping this stuff. But now I have a new site, and it is time to try and give this baby away again.

I am doing it the same way I did last time, just leave a comment with a gun sound... this time around I will accept bomb sounds as well, god damn I am so nice... just make sure it isn't as a reply to this page, but the below link:


(Click the above link that said for you to click it)

(RANDOM: I also have a Hudson Bomberman "Bomb Squad" T-shirt that I will be giving away sometimes this week, I will make a post here on dtoid to let you know when that is happening)   read

11:48 AM on 03.09.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Above is my baby. It is in no way a Turning Point gaming rig, in fact, it isn't a game rig at all. I can do most emulators, as long as it isn't N64 or above. It does surprise me by running Crazy Taxi just fine, which is great because what games need to be played more than Crazy Taxi? None (except of course for Turning Point).

The model is a Dell Latitude C610. It has one of those nifty red nubs in the middle of the keyboard which seem to be lacking on some newer model laptops I see. It is necessary, touchpads blow (I keep a mouse handy in my laptop bag though).

Some specs:
512mb ram (upgraded from the 256 it came with)
20gb hard drive
14.1 display (1024x768 max resolution)
ATI Mobility RADEON M6P 16MB

Featured in the above picture is the fact that I have no disk drives. I do have a dvd drive and a floppy drive somewhere in my room, but for the most part they go unused, I ended up having instead to get an additional battery because the original battery can maybe pull 2 hours of use tops :(

Also you can see my special WaveLAN wireless card. This is the equivalent to an Orinoco card, which was awesome back in its hay day to scan routers and break passwords. It was compatible with so many programs. Now it is just a very solid wireless card.

Above is sadness. As I watch my porn, my penis is constantly distracted by that red line. Sometimes a blue and/or green line will show up just an inch to the right, I have no clue why, but it isn't always there. The red line though.. oh, that is always there.   read

7:53 PM on 03.07.2008

MegaCon 08 - A Story In Pictures (Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay)

MegaCon started today, so me, my brother, and a girl friend of his went off to attend (I think I have missed only 2 or 3 MegaCon's since it started, I am a geek and a half even though I no longer buy comics on the regular).

So it starts... waiting in line (took about an hour to get tickets).

The nerds get restless in line, so they fight.

Robin... DICK grayson.... the UPS man.. has a package for you.

I think this is a Final Fantasy character.. but.. im not sure. I tried to make sure I have no anime kid pictures, because their costumes tend to be horrible.

Predator (duh)

This guy looks sad and/or is talking to his foot.

Kid spidey (hard to see), the thing, and a jedi, playing DS.

The first costume winner of the night.

The awesomeness of the Phoenix Right guy is thrown out the window because of this guy.

And these two guys too.

Meh, I respect the Harley Quinn. .. but Bob the Builder... wtf. And why do I know that is Bob the Builder.. bah.

First Link of the night (I only got a picture of this one and one other, but there was at least two more)

Resident Evil guys, they kicked ass, very detailed costume for the short one.. the big one didn't have to be all detailed, cause he was huge.

The first cross-dresser of the day (there had to be at least 8-10 throughout the day. No mistaking ugly girls, they were dudes. Not cool.

Oh this poor little kid being raised like this.

C'mon, No More Heroes. Overall costume sucked, but the "lightsaber" was dead on looking like NMH.

This Hitman guy was detailed. I didn't get a picture of the back of his head, but he had a barcode on it where you can see in smaller letters "Hitman" were a serial number would go, plus he had a serious look the whole day.

Even Link can't help but rock out.

This threw me off, a dentistry place grabbed one of the spaces right in the middle of the floor. Out of the 6 or so MegaCon's I have been to, I have not seen a thing like this, sad times (even worse than the fact that they had belly dancing classes this year).

Smash Bros Brawl has a crowd around it all day, didn't get to play (I am not that impatient though, I can wait a few days).

This Luigi was sad the whole time.

My little brother, some random guy who didn't mind doing vocals, and a Storm Trooper that felt the need to rock. Who is drumming!?!?!

My fat ass is drumming mother fuckers (I kicked ass on "In Bloom" of course.. but KISS came on the next track.. I hate KISS and didn't know the song well so fucked up.. just so you all know).

One more picture of the Storm Trooper.

My greatest picture ever. A Spartan (ala 300) and a Spartan (ala Halo). The 300 Spartan's belly must be experienced first hand in movement to truely understand its horrors.

I'm easily amused.

God damn people liked playing Brawl. Some kid was using Olimar (from Pikmin). It was awesome watching him run to where no enemies were just long enough to yank a shitload of Pikmin out the ground, it was so bad ass (I love Pikmin and can't wait to play as Olimar).

Uhh.. random heroes that I don't know. Seriously, am I that out of touch with comics :(

I am at this time leaving, so all of the following pictures were taken within about 5-10 minutes, some of the best costumes were seen as I was walking out. I am not sure who the chick is supposed to be, but I recognized Pyramid Head right away.

Gears of War. So bad ass. Their whole costumes were very solid and 'hard' looking, not cheap at all, these people took their time to make it as "real" looking as possible, it paid off.

As I was taking a picture of the GoW people, my brother is like "oh, look behind you!" .. I turn around and am forced to snap a photo post haste.

I love Go GO, this made my day right after the Companion Kid.

I don't even like GI Joe (I know, blasphemy).. but damn, I knew exactly who this old man was portraying. BAZOOKA.

Well, they can't all be winners, the last pictures prove it. I wanted to make an animated gif out of two pics of this guy, but its not as great as I thought, I feel bad for wasting this retards time.

As for the rest of the show. Brandon Peterson, Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmoitti, Mark Waid, and Steve McNiven were all cool ass people (met them all before except Waid and McNiven, so I expected no less).

I was pissed that Andy Kubert, Chuck Dixon, and John Romita JR did NOT show up while I was there (basically from the start of the day till finish). That sort of pissed me off, I had a couple of issues for each of them to sign.

Mark Texeira seemed like an a-hole. I can't complain that he allowed me to get a comic signed even though he wasn't doing signings until 4:30pm (only for one hour though).. but I can complain that he seemed more of a dick than George Perez, who is king dick of MegaCon every year.

I have some videos I need to upload. Just a random fat guy playing DDR who looked as though his pants were about to drop. Some geeks fighting. And I forget what else. I'm tired, but wanted to resize and upload these pictures before taking a nap. So thus brought about this post.

~Fin~   read

6:29 AM on 01.23.2008

Tetris Splash Snubbed by Xbox Live Arcade Awards - Write In!

The following categories easily could/should have included "Tetris Splash" for voting:

Best Overall Arcade Game (I know, Dtoid is represented in Bomberman, so I can see not everyone writing in Tetris here)

Best Classic Game (what is more classic!)

Best Family Friendly Game (No Wii game can compare!)

and Best Competitive Multiplayer Game. (6 PLAYER MADNESS!)

Vote by clicking here and write in Tetris Splash as much as you can.

I made an damn entry for this cause. I am cereal.   read

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