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The picture says it all

Contra 4 and I have a love/hate relationship. On one hand, it's one of the most old-school, twitch action games I've played in a long time. My thumb is actually raw from playing the game, which takes me back to playing my N...


How far is it to Toronto?

It's the question I had to ask myself last night when i found out that Toronto got a Tekken 6 setup. For anyone who's keeping score, I live in the Midwest. Tekken 6 is a game that I thought was going to be complete garbage a...


Soul Calibur IV: color me skeptical

Ok, so now that everyone has watched the video, I have a couple words to say about the inclusion of Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur IV, but first I have a couple caveats: if Vader and Yoda have the same size hitbox (whic...


(In-game advertising) What is it good for?

Maybe Scotland has that figured out. With the BBC reporting that the Scottish government will be spending 10,000 pounds (roughly 20 grand American) on in-game advertising focused on anti-drunk driving messages, I'm a slight b...


Street Fighter 4 is ugly, but 2d

That's my impressions from the news and rumors of the day. While I'm excited about the prospect of another 2d SF game, the graphics in the screenshot(s) are nothing that special in comparison to Street Fighter 2: Turbo HD. Is...


New Twisted Metal coming = A good day

Amidst all the rumors and hearsay surrounding the Gerstmann controversy, David Jaffe brightens my day by announcing a "new" Twisted Metal game. Twisted Metal Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition is more than simply a port of the PS...


About Pacmanone of us since 9:10 PM on 12.04.2007

Fighting gamer (stick not pad)

newspaperman with a degree

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Final Fantasy VI Advance
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I grew up gaming, starting with a Commodore 64 when I was barely old enough to talk and making my way through the NES, SNES and on to the current generation of consoles. I currently own 2-3 Gameboys, a Gameboy Color, a GBA SP, two DSs (one Lite), NES, SNES, Genesis, Master System, N64, PS2, Dreamcast, PS3, Xbox360, Wii and a PSP ... at least I think that's it. I should finally be getting my cousin's Virtual Boy if he ever sends it to me.

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