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PS FNF avatar 3:41 AM on 05.02.2014  (server time)
PS Friday Night Fights: Some Seriously Good Sh--- Deals, I meant Deals.

I'm not really supposed to swear in the titles anymore. It's frowned upon.

Okay, so first thing's first, I'm drinking right now because beer is delicious and fuck you that's why. I drink therefore I'm drunk. Anyway, that's out of the way onto the actual post. [EDIT: I'm less drunk now and just grumpy. I would reeeeeaaaally love it if the Blog Editor had not completely borked the hell out of the blog I typed up...]

Earlier this week Sony threw down with a pretty fantastic sale, the "Golden Week Sale" I'm not actually sure what it celebrates but apparently it's four national holidays so... Awesome, hurrah, bananas. But glancing through that list, seriously there are some worthwhile deals there, and if you're a PS+ member (and if you aren't I'd really genuinely like to know why you're not) they're borderline Steam level sales and are well worth a once over.

To Highlight a few:

Armored Core: Verdict Day -- $5 (Is this worth picking up at this price?)
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection -- $12 on PS3, $9 on Vita
Muramasa Rebirth --$7.50 (Though Sadly the DLC is not on sale)
Persona 4 Golden -- $15
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles -- $10.00
Zone of the Enders HD Collection -- $10.50 (Also probably where my last chunk of PSN Credit is going pending other folks' thoughts and verification of having only $10 or having $15)

You can glance through the rest of the deals here:

Regardless these deals are pretty phenomenal and it's exciting to see the folks over at Sony really pushing some great stuff at really amazing deals. Thoughts on other awesome sales? Comments on the games available here? Recommendations? Share them in the comments!


Welcome to the Playstation side of Friday Night Fights! Every Friday, members of the community get together online to play games and all you need to join is a user account. Down below, you'll find a list of games that we'll play tonight along with the times they'll start, the people that you should hit up for invites, and any other information that you may need.

If you want to play, leave a comment with the games from the schedule you want to play and your PSN name. You should also send a PSN friend request to the host and mention your username here in the message so they know you're one of the cool people and not just some random friend request.

If your favorite game isn't on the schedule, host it yourself! You just need to give us the game, start time, and your PSN name so people know what, when and who. It's also wise to list DLC requirements, game or server names, and anything else people might need to join just so you don't need to message it to everyone individually. Last minute additions in the comments here are fine, but games can also be added earlier in the week by visiting the forums and finding the thread with the coming Friday's date. Adding a game there ensures it's on the blog from the moment it goes up.

All times Eastern.

BlazBlue: Chron Phantasma with Trev
Time 8pm
PSN ElZilcho
Amane is pretty much the manliest of all men. Drill baby, drill.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition with Nanashi
Time 9pm
PSN Nanashi707

WARHAMMER 40K: SPACE MARINE with Clockwork-Zombie
Time 10pm
PSN Clockwork-Zombie

Warframe with Trev
Time 11pm
PSN ElZilcho
Fucking hell... I started playing again and in the course of two days grinded for about a million credits, farmed Nekros, Hydroid, finally got the Vauban Chassis I needed, and cleared out my Foundry of the 15 items that were in it. I hate you people.

All times Eastern.

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