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POstudios avatar 11:35 AM on 08.13.2013  (server time)
Cognition’s characters: A refresher course!

With the final episode of Cognition: An Erica Reed thriller getting nearer and nearer we thought it would be a good idea to take a small refresher course on some of Cognition’s characters. Who are they? What do they do? Will this article be spoiler-free? The answer all these questions is a resounding “Yes”… okay actually it only answers the third question, anyway, here’s some entirely spoiler-free character profiles.

Episode 1

Erica Reed: Boston FBI agent with cognitive abilities.

She’s haunted by the loss of her brother to the Cain Killer. Secretly she hopes every case she’s on leads her closer to her brother’s murderer, her motivations walk a fine line of duty and vengeance.

Scott Reed: Erica’s younger brother.

Three years ago he was kidnaped and murdered by the mysterious Cain Killer. Erica blames herself for this.

Brian Reed: Erica’s father, retired FBI agent.

He still mourns the loss of his son. He helps Erica with tips, hints or moral support, he’s also the game’s hint system. He’s so good in fact that he could probably solve the whole case while staying at home watching TV! Wish I knew his number.

John McCoy: Erica’s partner, laid-back and easy going.

He was once a respected agent but slowly lost the drive and passion for his job. Often mocked by other agents for his superstitious beliefs. He’s one of the more likeable characters in the series, a shame he spends most of his time in the office.

Terence: Boston office FBI’s go-to tech-guy.

He’s known Erica since college, geeky and with a good sense of humor he’ll always be there for Erica when she needs help. Terrence always struck me as the sort of guy who’d his downtime trolling people on YouTube, yep, he’s the reason you don’t read YouTube comments.

Jared ‘Sully’ Sullivan: FBI Detective

Erica’s ex-boyfriendThings between him and Erica are ‘complicated’ but he’ll still help her whenever possible. Poor Sully, he spends half of episode 1 asking Erica out for lunch, will he ever get lucky?

Director Davies: The head of the Boston FBI department

A close friend of the Reed family, but that doesn’t mean she treats Erica any different than she would another agent. She was also Sam MacAdams’ partner before both were promoted.

Dr. Gallagher: The Boston offices’ coroner.

A loner with no sense of humor only cares for her cats. Sounds like a real cuddly person, doesn’t she?

Rose: Runs the antique shop

She’ll often have an item for you or can help you learn more about a mysterious piece of evidence. Deeply in tune with the spiritual side of things, she taught Erica how to use her partners. She likes being called ‘mamma Rose’ for some reason, creepy!

Cordelia Smith: Citizen

Often found in Mt. Auburn Cemetery mourning her brother, she’ll often have a kind word for Erica, feeling they share at least one common trait.

Cain Killer: Serial Killer, whereabouts unknown

A serial killer who would kidnap siblings and place them in elaborate death traps. His last victim was Scott Reed before mysteriously disappearing.

The Hangman: Serial Killer, whereabouts unknown

A mysterious serial killer who hangs his victims, making all of crimes look like suicide. Only targets women

The Oracle: No information

Who is the oracle? What does he/she want?

Episode 2

Samuel MacAdams: The new Director for the Boston FBI

He was Davies’ ex-partner and if you thought she was a hard then get ready, he’s even worse! He’s also never been in a beer commercial, pretty surprising considering his name.

The Wise Monkey: Serial Killer, whereabouts unknown

A mysterious serial killer who removes his victims’ eyes, ears and tongues. All of his/her targets were musically inclined.

Episode 3

Skorobeus: The Smith’s family lawyer.

Snooty, conceited oh and he thinks he’s better than you, have we mentioned that? With a name like that you’d think he’d create a hair metal band!

So, all refreshed? Do you know who’s who? More importantly, how will the story draw to a close in Episode 4? Personally I say the butler did it! It’s always the butler!

Gonçalo Gonçaves
Social Media Intern
Phoenix Online Studios

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