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4:49 PM on 05.26.2013

Phil Ken Sebben & PK's Adventure To MCM Expo!

LOOK AT ME I WENT TO COMIC CON BLOO BLOO BLOO FUCK OFF. But anyway, I took Phil to London MCM (Comic Con for you non-UK folks basically)and so we went on our first adventure together, and here it is! Just a fore warning though, it could have been a lot better, I just couldn't be fucked at some points, because I was too busy enjoying myself. Sorreh Phil :(

We got to the station so early that it was still locked up. Walking around my town center with a character from Harvey Birdman at 4:30AM with no one around was pretty serene. It was pretty bizarre in context now I think about it.


6:00AM and I'm finally here. What happened next was three hours of waiting sitting next to characters such as:
-The dullest 'Last Of Us' Promoter I've ever heard. Scratch that, one of the dullest people I've ever heard.
-A cross-player who I was unsure of what gender they were until they spoke, who was sullen and sad, despite being at MCM.
-A girl dressed as Rukia from Bleach, who was lovely.
-A group of 14 year old boys who were so nerdy it hurt. But they seemed nice enough.


Okay, I rescued you from Nemesis.

Look at this yellow...thing. Look Phil, I got you a picture with a thing...I think it was called Dave.

Here is Phil pictured with white people fighting, dressed as more famous white people. But one has a robe, and the other has orange trousers so its all good.

Here is Phil with ponies, because I read once that Phil enjoyed fucking ponies. Take that as you will I guess.


One more note, Mark also wins the badge for being the only guy there who knew what Phil's avatar was! Anyone want to explain what the hell Harvey Birdman is, because it sounds fantastic :D

And there you go! Phil and I went to our first expo together! We played some great games, most notably Tekken Card Tournament, Rayman Legends, Deadpool, Remember Me, Project X Zone and the re-make of the classic arcade game Space Harrier 3D. Also, Dynasty Warriors 8 was like every Dynasty warrior ever. Tales of Xillia was nice, and so was Grid 2.  Some of the games though were pretty average. Deadpool wasn't particularly fantastic, and I wasn't too fond of Remember Me, but it still looked pretty early so it deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Four best games there:
-Lost Planet 3 - Had an amazing "The Thing" vibe to it
-Space Harrier 3D - Eshop 3DS game coming out, fantastic fun
-Tekken Card Tournament - Sweet free app that's highly addictive, has a soon to come real life card element to it
-Rayman Legends - If you liked Origins or Jungle Run, or love Rayman in general, you're going to love this

And that's it guys! I bought some fantastic comics, played some great games, and met a lot of fantastic people. Till next time guys!   read

12:03 PM on 05.20.2013

Anybody want their avatar adopted for MCM Expo London?

Sup Dtoid bloggers, long time no see. No blog or anything today, but I have been thinking about making a return and writing again, exams are killing me at the moment.

Anyway, every PAX, Dtoid runs an avatar adoption scheme, which I was taken to by bbain who to this very day is still just as awesome for doing that. So in gratitude, I took his avatar to MCM Expo here in London ( which is basically our Comic-Con)

bbain taking me to PAX

Me taking bbain to MCM

(Hopefully this BBcode worked out ;) )

Anyway its happening again in a week's time, so does anyone want me to take their avatar to MCM to get some cool pictures? Just drop a comment and then (if there are any entries) I'll pick someone to take!

A list of people you could have your avatar next to!

Honestly though its just something I really enjoyed doing, and I'd love to do it again.

-PK   read

4:01 PM on 02.27.2013

This really is it...My end to blogging (but not Dtoid)

How do I write this? How do I sum up 2.5 years of Dtoid? Comments and PM's and Blogs and responses and people and dicks and staff leaving, staff coming, dicks, people leaving, people expanding and everything inbetween. How do I sum up what this all means to me?

My God, seriously how could I ever do this justice? What Dtoid means to me, what it was, what it became, how it has been intrinsically woven into the fabric of my life for the past couple of years.

Lets just say I suck at goodbyes.

I'm not going to be saying goodbye forever, I'll still be around, reading articles and commenting random stuff I can think of, but as far as blogging goes, I'm done. I'll still be around to participate in avatar adoption schemes and maybe, just maybe, I'll actually one day meet someone from Dtoid, I live in London y'all, so hit me the fuck up.Here's my pimpin twitter bitches:

Here is my first blog. A pathetic excuse for a blog, ignorant and unbroken, it was more of an odd rant rather than a blog. But I learned. I like to think I became a semi-decent writer. One of the many things I have to thank for Dtoid.

Oh god, how much I have Dtoid to thank for. I could dedicate an entire blog to that. The amount of kindness, rudeness, education, enlightenment, humour, hilarity, sadness, anger, madness, insanity, loveableness, lots and lots of homosexuality makes me truly appreciate how much I value this place of all places, if there are dark corners of the internet, then Destructoid is that bit in the center of the room lit up by so much light it's kind of hurts your eyes. Seriously what the fuck, is there no light switch in here?

Now many (many is a strong word) reading this may be thinking "Who are you?" or "I remember you wrote a blog a long time ago, so you kind of quit then?" or "Why you filthy prick?". Well because I'm a different Alex, a different PK to the one who blogged before. I've moved into a much better place in my life and I think its better to end it on a high note, eh?

Luckily for you pricks, I won't be leaving Dtoid, I'm just ending blogging. I'll still be listening avidly to podcasts and reading articles and blogs like fuck knows. But as for actively creating blogs. I'm done. Either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain? I'd rather leave when my writing hasn't declined in quality.

But its not that. I've got so much going on, I simply don't have time. But on the other hand, I don't want to leave this fucker on indefinite hiatus, so I'm gonna say goodbye, and if in 4 months or so, I suddenly feel the need to blog, maybe I'll return. But for now, I'm saying goodbye. Properly. Check out my oscar speech:

So here it is. To everyone who ever commented or gave me feedback, I waited avidly for every piece and read it all, even if some of it was mean. Or spam. Gotta luv dat spam.

To everyone who tried to offer insight onto me psyche, I loved you for trying. DynamoJoe's advice still sticks with me today.

To my C-blog idols, the ones I aspired to, both former and still current. Elsa, Strider, VenusInFurs, bbain, Voltech, Blindfire, Wolfy Boey, TheManWithNoName/TheDoctorWithNoName and everyone else I can't think of.

To Occams, your witty comments were one of the only reasons I read the comments sections. Words cannot describe how much I love you for these.

To the teams at Secret Moon Base and Communitoid, I still await each episode with eager anticipation. I fucking love these.

To all the staff who have ever contributed, and especially those who took the time to read my blogs, I still remember Johnathan Holmes comment on my Zombies blog.

To Mr Andy Dixon, for running an incredible community. And that fucking pink dressing gown man. I need one.

To bbain again for taking my avatar to PAX. It's one of the only community interactions I've had, but I was so grateful for it.

To VenusInFurs for showing me The Little Prince, and being one of the first people to broaden my horizons on this place.

To PhilKenSebben, my greatest friend on Destructoid, the one who I am most grateful for on this site. He was there for me in a time of need, and I owe him a debt I can never repay. You generally are too awesome to be my friend.

To Niero, for creating my favourite site on the internet. For real.

And finally, to everyone who I haven't mentioned, to everyone who doesn't know me, who might not even read this, or be checking out my work for the last and final time. You guys make Dtoid so much more than every other game site. I will generally never forget my time here.

Oh fuck, this really is happening. It's all written out, waiting to be published. 2 and a half years summed up in these words. Jesus Christ, it's really been beautiful. This was definitely one of the best choices ever made in my life. I will never be able to do this place justice.

Damn Dtoid, I guess I'll see you on the other side.

I never did tell you guys what game my favourite game was? Well, honestly? I associate good games with good memories, so honestly? It's a spilt between Rayman Advance, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Halo 3. Halo 3 is the game that defined this generation for me. Rayman is childhood. Deus Ex is the classiest game I ever played.

Also, fuck yeah limbless boy.

See ya later Dtoid. It's been so much more than fun.   read

7:26 PM on 12.13.2012

Okay Destructoid... Let's Talk + Art Of Moderation+ Love Letter to The C-Blogs

Damn Destructoid. It's 12:30 AM, I have to be up at 8:00 so I can go watch a documentary about Simon and Garfunkel at college, and things are a lot different from the man/retard/fish/Will Smith look-a-like I was at the beginning of the year.

As I commuted back home on those fucking trains ( I saw a documentary about trains recently, its some crazy stuff, a more important change in the world than the Internet, so take that you fucking memes) my mind drifted back to this summer.

Let's roll back down memory lane, I was downright miserable. I hadn't seen my friends since I broke up from school, and my days were spent inside, online, or in the garden reading. I was getting cabin fever, and was going a little bit crazy, probably because of all my free time. It was also the last time I was seriously blogging on Destructoid.

The story can't actually continue till you press the button.

Fast forward to November, and I have a social life (with people, not with dolls), I'm focusing really hard on my studies, and I'm happy. Yes my friends can be trying, and I could nit-pick out any other bullshit, but I can't. Because I'm happy. And I'm too distracted to ponder the gaming world and its contreversies.

That's not to say I've stopped gaming. What do you take me for? Why would I even be still here if I wasn't still actively interested in gaming? I took a day off today, just to play Dark Souls and watch a film about Henry IV of France (good, but not great, also it's in French). I still play plenty of indie games, and The Walking Dead was amazing.

That's the crazy thing. The thing that has changed about me. I've learnt "The Art Of Moderation". I've learnt to phase games out of my life to the point where they still exist, but as a secondary area, rather than my primary focus.

Sometimes at school, during boring maths lessons, I would imagine a Mass Effect conversation wheel would come up when people talked to me. SO MANY DECISIONS.

When i was meant to be revising for my high school exams in May, I was playing Mass Effect 3. When i was at school, meant to be learning, I was thinking about Mass Effect 3 and talking to my friends about Mass Effect 3. I probably could have got far higher grades, if I hadn't been so damn distracted. If I wasn't playing Mass Effect 3, I was playing Minecraft on a server with a Skype call. I was just gorging on fictional media to fill a void in my stomach. I read 17 books in the first half of the year. For a teenager, that's some pretty messed up baloney.

But worst of all, it made me take advantage of video gaming. I wasn't able to appreciate it, because I was surrounded by it constantly. Surrounded by these walls I had built around myself.

What's really weird is that my friends have gone through it aswell. My friend was a serious WoW addict, now he's a party skater douche who smokes a lot of weed. While not the best transition, going from 4AM WoW raids to making out with drunk chicks is a lot of nerds dreams.

And while no, unfortunately, I haven't gone down the route of stereotypical teenagers to nights I'll forget (I have a weird ability to not get hangovers) and "illegal substances" (though I have an unnatural amount of contacts in that area) , I've still changed from that depressed, raging, self hating, lonely guy.

Destructoid, you always seem to help me out. Whether I'm dropping the odd comment here, or just remembering some of my experiences since I've been here. First time I read one of Elsa's blogs, or when VenusInFurs reccomended "The Little Prince" to me (that book was beautiful), or just seeing all your comments, the fact that my work was validated by your approval really meant something to me.

And now I'm here, and I think Destructoid helped me along the way. Reading about all of you, your opinions, your lives, your lies, your "Declarations of War" (yes you PhilKenSebben) it gave me a way out, a way to experience something besides my own solitary confinement.

I think the way to describe blogging for me was "therapeutic". It allowed me to get what I wanted off my chest, and the people were always keen to give a helping hand (sometimes a little too keen, I'll be mailing back that hand that one of you sent me, who is James McButtJuggalo?), and maybe now, I'm all therapy-ed out. Does that mean I'll continue blogging?

Hopefully, I don't want to stop. But at least I know to myself, that if I end up never blogging again, it's for a good reason, rather than just plain laziness (or you know, banging Playboy models, either one sounds cool).

One of the people from Communitoid defined the C-blogs as "The Guest Bedroom" , but it's not. The C-Blogs is, at least to me, the heart of Destructoid, the "Living Room". The front page is the entrance, welcoming you to something much more than a front door. And you have the other sections, but I can't be bothered to name them. But the C-Blogs is where the family shut the fuck up, listen to each other, and watch re-runs of Deadliest Catch, Fraiser, and Courage The Cowardly Dog, or whatever else it is you Americans watch.

My mum used to get angry at me for playing games all day, saying I was wasting my life. Now she moans (jokingly) at me for always going out. It always makes me smile, to see that I have moved on from who I was, because to be honest, I kind of like myself now, and in the end, isn't that all that really matters?

Also, if you came here to see pictures of me busting one out, I'm sorry to disappoint you, have a picture of the jacket from Drive instead.

Loves you Destructoid, go all Tina Turner and keep "Rollin' Like A River".   read

1:16 PM on 10.27.2012

bbain...And His Phenomenal Adventure To MCM!!!

So last PAX, I had my avatar adopted by bbain as he went to PAX, and me being in England, 16, and broke, had absolutely no way and no intent on going there. But I wrote a blog asking someone to take my avatar to PAX (through Dtoid's customary avatar adoption), and bbain got me to see loads of awesome stuff. It also made me realise what a horrible avatar picture I have :P

My Journey

So I returned the favour, and I took him to London MCM Expo, which happened today (can't feel my legs) so let's start bbain's awesome journey!!!

This is my train station, It's 6AM, and the sky is still pitch black. I do not understand this logic. Also, I was up at 5, so my brain is incredibly scrambled right now.

I'm in a queue! Also, we got there an hour earlier than usual, so I proceeded to spend the next hour talking to a transvestite called Mai/Matthew. The two events don't have any correlation, but I thought I'd just drop that in.

And then just behind me! BAM! A father and son duo of Umbrella security (I think?) Doesn't stop Operation Raccoon City from being a piss poor game, no matter how touching this is.

What is this? Empty queues at the biggest nerd event in England?

Oh that's much better. Now we can be penned in like cattle from every direction!

This was literally the first thing I saw when I walked in, so I took bbain over to get a nice picture with Knight Rider!

Here we met the writer of a comic about a lunar based satellite which puts on a suit and fights crime. He thought bbain had a pretty cool face. Also, a human shaped moon wearing a suit. 'Nuff said.

This is the creator of a comic called Zombie Bears and it's first episode was called "Left 4 Ted". It was a happy moment. I think he enjoyed it, as he gives me a subtle wink to tell me what he's going to do to that picture when he gets home. I managed to grab it before he ran off with it to do unspeakable things.

This is bbain meeting youtube comedy duo OMFGIt'sJackAndDean (trust me, their videos are a lot better than their name), and also, you don't want to know what made Jack pull the scared meerkat face.

Oh, look who it is!! It's Hollie Bennett, former Destructoid EU Community Manager, and now a Consumer and Community PR Executive for Namco Bandai! She literally convinced me to buy Ni No Kuni, but alas, I have no PS3 :( On the other hand, she was super awesome and bbain had fun to, you can tell by his smile!

Me and bbain played some Halo 4, where he brought me no luck, and I was massacred 4-14. Fuck you multiplayer. Also, if bbain was an AI, he wouldn't go rampant, because he already has rampant sex appeal.

Some bear from League Of Legends. I say no more on the subject.

bbain decided we should go meet Cas Anvar, who is noted as being the guy who voiced Altair in Assassin's Creed Revelations. Also, he was in Source Code, and starred a bit in Lost.

And finally, bbain went to go see Alexis Cruz, Skaara in Stargate and Stargate SG-1 . I've never seen either of those shows, but he did some voice work in L.A Noire, and more importantly, he was selling his own brand new wicked cool (that phrase hasn't been used in 20 years) graphic novel "The UnProfessionals." I've read a little, and it's some good shit.

And that's it! I hope bbain had a nice time, and if he didn't, well then tough shit. But seriously man, it made my MCM a lot more fun knowing that I was doing something for a friend I've never even met, but greatly respect man.

Also, take my avatar to PAX next year <3 ?   read

2:01 PM on 10.20.2012

MCM Expo...And Hawken Beta Code! (Short Blog)

Somebody in the forums had this as an avatar picture, and I wanted to bull tackle him with happiness,because that shit is funny.

Sup, people, just a question, any Dtoiders going to the MCM Expo next week? I've never met anybody from Destructoid (and I've been here a while, at least I think I have, time seems to lose it's flow when you're reading through the forum game of Werewolf) but it would be pretty awesome if I could meet up with all these people who I read about online.

Now, for the real reason you bastards are here. I have Hawken beta code, and I'm gonna make you jump through hoops to get it. Give your opinion on these things:

1) Leonardo Da Vinci

2) People who wear Abercrombie & Fitch

3)Fall Of Cybertron (If you have played it, if not, your opinion on Transformers in general)

4) Why Agent 47's chrome dome is just so damn shiny

Also, you don't have to enter to give your opinion, I enjoy reading other people's useless opinions just as much as I enjoy chewing on the side of tables. Which is to say, a lot.   read

6:43 PM on 10.06.2012

Disconnection...In An Online Gaming World

You know what's odd? The reasons people play video games. Some do it to relax, some do it to "activate" (a la fighting games improve reflexes etc), some do it to shut their kid/brother/sister/friend/kidnapped alien up for half an hour so they can do some work/play outside/work out what to do with a kidnapped alien without the kid pleading to play 2-player with them.

Me? I'm in it for the story.

I play games, because...well, in my opinion, games are the best medium at having the possibility of telling great stories. It combines the length and depth + detail of a book, but it uses pictorial form, which has a far greater effect on the human mind, since we rely on our eyes as our most important sense, things have a far greater effect when you see them, rather than reading about it.

That's for another time though. What I'm HERE (thanks Elect Nigma) to talk about is my time (or rather lack of) spent in what is now, just as important, if not more. I'm going to talk about multiplayer and online-iness in general.

I could not have spent in all my collective time on online video games, more than 25 hours in total. That covers all my games. EVER. I have barely ventured into the realm of solo multiplayer, and I don't really have any reasons why.

It's not so much that I must take a stand against the disgusting leech that is tacked-on multiplayer, or even good dedicated multiplayer, it probably falls down to two reasons. I have limited internet, and multiplayer almost always has no story value.

I need a reason to care. A reason to progress. A reason to waste my time in a virtual world instead of doing something worthwhile in the real world. Once I finish a story, I barely ever return to a game. Multiplayer basically offers me a burger, but without the meat. It's just bread, and some onions which you know are going to come out badly at the end. It's not interesting, I have no patience for level grinding, and I never have "great" connection. I generally have a predisposition to just avoid multiplayer, simple as.

That's not to say I detest multiplayer. I just like to do it with a friend who I can actually see. Many a school night was spent at my friends house, playing Guitar Hero, then Guitar Hero II, and then Halo 3. My God, the fun I had playing Halo 3 with my friends. Endless memories of awesome.

Maybe that's why I don't like multiplayer now, because it's solitary. Yes you play with other people, but even with friends, you can never shake the feeling that you're sitting alone, talking into a headset. When you play with people around you, it just feels better. It doesn't matter what generation, it's always better with a friend by your side. GoldenEye, Pokemon Stadium, Micro Machines, Battle Engine Aquila, Halo, Halo II, Halo 3, Guitar Hero, CoD. All contain memories, and all would have been far less interesting without having a friend right next to me to experience them.

It scares me to be honest. Like an invasion of my solitude. Now every game has multiplayer (almost all of the Alien's Colonial Marines coverage on the internet has been about its multiplayer., and Dead Space 2 had the most useless multiplayer ever, just because they thought it might appeal more) Every game now has day one patches. Sleeping Dogs required half of it to be downloaded, before I could play it. Total War Shogun 2 regularly requires massive, hard drive space eating, patches.

( It would be nice if I could play my games offline, without having to go online just to be allowed to play them).

I can't keep up. Steam requires you to go online to allow for offline play. Portal 2 had an 11GB patch (I have 30GB a month, and I can just about keep above water), so I had to delete it. I regularly have to visit friend's houses to get some serious downloading done, and it's getting worse. Almost unattainable.

So maybe I just have to give up on games. After all, everything is all about inter connectivity and online-only (F2P games, they don't have offline modes at all) and huge patches for unfinished games, where they assume that everyone has unlimited usage. I've pretty much fallen behind, like a runner who has a stitch, and just can't keep up.

Gaming alone is over. My solitary space is gone now, replaced by Steam notifications and adverts to spend money on extra clothes (Sleeping Dogs). Fictional media requires suspension of disbelief, which is hard to do when people drop in and ask you to skip the cut scenes

I guess I've turned into the gaming equivalent of a dinosaur. And the meteor is coming, in the shape of my disconnection to the rapidly growing multiplayer market The gamers who play games for stories are no longer the majority. But to be honest, where they ever?

Also, I realize how ridiculously "first world problems" and middle class I sound.

Unrelated note: That Werewolf forum thread is actually amazing. It's such a cool idea.   read

3:56 PM on 09.25.2012

Contest Time -Humble Bundle 6 Extras

Gratuitous Space Battles

I own all these, and Wizorb is not enough for me to warrant keeping the Steam code to myself. So I'm giving it to you people. Recycling, bitch.

You don't fuck with the Earth on a bike.

So to win all these love-el-ly prizes, hmmm...

OKAY SPECIFIC TIME. Tell me what you think of either:

a) Green Day

b) Pulp Fiction

c) The Olympics

Hint* You've got better chances if you provide an opinion on all three. Funny or serious, the best one wins. Simple, right?

The contest ends when this blog reaches the bottom of the blog page.   read

4:28 PM on 09.19.2012

Innocence...Or Maturity?

The Walking Dead Episode 3 was crazy depressing. I mean, like horrifically miserably and soul-crushingly sad. Seriously, I've never seen such a low point reached, and honestly, if anything good came out of that episode, it was the fact that Lee made Clementine safer and more worldly, and not everyone died, but seriously, that was it.

I usually write these blogs when I reach a low point in my mindset, like after a particularly shitty day, or after something embarrassing happening to me or being lonely. It's not that I only want to blog when I'm miserable, it's just chances are if I'm happy, I'm usually in no position to be pensive and thoughtful, and just spam the blogs with 1 Million/10 Reviews over games (OH MY GOD FTL: Faster Than Light IS AMAZING!!!!!).

See, the thing is, I don't like being sad, it's just a horrible mindset. And playing sad games doesn't exactly boost spirit levels.

See, as Jim Sterling put it in the latest Jimquistion (paraphrasing) "Everybody is fucking miserable, and players don't like miserable protagonists, because they are miserable."

It seems strange that Maturity and Tragedy go hand in hand, where adult themes come tacked on with "epic sadness set pieces attached" (did Jackie really need to die in Sleeping Dogs ? It's not like it advanced the plot in anyway, or how about Dead Space 2? I swear if I was Issac, I would've put a Javelin between my eyes, because honestly, his life is so soul-suckingly awful that everybody would understand if he let himself fly out of the airlock.)

But then again, don't mature themes need to be dealt with if video games are ever to be taken seriously, you ask? Well, first, video games are already taken seriously, but like all art forms, they have their critics, their protestors, and their downright ignorant. I mean, did you see the "Modern Art" exhibition that was just white walls? What the fuck?)

But the argument does have a fair point. Honestly, if all games had the plot depth of Trine or BIT.TRIP RUNNER, then gaming itself could never be used as a medium for storytelling.

No not art, I honestly believe gaming's function now is to tell stories, because no matter how many multiplayer-only and F2P games come out, people will always buy games with great stories, because simply put, a game is the best way to tell a story. It combines the visuals of movie, and the length of a book, and can contain the metaphorical depth far outclassing any piece of artwork. But that's for another time.)

See the thing about leaving the innocence intact, and removing the mature themes is that gaming no longer caters to an child-like audience. Many people who grew up with this innocence of gaming, with nothing more than to jump over the blocks, or 8-bit violence which was so blocky you couldn't tell whether it was blood or the screen had broken, they are exactly that. Grown-ups.

It's easy for nostalgia to cloud your view. It's easy to say "Games are too violent, kids playing games now are playing games too mature, "back in the day, when we used to burn our socks for fire..." but honestly, it's hard not to imagine anything else.

Honestly, the market has changed. It's not kids who are the main buyers now, it's teenagers and adults. So the game industry has adapted, and it's provided us with nail-biting, intense, even sorrowful stories which some of us can remember for the rest of our lives.

But in turn, it has had to sacrifice some of the traits that made it boom in the first place. No longer could we have one dimensional storylines, running from exactly A to B, without a criticism on how linear and boring it is. They couldn't get away with making Tetris today, it would flop both commercially and critically. Why? Because it wasn't designed for this market, it was designed for the coin guzzling arcade and basic console market back then, when things were different. Honestly, when was the last game Destructoid gave a good review to of a basic puzzle game? Never, because they haven't reviewed one in forever.

One of the few good things to have come out of the Soviet Union

Why? Because we opened ourselves up to 3 dimensional game making, and 3 dimensional storytelling. But most importantly, we opened ourselves up to realism. To stop holding our heads above the clouds, and to drag us down to earth, to pummel us with tales of misery and depression. Or did it? After all, gaming is about immersion...right? And what's more immersive than something already familiar to us?

Man I don't know, I never really had a point to make with this blog post, it was just some random thoughts snowballling into this. What do you guys think? Do more innocent and simplistic games lay in your favour? Or are you the one who craves emotional power from these games?

Also, if you don't know what the fuck I'm going on's okay, neither do I. Also, the Tetris theme is the best.   read

4:12 PM on 08.28.2012

It's Not Just About Originality...You've Got To Nail Execution

If Sleeping Dogs has taught me anything, besides how a pork bun can cure severe amounts of torture, it's that you don't have to be original to be awesome.

If you think this was never seen before...

You've obviously never played Pursuit Force on PSP.

Every single gameplay mechanic from Sleeping Dogs, I've seen from somewhere before. The action hijack system is from Pursuit Force. The melee combat is Arkham City esque, and the open world mechanics, are used in every open world game really. The story takes it's roots from rags to riches tropes, asian cinema etc. I felt the penthouse level jumped right out of the Mafia II Construction Site Scene. I could go on. But the thing is...

This is a good thing.

I think we all read the reviews of the game where it's creativity couldn't make up for it's poorness. It relied so heavily on something original, that it totally ignored the fact that it was a miserable, buggy excuse for a game.

This is what made Sleeping Dogs so good. It took these parts, and perfected them. Yes the audio lagging and screen tearing is there, and it's not perfect, but it took many already used gameplay mechanics and created "2.0 Versions" of them.

Like how it created a living city. Mafia II was lovely looking, but it was empty and lifeless. Red Dead Redemption was a living frontier, but it seemed quite static, unless you were a whore, if you were, it was your job to be kidnapped by a drunk moron. L.A Noire (see Mafia II). So Sleeping Dogs went for both. It created a dense cityscape where it felt like life was actually happening.

Are how in Mafia II they thought they were being authentic by including one word of Italian in a cutscene now and again. Sleeping Dogs went the extra mile in having about 1-2 fifths of it being spoken in Cantonese, without the subtitling (dialogue outside of cut scenes). Cue Deus Ex Human Revolution Hengsha as an inspiration.

It doesn't matter that Sleeping Dogs is bursting to the brim with originality, there is already a thriving indie market for that type of game player. What Sleeping Dogs did, was pick and choose from the best bits of recent media, and slam them together to create something special. It removed most of the flaws, and presented a more polished version of specific mechanics which have been praised.

Sleeping Dogs showed me something. It showed me you can't run on an idea. You need to shape it properly, refine it, execute it. If you don't put the work into your idea, well then that's all it remains. A good idea.

(Apologies for the shortness of this blog, but I'm not really feeling the inspiration right now. It will probably come to me at 2AM. I'll try to develop something more substantial soon. Sorry - PK.)   read

4:00 PM on 08.14.2012

(Desperation) PAX Avatar Blog...

Corduroy Turtle asked for desperation, so I'm giving him desperation. I will bitchslap his desperation need so much it will turn from a needy girlfriend to a shallow seductress. That's right. SEDUCTRESS.

-My avatar is my actual face. With a plushie Yoshi's face creeping in aswell. And although it is too small to see, there is a lady's purse in the background (my sisters).

-I have lost the original photo, so seeing it again (slightly) bigger all over a gaming convention will make me watch re-runs of Fraiser and actually laugh and understand the jokes.

*I'd love to insert a picture here, but the free wi-fi I'm using has blocked me from uploading pictures. Because SCIENCE*

But seriously, that show's subtext makes my brain want to drink bleach because it feels so stupid. If my brain had a mouth, and internal digestion system...and a Kao-Ken X4 Attack.

Anyway, digression occured.

Considering I live in the UK, America is far away. Seeing half of my english mug would be gracing American soil before I even get there in reality, would make me feel pretty awesome.

If you took me along with you, producing a poor cockney accent to go along with me would be allowed, considering my Londoner status. I could be like a victorian chimney sweep...with a green dinosaur.

You could take me to the Assassin's Creed III's booth and photoshop a middle finger in, because you know, you could showcase all my beautiful British ignorance :D.

Also, considering I don't spend enough time hanging out with the Dtoid Community, I would love for me to at least a few memories of Dtoid besides writing blogs, and spending every 5 mins refreshing to see what people's responses to it are. I can never got involved in playdates because it would require me to stay up to 5-6 AM and considering I'm about to start college, that's simply not feesible.

I lost my Yoshi. Give him something which I can place on his imaginary grave. A pic of him with awesome people might cheer him up in Mario Heaven.

Also, I have a Yoshi. A Yoshi. YOSHI.   read

11:38 AM on 07.23.2012

Why Aren't People...Excited For Sleeping Dogs?

I am baffled. By many things, but one thing seems to be itching the back of my mind right now.

I can't seem to grasp why nobody seems interested in Sleeping Dogs.

When I saw the "Sleeping Dogs Voice Talent Trailer" uploaded, the general response seemed to be "Emma Stone is so hot, might take an interest in this game now" and "LOL thought this was about Watch Dogs" and I felt the confusion levels in my head rising.

I couldn't (and still can't) see why people aren't getting excited about this game. It seems to have all the ingredients for a behemoth of a video game IP.

It has Hollywood (and Hong Kong) Top class voice acting .Seriously, Lucy Liu and Emma Stone, and even Tom Wilkinson from The Kennedys and Batman Begins? Saints Row The Third had a pornstar, a washed out wrestler and a dude from "Lost". Not even the fat one.

It has impressive gameplay. The combat looks incredibly visceral and brutal, and adding the environment as a weapon (and actually utilising it properly, I didn't bother at one time in Spec Ops : The Line to shoot out the windows and drop sand on them.) The driving and general feel of the game looks incredible and really engaging.

It also has built an incredibly authentic experience. It features a very authentic soundtrack from asian music (as well as some "Western" tracks thrown in aswell) and,the look of the city is how you would expect it to look and it is not a static city. It appears to have many distractions to help create a living breathing city (when GTA V has cock-fighting, I'll eat my words).

Although I'm not exactly versed in Asian cinema, i believe that it also utilises the acting of people from both sides of the spectrum, so they haven't exactly gone in to this half-cocked (haha...chicken pun).

I'm sure it will have it's faults, but nobody seems interested. There's no hype, no editorials on it's significance (or possible significance), no endless streams of trailers and interviews. There's no build up to what looks like what could be one of my favourite games of the year. But why?

Is it because of it's troubled roots? It spawned from the reboot of the "True Crime" series, but Activision gave it up because it was so expensive and delays. I had never actually heard of the True Crime Series until Sleeping Dogs started to surface, so maybe that could be it.

Maybe because it's origins are in a relatively small franchise and it being a game which is not a sequel, so therefore it is untested by the masses, so it could be that Square Enix aren't focusing particularly on driving the game into everybody's heads. Maybe they know that consumers will lack the confidence to invest full price into a brand new IP, especially since "sequelitis" seems to be eating everyone's money. So maybe they are advertising it as a sleeper hit so they can build a dediicated fanbase first.

Maybe it's because of the cost. If Activision, one of the biggest publishers, decides it's too costly, then maybe Square Enix are just trying to save some cash. It certainly looks like a game that cost a pretty penny. Considering it's summer, spending a lot of time marketing would be risky since everyone is meant to be out enjoying the sun.

Maybe it's because of the press, who seem to have very little interest. In fact, I'll dare say they'd rather cover a story about a "BRAND NEW SCREENSHOT FROM GTA V" rather than an editorial about Sleeping Dogs. It seems that a name means a lot more now, and things are judged on first glance since there are limitless options. That's why directors put their names on things, to help promote them. I'm sure if Sleeping Dogs had "John Woo's" name tattooed above it, it would be getting far more coverage.

Maybe because it is not a clear cut game. Is it a sandbox? Open world? Racing game? RPG? Third Person Shooter? What part takes prevelence? How important is each aspect? Even the media can't seem to focus on what it is. I see statements such as "Open world crime shooter with racing elements" or "Third person shooter with RPG aspects" and even "An action and adventure crime story". Confusion does not help in the least.

Honestly, the arguments and theories are endless. I'm just worried that this game might be forgotten, and left to rot in a case inside Square Enix HQ. I really hope this game does well. It could be like The Witcher 2, incredible, but somehow not incredibly commercially popular (e.g Skyrim).

I feel sick for just posting that picture.   read

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