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PK493 avatar 3:57 PM on 04.12.2011  (server time)
The Gaming Community...What Went Wrong

Anyone here played Plants Vs Zombies? A great game and an even better time waster, but could you imagine playing it online? “Oh My GOD!! Dude you are such a fag, you planted a peashooter instead of a repeater!!! You suck at this game so much you should just forever. Fag.” This would ruin the fun and jokey mood of the game, ruined by idiots who you truly wonder how they exist in the real world. Full of testosterone-filled, teenage boys and 20-something men still stuck in their “teenage” mindset, a game’s multiplayer is now full of douche bags and A-holes looking to get the highest K/D ratio and throwing a hissy fit when they don’t get the most kills. Yes many people will believe I’m merely discussing the minority (No COD references intended), but the general attitude of this “minority” not only puts gamers off from speaking, but general destroys any chance of people working together. If anyone has ever seen “How to Annoy People On...” from Machinima by Kevin 1811, you will see how he highlights the general personality of these “Lone Wolf” characters who you just can’t help but dislike. So how do you tackle this problem? Games like Left 4 Dead base themselves on team co-operation, but the mix of newbies and experienced veterans plus the hackers who love the unfair advantage, means the point of the game falls apart.
Maybe Microsoft and Sony should take a leaf out of the PC’s multiplayer system and create separate servers. I mean a server for beginners, a server for casual, and a server for hackers etc. When I play Killing Floor (The Mod for Unreal Tournament 3, or known as the indie version of Left 4 Dead) I don’t get whiny little b*tches moaning about the toughness of bosses or how they took down 4 zombies with 1 bullet. Now I do understand this might not work for every game, but it must be better than their current system. IF you are lucky enough to find a match with players who work together, the results can be actually quite satisfying and you suddenly get the urge to play another game. But then THEY turn up. It has ruined quite a few games so much; I was forced to sell them. But should we blame the developers for promoting “Lone Wolf” rather than team based game play? NO. Just because you play that style (I know this may sound shocking), you don’t have to have the moody, aggressive personality that comes with it. I’m not going to preach to you about how violence in games should not be allowed, because this is the problem, it’s just a game. That is it. Whether you are playing on a crummy 14 inch telly, or a 50-inch LCD with surround sound and a proper gaming chair, it is still a game. So why does everyone take it so seriously? Beats me. But next time you are playing XBOX or PS3 and some cocky little idiot is running round on a 10 kill streak and rising; just remember that this person is a unsociable and rude individual...ahhhhh screw it. Just spend the next half an hour insulting him with every name and insult dating back to when the nursery kids called you “Pooface!!”

Please Note: I am only 14 and unlike Destructoid, I do not have an Infinite source of knowledge. If you see any mistakes please tell me, but do not throw a s**t fit if you find one teensy mistake!

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