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PK Starstorm avatar 8:23 PM on 12.07.2008  (server time)
Dear Santa, since I behaved better than years before, all I want for christmas is Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom.

I'm a really big fan of old Japanese animation and more hardcore fan of fighting games, what if certain game developers decided to join this forces of nature and make an animation of fighting games, better yet, a fighting game with loved awesome game characters fight those beloved old Japanese icons of the past. What will be the offspring of this event? What?

I could insert some text, but that image is enough to make any geek orgasm, wait, double-orgasm. That's how hot it is.

I find the complexity of fighting games to be one of the best attributes of gaming, it all started way back then with Street Fighter 2 when you discovered you just couldn't win (almost all the time) with random button spamming. Starting with techniques, Shoryuken, or Buddha's Flame, but also adding some more structure to it, afterwards games like King of Fighters introduced cancels, mid-air cancels, combo techniques, multi-character combo techniques. Any person could read this and don't understand it or think of it as nerdy talk, but a person that plays fighting games know that this complexities make a great gaming experience.

Fighting games in the current generations are okay, getting more combo's, adding more cancel techniques, and introducing more franchises and characters. Thing is there aren't that many new games in this genre, sure we love the old franchises that always find a way to make a comeback, but how just many times will SF 2 be remade? And King of Fighters XII just doesn't arrive any sooner. I distract your attention with Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

Sure Capcom vs Insert Anything in Here has gotten pretty repetitive, we had some good deals with this one. Who could forget the marvelous Marvel vs Capcom 2? Or Capcom vs SNK? Personal favorite games in my collection. Now Capcom takes it a step further and introduces what to me is a innovative experience in fighting gaming. Usually when fighting games collide the basic concept is one franchise vs another franchise, both of them usually well known. But why I hype this game more than what I usually hype is the concept of introducing popular japanese characters, but not from video games but from anime and manga. I know most people think that anime is stupid (the next step in fanboyism) but this game doesn't include the all popular anime of this era (sucks to be you, Inuyasha and Naruto fans) but goes on to add some of the those old animes we loved back then. I know I watched Gatchaman religiously, or waited like a girl to prom sex for another Yatterman episode.

The characters introduced in this game are well mostly unknown outside of Japan, but after watching some videos I did some research and found out some of them are pretty cool, of course I am not a wikipedia and know anything about most of the characters but the ones I know are going to be the ones I main in this game. This is also a good bargain since you get something unexpected in fighting gaming.

Not only that but it also includes some fan favorites from Capcom, I mean what would a Capcom fighting game be without it's Ryu Shoryuking the hell out of characters? Or the lonely boys who spam Chun-li and Morrigan's techniques that show brief digital oriental private body parts? The characters that capcom brought to this game are pretty good and acceptable but it also introduces some fresh meat that are the Tatsunoko characters.

Currently it's going to be a Japan only title, the good thing is Capcom is fighting to bring this game over to the america's, and what I want this christmas is nothing more than to hear the good news of it coming to America.

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