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Sometimes I play EVE Online.

Once in a while I write about it too. This here destructoid blog discusses the game in a more tie-wearing, serious-business fashion with less focus on readers that already play the game. For less formal 'jeans-and-a-tshirt' style EVE blogging, I have a tumblr titled A Really Bad Spaceship Game where I post quotes from Jabber, screenshots taken during ops, and write about whatever I feel like.
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1:09 AM on 05.11.2012

At the end of April, The Mittani, CEO of Goonswarm Federation, head of the Clusterfuck Coalition, and incorrigible drama magnet, announced the formation of OTEC - the Organization of Technetium Exporting Corporations - on twitter. Initially OTEC was a joke, but when the price of Technetium, currently the most valuable and contested resource in the game, spiked to over 200 thousand ISK a unit from speculative purchasing, he decided to try making it a reality.

Some background information on Technetium for the less informed: Eve’s Dominion expansion changed some of the manufacturing requirements of advanced ships and modules in an attempt to open up a bottleneck for two moon minerals, Dysprosium and Promethium, that had existed for years. Until that point Technetium had been a moon mineral of very little importance, but the new requirements significantly increased the galaxy’s need for it. Once stockpiles ran out Technetium became a very valuable resource that is almost exclusively available in the northern regions of player-controlled nullsec space. This makes the people that control these moons very space rich, and they are currently one of the primary conflict drivers in the galaxy, acting both as a valuable strategic objective, and a method of bankrolling player combat.

Recently Goonswarm and it’s allies have come into possession of a majority share in the game’s Technetium moons through regional conquest, the remainder being primarily owned by player entities hostile towards them, such as Northern Coalition., Pandemic Legion, and Ev0ke.

The intention behind OTEC is to coordinate the sale and pricing of Technetium to the rest of the galaxy to ensure maximum profit for those involved, and to prevent player entities not interested in cooperating from controlling any significant amount of the Technetium moons available in the game. It is essentially a cartel, and The Mittani is not shy about admitting it. OTEC transcends personal or political agendas, existing only for profit; Several of the alliances involved have long standing grudges with each other, and have fought numerous protracted wars for comparatively petty reasons.
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