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escribo mejor espaņol...

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testing kof 2002 unlimited match (ps2)...

coz when you make a remake , you have to put something new, right? i mean, besides the new characters , who seems a previous sketch for the nest saga...and those (like) black wings remains me the rock howadÂīs "white wings".... nah...i will keep playing ...i hope i can find more kof classic inglish....


loco roco 2 EU leaked! version 1.1

yeh yeh..it the same from yesterday...but now i have a video!!!! *palmface* anyways, this is the version 0.01, so i think this is the pre-released game. mostly used for review and stuff..just like the movies....so someone borrow to a friend and....Because i think there are not pre-order for this. BTW, there are a real reason why locoroco 2 for USA is TBA? and the same goes for patapon 2...WTH?


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