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About P-dubble39one of us since 11:38 AM on 12.13.2006

26yr old aspiring game designer & 3D animator but have no skills at either of those two whatsoever : - )

Video Gamage History: Like the rest of you folks, I started out at a wee age playing NES. Years down the road, I swore my alligance to the Sega Genesis console (until the releases of the 32X and Sega CD). Further on in gaming history, a little system called the Playstation was released and I was hooked. I was all over Tekken 1 and Battle Arena Toshinden, not to mention Warhawk and the 1st two Twisted Metal games.

PS2 was just as awesome (if not more). It was pretty much safe to say that I was a hardcore Sony fan. That is...until this debacle that is known as the PS3 was announced. I dunno what the rationale is behind some of the decisions that the big boys over at Sony are making, but they effed up BIG TIME during launch. Over the years, I have started to warm up to the system...sure they're starting to get better with age but those suckers need more of what's important: GAMES!

Nowadays, I'm open to all 3 major players. Nintendo Wii seems pretty fun to play (for about 10 minutes), I am enjoying many shooters on my 360, and PS3 is just "blah" to me right now...

Games I'm playing currently: Gears 2, CoD4 (sorry, no World at War), Bionic Commando:Rearmed, Bomberman Live

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