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I also like to read comics (trades), and my favorite right now is a toss up between Batman: The Long Halloween and Watchmen.

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Ah, reference humor. The type of humor that only applies to a certain niche. The more references, the smaller that group gets, but at the same time the funnier it becomes. Anyway, my friends and I decided to make a video calling ourselves "Team Reference Humor." It parodies a few things, the two biggest being HAWP and Brutal Legend, both of which I'm sure guys know of.

[from the YT video description]
I got this idea when I received my pre-order bonus from Best Buy. It was originally going to be done with just still photos (and much shorter), but it turns out Kevin had a video camera that could upload to PC, so we went with that.

Some things to remember:
1. Done just for fun
2. Shot with a Sony Handycam, as reflected in the video's quality
3. No script, we basically just discussed the scene before shooting, and away we went.
4. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
5. Shot in two days (not consecutive)
6. I have no editing skills
7. We have no acting skills

No Brutal Legend spoilers or anything.

BTW, I'm "Pat"

If we do more may or may not depend on public opinion, so let me know what you think!

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