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We are VR: A Brave Old World

I didn't actually think I'd do this Bloggers Wanted prompt. I'm not really overly interested in VR, and I feel like I got my fill of it when I was a kid at some theme park attraction. For me, I figured that was the end o...


Disnay, I say! DisNAY!

Much as people claim to desire originality above all else, you just can't deny the allure of what's familiar to us. Whether it's our own personal nostalgia or just something rooted in the cultural consciousness, like Bat...


Initation Station: Rocking the Dragon

You'd think that after my last blog, where I discussed how I'm not as huge on character creation as it seems like the rest of the gaming community seems to be, my taking up the Initiation Station challenge now would be t...


I think I get it now

A few days ago, Kouji Wada passed away. This name probably isn't significant to some of you, in fact I imagine quite a lot of you have probably never heard of the man, but to me, I'd been following this for a... little w...


About OverlordZettaone of us since 10:34 AM on 07.16.2014

Hey there! You seem to have taken a wrong turn, friend. Front page is thattaway.

But hey! If you actually do mean to be here for some reason, then hello! I go by Zetta around these parts, I am an enthusiast of all things Kamen Rider as well as most things Vita, as well as all sorts of other nonsensical nonsense. Good times!

When I'm not busy writing annoyingly long comments, you can find me here, writing annoyingly long blogs. I dream of the day everyone on the internet can get along and be friends, like an annoying anime protagonist...'s even more annoying love interest, and in the meanwhile, am dreaming of putting my wordliness to good use in something creative someday, lest my existence be completely wasted.

My console of choice is the Vita, my favorite Kamen Rider changes with the tide, and I really have no idea how to end this at this point.

Time for a pose!

- Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f 2nd
- Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

- New Danganronpa V3
- Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
- Persona 5

- Soul Sacrifice 2
- Persona 3 Platinum
- Mega Man ZX 3
- Devil Survivor 3
- Zettai Hero Project 2
... and of course...


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