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OuterHeaven avatar 7:06 PM on 08.31.2011  (server time)
outCast #3: PUNCHING

A long time between drinks. Welcome again to the outCast, Destructoid's only podcast composed entirely of hemp and community spirit. You may have noticed a delay between this and the last episode. It was because our producer caught on fire.

Literally. So send maxbraff some love after his ordeal with Prometheus' gift. Seriously. That badass motherfucker actually CAUGHT ON FIRE. You can't compete with that.

Here's our new logo. Art by Andy, original character concept by MaddoxMisery!

From here on out the outCast will be a regular weekly thing, recording on Saturday nights and releasing on Mondays (except not this time, because obviously). If you want to come on the show - it is a COMMUNITY podcast after all - then just PM me (Andy Astruc) or find me in the chat room. We love you.

The outCast is also available on iTunes and Zune. Also if you spend the night at my house I will poke copies of it up your nose while you sleep.


Episode 3 starts and ends with a pow, bam, pow! Things get the shit kicked out of them. We talk video games, first person melee action, Haze for some reason, launch stories and more with special guest MrDandyMan.


Hosts: Andy Astruc (Zwuh), Darik Kirschman (DJKirsch), Arlo Levin (Bjorn the Unicorn), Ben Raymer (OMGWTFBENTIME), Luke Christianson (MrDandyMan)

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