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OuterHeaven avatar 4:26 PM on 08.01.2011  (server time)
outCast #2: ANGRY

Holy mother of god, they're still doing this silly thing.

Fans and haters of the Outcast Podcast, your time has again arrived. The second episode is live and it's incredibly pissed off! Well, not really, because it turns out that all of us are rather chill and happy individuals. But we do our very best to rant, rave and generally spit bile.

There are no issues with the inappropriate jokes though, we're good at that.

Savvy folks will notice our opening music is pretty FUCKING AWESOME but mostly unfamiliar. That's because community member and badass composer-dude, AlphaDeus, magically created a theme for the Outcast using only his mind and a suitably advanced terminator robot from the future. He loves you. Angrily. This episode also contains a healthy dose of gennhaver (with background noise from the ever-present Max Scoville) and MaddoxMisery, who is very New York. SO THAT'S COOL. Maddox is a super talented artist-guy when he isn't podcasting or yelling at cats. Hit him up and he will draw dicks on things for you.

The Outcast is also available on iTunes, so visit us there and leave a review that details how great we are and why you want to procreate with us. Zune version pending, as requested by the six people who have a Zune.

Also, a shout-out to Destructoid's resident bumblebee Steven Hansen. :|

OUTCAST #2: ANGRY (52:04)

It's the second episode and we're making Ben shut up, listing our hate for games, doing impressions of Ben, and much, much more! Your mileage of "much more" may vary. Buttsex.


Hosts: Andy (Zwuh), Darik (DJKirsch), Arlo (Bjorn the Unicorn), Ben (OMGWTFBENTIME), Max (maxbraff), Rob (MaddoxMisery) and Jenn (gennhaver)

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