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OuterHeaven avatar 4:48 PM on 07.25.2011  (server time)
outCast #1: ROBOTS

Once in a while, there is a moment which stops time itself. A moment which, given room to breathe and thrive, will change the very facets of reality we hold to be immutable. A moment where cats and dogs begin living together.

As you probably already know, Outer Heaven is the Destructoid community chat room thing that pops up on the website and is all like HEY DUDES, WHAT'S UP and you're all like NOT MUCH and it's like COOL, I'LL JUST BE OVER HERE THEN and you're like OKAY. It's filled with super groovy people, I assure you. But how to prove it? Well I'm glad you asked, disembodied eyeballs.

Outcast is the Outer Heaven Community Podcast event of the season. It's 45 minutes (approximately) of somewhat random community and videogame babbling shoved into your ear sockets every two weeks. In the future there will be a rotating cast of chat regulars and other familiar faces. We are also in talks with Morgan Freeman to do the documentary about the making of the podcast.

Give it a listen, give us some comments, give a little to get a little, give me a break and give generously to charity. Because it's all about love, people.

OUTCAST #1: ROBOTS (46:31)

In this innagural episode of Outcast, we cover introductions, shoutouts, and robots! This week we talk about what to look for in a robot, how much we do and don't care about Megaman, bionic arms, Sucker Punch's first game, a whole lot of 50 Cent action, Ben's embarrassing gaming habits and much much more! Watch us flop around on the first Outcast!


Hosts: Andy (Zwuh), Darik (DJKirsch), Arlo (Bjorn the Unicorn), Ben (OMGWTFBENTIME)

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