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10:57 PM on 12.16.2007

MegaMan 20th anniversary announcment revealed

Yeah!!! Rock On!!! This means NOTHING TO MEEEE

..What?   read

2:06 PM on 12.07.2007

My failure to have fun Ė Part 3 *Conclusion*

So my first few blog posts were about what had happened to my PS3 and the whole ďThey took my 60 gig and gave me a 20Ē thing. So we left off at me having to call Sony and ask them whatís going on and getting a call in a day or two since last time.

So what happened is last week I called the number that was left for me on my machine and it led me to the actual warehouse where they fixed my PS3. Of course by fixed, I mean confuse my 60 gig for the other phased out SKU. So after contacting them in Ontario (where the closest warehouse is) I spoke to them about the problem. They completely understood and said itís because the have trainees in the back fixing these things. I find this fucking stupid. The PS3ís HDD probably being the ONLY thing they physically remove from the system itself would at least mean that they would pay extra attention to if they put the right drive in. I understand that people make mistakes, especially new employees but damn man. Come onÖ

So what ended up happening is I was told to send in my PS3 by mail again. Thatís right, I was told to go to Purolator myself and send the PS3 back to them. Why couldnít I maybe just send the hard drive? Or they send me MY hard drive back and I send them back their 20 gig back. So what did I do? I said fuck it. I ordered a 160 GB hard drive from Yeah thatís right. I got so fed up of all this bullshit with my PS3 that I just didnít send it back. I just ordered the 160 gig hard drive that I was going to order eventually since I heard DivX was coming.

I just wanted to sit down and enjoy my PS3 you know? I wanted to just put all my music and videos on it and re-download all my PSN games and stuff without having to think about ďoh shit Iím just going to end up sending this back in a few daysĒ. It came to a point where I stopped playing games I had just bought all together just because I found it pointless because Iíd have to copy my save file and put it back on a missing 60 GB hard drive that belongs to me. I donít think I made a wrong decision here because this is purely their bad. This is completely not my faultÖ Faulty hardware was the problem in the first place. I just want to sit down and play some damn games without having to think that this hard drive isnít really ďmineĒ since itís going to be gone in a few days.   read

11:43 AM on 12.01.2007

My thoughts on Jim's post about "Moral Kombat", the heaven-sent documentary to make people finally understand that gamers are the new terrorists

Oh what the fuck. Why didn't they use the money they invested to make this movie to rent Mexican prostitutes?

Honestly, though we don't have to go over this again. No one here should be giving their comments on why these games don't actually make us perform terrorist actions. I really laughed out loud watching this. Just ignore it, thereís nothing we can do. The way I see it, is until video games are mainstreamed enough so that people like this have actually played many video games (as they have watched many films), this will never go away. Or until Jack Thompson gets a stroke.

If you havenít for some reason read Sterlingís article, or for some stranger reason havenít been on the front pageÖ hereís the link   read

11:11 PM on 11.29.2007

So thatís why he wasnít on the HotSpot Ė Jeff Gerstmann.. I miss him already

So in regards to Nexís post, I had heard from Dr. Pirate first. He told me this news about the time Kotaku had it up. Although Nexís story was about 10 times more informative, Iíve still been freaking out over this for a little while now.

For those of you that know, The HotSpot is Gamespotís podcast. Not to steal some shine from the Toid podcast, but it was one of, if not, my favorite podcast to listen to. Those guys were hilarious and Jeff being the host had always made the show hilarious. So I listened to it this week and there was no Jeff... I canít remember the last time Jeff wasnít on the Hotspot. But I didnít really question it.

I will admit Jeff has made some decisions for reviews I have never been able to agree with but hey, itís his opinion. Iíve always respected that guy.. Heck I fucking loved him as a journalist. Isnít that what they paid him to do? Give his professional opinion on games? Even if I completely disagreed with him on something, his reviews weíre posted in a very professional way so IMO he was a great reviewer. Wasnít Jeff editor-in-chief since Greg Kasavin left? How could they do that?

Bahh.. I donít know. They didnít mention it at all on the HotSpot but it WAS a dull episode. Iíd love to think what higher ups think about this. Like other people at Gamespot or even IGN. What about Destructoid? What do Destructoidís editors think? Nex?   read

3:12 PM on 11.29.2007

The LEAST next-gen gameplay youíve played and experienced

Weíve all played great next generation gamesÖ I hope. By next-gen of course I mean current gen. Iím actually not too fond of people calling the 360 and PS3 next-gen because itís arguably current gen. I mean 360 especially since itís been out for longer as you all know. My view on it is since itís the second holiday season for all consoles, then this means hardware right now is current gen.

ANYWAYS.. Back to the actual point of the blog post; the least next generation game youíve played. What I mean of coarse is gameplay. Next gen gameplay in my opinion is in games like Gears; Which IMO started the real next gen push. Assassinís Creed is pretty next-gen even if some of you really dislike the game as any with eyes can see. LittleBigPlanet, Mass Effect, Uncharted, MGS4, Super Smash Bros Brawl and Mercenaries 2 (Iím not a fan of the series but I canít deny it looks good) all look to be very good examples of games that house very next generation gameplay. **Comment on any games you think I forgot that have next gen gameplay**

So to the main question: What games have you played that you personally think are just like Xbox or PS2 games with pretty graphics (If That)?

Thereís so many to choose from in this generation.. I really canít choose just one. Hmm.. I see a pattern in publishers for this   read

12:25 PM on 11.28.2007

Hmm, an open beta for Playstation Home

Iím currently on my lunch break at work and I was just thinking about something I heard this morning in IGNís Playsation podcast. Today the podcast had some guys from other IGN teams like the 360 one which is called ďThree Red Lights: I believe. They had said something pretty interesting that I had forgotten. Remember when Sony had said we were supposed to be getting an open beta to home by the end of this year? Yeah, well IGN said weíd we getting it the beginning of next year. Meh..

Honestly Iím pretty eager to start home and make a goofy ass avatar so I can just start checking up on the features it offers, but, since itís going to be a beta/demo, do you think weíll be missing some of the big features like in-game XMB (if there is any). Iím pretty stoked to see the home trophy system since I own a PS3 and find 360ís achievement system really appealing. Still, an open beta in the beginning of next year sounds interesting.   read

10:09 PM on 11.27.2007

Metal Gear Solid 4 canít really being the last Metal Gear.. can it??

Honestly I really canít picture it going. I mean love it or hate it, (I noticed itís either one or the other for 90% of gamers) itís always been a big part of gaming culture like other legendary games. But Kojima and Payton have been saying itís the last one for so long now. Even now, Iím sure there are people high up in the industry who donít believe it. The series is really good but come on letís not lie itís a huge money bank.. Would Konami/Kojima productions let this one go for real? Personally Iíd hate to see it go (as you can tell from my avatar I really like the game) but if Kojima wants it finished.. I guess itís going to be finished.   read

2:32 PM on 11.27.2007

My Failure to Have Fun - - Part 2

So for those of you who read my last post (ready for the shameless plug?); "My Failure to Have Fun - - Dtoid saves the day", you'd know the crazy problem I had with just getting to sit down again with my PS3 and play a damn game. Well, I didn't end up going to work today because I stayed up really late last night and when I woke up I felt like me eyes had just been smothered by a gallon of moisturizing cream..or was that Workman's semen?.. Anyways, you don't want to know what it's like testing a game for 8 hours is when your dead tired and feel like shit.

So about 20 minutes ago I called Sony like I said I was going to do. So a female service rep called "Deloris" actually gets my call this time. Someone who in my opinion sounded like an asshole until she found out I had had a problem a week prior. So after telling her my problem I had been put on hold for a good 5 minutes so she could "research" the problem. When she came back I was ready to give her my information so they can send me what they need to send me. But no. She instead asked when the best time to call me in the next two business days is. Turns out she's going to contact the repair shop and they're going to investigate my problem I told you guys about last post and they'll get back to me.

Well that sucks balls doesn't it.. oh well. All I can think about is a 20GB PS3 stuck in my 60GB PS3's body.. Hey..wait a sec..


10:48 PM on 11.26.2007

My Failure to Have Fun - - Dtoid saves the day

So this would be my first blog post. If theres anything I learned in life, it's that if someone at Dtoid tells you to blog something, you punch your girlfriend in the face, tell her you get off your cock, then write the fucking blog.

Then you tell her to get back on and shut up.

So get this.. Two weeks ago, my poor 60GB PS3 had a problem. I had posted in the comments of Dale's article about 2.00 fucking up PS3s. So I had to send it to Sony and miss out on playing GH3, CoD4, Assassin's Creed and Uncharted.. so if that's not enough to make me kill myself I don't know what is.. So I sent it to Sony's house last Monday (1 week ago). I received it today and was really surprised at how fast the service was. I hook everything up and I'm super fucking eager to pop in Guitar Hero and start rocking out. But first let me restore all my backed up save files, pictures and music on my new PS3 right? WRONG..fuck...Somehow, in a mysterious world where Nintendogs sells as much as it does, my PS3 ended up not coming back with a 60 GB hard drive... My 60GB PS3 (chrome trim and everything) has a 20 GB hard disk inside. I wasn't too thrilled about this as you can imagine. I'd just gone through a lot of trouble to find the time to send in my PS3 and stuff. I work as a full time tester so I'm technically competent so I'm not just freaking out over nothing. So I get it back and have to send it in again? Come on..

I had called Sony for the third time in 2 weeks to basically have a whole conversation with some guy to get my point across. My point, being: double you tee eff. But it just so happened that no reps were available so I go to the next best organization that would solve my problems. Destructoid. Dee-Fucking-Struk-Toid.

What do you guys think?

Oh and by the way, if you guys don't give Workman the fucking warmest happy birthday that even a Filipino hooker with syphilis couldn't give, I'll be really sad. That guy fucking rocks.   read

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