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Ossisk's blog

11:38 AM on 11.06.2008

GOW2, R2, Awesome.

Oh what a wonderful time to be a gamer, the PS3 has Resistance 2, and XBOX360 has Gears of War 2, two fucking great games, albeit some of us are acting like jackasses cause apparently you helped create these consoles and are willing to die for them, if not act like a bitch on some website, nonetheless both of these games are fucking brilliant, I acquired Gears legally, Target doesn’t really give a shit about release dates, that’s not important though.

Resistance 2:
Awesome and Epic as hell. The second you come out of the facility you start in and stare out into the San Francisco bridge and the nearby destruction, you wont even want to move, its just so fucking stunning, similar to leaving vault 101 from Fallout3 (but you know, with aliens and shit) love the fact that some creatures kill you with one hit, in a time were games seem to get easier and easier, Insomniac totally dicks you around by having invisible creatures walk up to you and laugh at you to death. Nice.

Gears of War 2:
Pure fucking badass-ity, I guess if you were to compare these games to movies, Gears2 would be Rambo 2 and Resistance 2 would be Universal Soldier (SHUT UP, those movies were awesome) *spoiler warning: midway through Gears 2 you fight this leviathan, that looks eerily like a creature you fight near the beginning of Resistance 2, called the kraken, they look a lot alike, however before cried WTF is this shit, I couldn’t cause’ you fight both of these bosses completely different, you have to enter one’s mouth and kill it from the inside, while the other you have to dodge its sonic screams. Both similar bosses, approached completely different, completely awesome*

I couldn’t help but to just smile, somewhat similar concepts, “unknown monster army trying to take over the world” released at the same time, now this is real fucking competition, either game could have easily been pushed back, or even bought out *coughEAcough* but no, they decided to just deal their cards and let them fight it out. The ONLY way games are should, try to make the better game.

Fucking Awesome.

What about Wii gamers?????

…..Wii Music…*golf clap*

Also, this is the first thing I have written, been lurking on the site for almost 2 years now, just grown sick of kotaku, instead of looking for one more site to visit, I thought I would just start participating here.   read

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