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Osga21's blog

My thoughts on the announcements by Microsoft at E3
2:45 PM on 06.10.2013
Jamestown: A (very) late and short review
2:25 PM on 02.19.2013
Are we on the verge of a videogame crash?
9:30 AM on 02.11.2013
Control your touch games with a Wiimote!
12:39 PM on 02.09.2013
Microsoft is screwing us over!
1:30 PM on 01.29.2013
To hell with anti-used technology!
3:24 PM on 01.26.2013

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Community Discussion: Blog by Osga21 | Osga21's ProfileDestructoid
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I'm a gamer, male, I come from Portugal (and because of that I may or may not have a poor "engrish").
I love rpgs, and some MOBAs.
I am currently on the 10th grade(that means I'm 15).
I have been gaming for a long time.

Some stuff:

Favorite console: Dreamcast
Favorite game: No idea, I don't think I have a favorite game
Favorite F2P: League of Legends
Favorite Indie: AirMech
Favorite Band: Iron Maiden \m/

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So, I just heard about the major things being announced by Microsoft at E3 and here are my thoughts:

Forza 5- 
They say it is the end of AI, that it will be replaced by players i.e., the game will learn with what the players do. That might be a good thing, but what if the player sucks at that particular game? What if the player is constantly hitting walls or smashing is car? Will the "AI" do the same? This is a minor complaint and the final product most likely won't be like this, but I felt like I need to write this.

New Xbox360- 
No. Just... no. This is a retarded move by Microsoft, why a new Xbox360 now? We already have a redesign of the original Xbox360 which was an actual improvement, since it's slimmer has a lower chance of RRoD etc. But this one... it looks just as big as the redesign, looks like the Xbox One which looks like a VHS player. You see where I'm getting at? This is just a re-skin, a case mod that any hacker could do. Why don't you put some LEDs on it microsoft? This console is just microsoft wanting to cash in. 
 BUT this can be justifiable if there is a significant price drop, because otherwise I don't see this system going anywhere.

Free games
About damn time right? No. You see, Sony is offering 5 free titles to plus subscribers and microsoft is only offering two games. Two games that are tremendously outdated, one beeing almost seven years old and the other 3 years old, both have more than one sequel. Also, even though once you download them the games are yours to keep, unlike ps plus, those two free games a month will only last until the Xbox ONE launch, which will be in November. This means you will be getting a total of 12 games, which is still less than what ps plus will be offering. So, in conclusion, this is, again, just Microsoft grabbing your money.

Xbox One will have Live- 
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Why? Why would you do this? Every other console will have free multiplayer but you! Are you out of your minds. This was perfectly justifiable with the original xbox, was sort of ok with the 360, even though other consoles were offering similar services for free, but with this generation? Are you serious? And they come out saying "oh, your gold will transfer from your 360". Oh really? You mean, that is your plus about this whole thing?
 Fuck you microsoft you are not getting one single penny from me this generation, and here's why:

Price of Xbox One-  
They also announced the prices of the xbox one which will be $499/499€ and 499£.
Are you out of your minds? What about exchange rates? The xbox one in the UK will be almost 200 dollars more expensive than in the U.S.! How is that justifiable? Seriously, tell me why I should pay more for your console just because I don't live in the U.S..
Also, really, 500 for a console? Really, I know the ps3 was expensive at launch, but fuck, no console is worth 500 grand I mean jeez! I think 300 is acceptable for a console, but the right price should be around 250. I could build a pc for 500 that would pack more punch than the puny Xbox One.
I hope you fail Microsoft, I really do, and this is coming from someone who proudly owns a 360(and does not own a ps3 ). I'm sorry, but you screwed up big time this generation and I hope you lose the console war.

P.S.: Even if I wanted to buy an Xbox One, I couldn't afford it, so I'll probably just wait for the PS4, see the pricing and if it's too expensive I'll just buy a Wii U, which right now seems like the best option.

Once upon a time, there was a little destructoider called Osga21 who had a massive backlog. He had the bad habit of buying games on sale and/or humble bundle and never playing them.
One day, a long time ago, he decided to buy the Humble Indie Bundle 6 which came with a lot of games. Our protagonist, played Bit. Trip Runner (one of the games included) for a few hours, and then he got bored (he got bored easily, due to society and stuff like that).
But one day (totally not today) he decided to take a look at the bundles he had previously purchased and one game captured its attention, a game called Jamestown.

After that brief introduction, lets get to the actual review. Jamestown is a bullet hell shooter, a game genre which (arguably) dominated the arcades all through the 80s and the 90s. It is a genre that I love, but is also one that I don't find myself playing a lot, for some odd reason.

Right off the bat, the game presents us with a very and I mean very good soundtrack, that blends really well with the game play, and with the game style overall.
One would think that retro graphics are being overused nowadays (and they are), but this game does it right. It uses a steampunk-ish art style, with marvelous graphics that remind me of the glorious 16-bit era.

The game presents us very well deigned enemies, with the strenghts and weaknesses that you would expect (it shoots you, you die, you shoot it it dies, it's not rocket science). During each of the stages, you will find a great variety of enemies, which are only used on that specific stage. "Mini bosses" (weaker than bosses but with boss like qualities) are also a common find, and are sure to spice the game play and make your life a living hell.

At the end of each stage you will find a boss, usually with a life-bar divided into segments, where in each segment you are able to deplete, the boss changes something about they way it attacks, the enemies it spawns etc. Bosses were you have to target certain parts of its body are also common.

Jamestown also includes a shop, were you can buy game modes and different ships, among other things. The vast majority of the items are very expensive and will require credit farming (repeating the stages over and over).

Difficulty wise, it's a very hard game, if played on the highest difficulty levels, like one would expect, but still manages to present players with some challenge on the lowest difficulty level. Still, it is common for bullet hell shooters to provide such high levels of difficulty.

Jamestown also has a lot of replay value, because it is tough game to master, and credit farming will require you to beat the game several times in order to achieve a completion of the game. However, the story is very short and the main game can be beaten in under an hour.

The game also gives us a 4 player coop mode, in the same computer, which is a feature that is quite rare in recent computer games, so well done Final Form!

But what really stands out in this game is its accessibility. Most games in the same genre are very simple, and this one is no exception, but it far more accessible than other games in the said genre.

Jamestown is available for 9.99$ here: http://finalformgames.com/jamestown/

Photo Photo Photo

Dear Destructoiders, today, I bring you a question: Are we on the verge of another videogame crash?
In my opinion, yes, indeed we are, because if we look back at the causes of the previous crash in '83, we will see that the unfortunate event is repeating right now.

Cause 1:Too many consoles!

We are in the end of a console generation and a new one is begining, but that's not why there are too many platforms. In the past year, how many consoles were announced, or are at least to be announced? Let's count them: Vita,Wii U, OUYA, the PS4, Nvidias Project shield, the Xbox720, the Steam Box, Game Stick, GCW-Zero...
I mean, if that is not an overwhelming amount of consoles that will be competing, then I don't know what overwhelming means.

Cause 2: Competition from home computers

This time, the biggest threats aren't home computers. The biggest threat right now, is mobile gaming, and how it is advancing. We have phones and tablets, cheaper than consoles running games with the same quality. Sure most of those games are puzzle games and basic stuff, but right now we are witnessing a rise in AAA games. Just look for example at Shadowgun, Shadowgun Deathzone, DeadSpace, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, Gta III and Vice City, Max Payne.... And this is only the begining.
However, home computers are still a HUGE threat, because games are cheaper, it's easier to obtain them and computers can do a lot more than consoles, so buying a computer is always more viable than buying a console.

Cause 3: Loss of publishing control

In the last 2-3 years, we have seen the rise of the indies, but is that a good thing? Game quality is no longer assured by big time and trusted game companies. And this will lead us ti the next cause.

Cause 4: Too many games
If we open steam, the play store, the app store, Desura, we see lots and I mean lots of games being released, lots of games available and lots of games flopping. There are just too many games, too many AAA and too many Indies, so the average player, can't keep up with the releases.
And with this, comes the loss of quality in games, some games are being rushed, others are being delayed and others are simply being cancelled, it's a chaos.

Cause 5: World economics

Everyone knows that the world is going through an economical crisis, and that means less money in the consumers wallets to spend on entertainment, especially gaming, which is considered the most expensive type of entertainment. So right there.... Hmm, I don't know if we'll make it through this crisis with games costing 70$

Cause 6: The new generation

The new generation of consoles has promised us better graphics, game play and restrictions. Lots and lots of restrictions. Restrictions to used games, restrictions to how we'll play games.... It's hell, and the consumer will notice this and will eventually, stop buying games and consoles. I like my used games, I like having my console offline all the time, just leave it that way. There is no gain for us, and if there is noi gain for the consumer, that means sales will drop and companies will drop too, like birds in a shooting range.

But the final big question is: Will there be another NES to save us? Only time can tell, but right now, companies like THQ and even Atari, who had survived the previous crash are falling.

Note: I have hopefully corrected all the spelling errors in my text.


We all now that with the introduction of Android and iOS mobile gaming has had a huge breakthrougfh and has come a long way since those puny awful games that came preinstalled in your phone. Today, games on mobile devices like tablets phones and phablets have reached a remarkable amount of detail, comparable to that of the Playstation 2, Dreamcast and Gamecube (last generation). And with big franchises like Mass Effect, Dead Space, Grand Theft Auto and Mas Payne making their way onto the mobile platforms it was only fair that a few games in the FPS genre would do the same.
But oh oh! FPS on touch screens suck, due to the lack of physical buttons, so the gamers were left with awful controls which resulted in bad gameplay. However, and like always, when the public doesn't appreciate the state of something, they will fix it and so they did.

What you need

-A Wii-Mote
-A Wii Classic Controller (anyone will do, I use the golden one that came bundled with goldeneye)
-An Android device with Bluetooth compatibilty (root is not required, preferrably under 4.2)
-Wiimote Controller app (it's free!)
-Some patience

Get started!

-Turn on the bluetooth on your android device
-Plug in the classic controller on the Wiimote
-Open Wiimote Controller and touch the Init and Connect Button
-Press 1 and 2 on the wii controller or the little button next to the batteries
-Wait until it displays something like this: (if this doesn't happen, try again, as many times as needed)

Connect to 1 wiimotes.
Setting LEDs…
Polling button data…

-Touch the Select Wii Controller IME button and choose the WiiController IME (when you're done playing, select the option previously selected, because this will disable the keyboard on the android device and use the wiimote as main input device.)
-Click the 3 dots on the taskbar andselect the 1st controller mappings.
- Map these controlls:

(CC1)Left stick up: D-pad up/XP D-pad up
(CC1)Left stick down: D-pad down/XP D-pad down
(CC1)Left stick Left: D-pad left/XP D-pad left
(CC1)Left stick right: D-pad right/XP D-pad right
(CC1)Right stick up: I
(CC1)Right stick down: K
(CC1)Right stick left: J
(CC1)Right stick right: L
(CC1)R: Number 8
(CC1)L: Number 6
(CC1)Y: Number 7
(CC1)A: A
(CC1)X: Number 3
(CC1)B: Number 1
(CC1)Select/-: Back XPO

- Test it!

A few notes

You can also use a ps3 controller, but you need to buy some wires, and the same goes for the xbox controller. I use the Wiimote because it is way easier to get it to work.

The looking and walking (mostly looking) will not be analog, its almost like using a dpad. Will this is not a big issue, and you will get used to it, it is still there, so I tought I should remind you.

If for some reason this does not work on a game, try screwing around with the mappings.

Games you should try out

Dead Trigger (working)
ShadowGun (working)
Mass Effect Infiltrator (unknown)
Grand Theft Auto (working, but I think uses different mappings)
Dead Space (unknown)
Max Payne (unknown)
Nova (working, but I think uses different mappings)

Note: Shadowgun Deadzone does not work, because iOS users don't have controllers available to them and because Mad Finger felt like this would give android users some advantage, they did not include controller support.

Guide based on this guide

I just finished reading an article about plus point here on destructoid (go read this first http://tinyurl.com/av9mrx8) and I noticed that the writer had touched a vital point. Xbox 360 owners are getting fucked over.
You see, the PS3, the Wii and the WiiU offer online gaming, web browsing, apps like twitter facebook etc. and the Xbox 360 does that too, but it costs money..... and it is a lot worse. I don't see why would Xbox live gold still exist, at least the way it does.

It was ok 10 years ago when the xbox was the only console able to provide a good online multiplayer service (PS2 sucked, Dreamcast was ok), the customers were paying for a good service with their 60 bucks, but bow there is absolutely no reason for that. It is basically scaring customers away, and that shows. Here's what I mean:

I pay 60$ (every year) and I get to:

-Enjoy unlimited online multiplayer with friends wherever they are. (Available on every other console)
-Download and play free game demos. (Available in every other console)
-Enjoy exclusive member deals and previews. (Available in every other console)
-Catch up on movies and TV with Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. (They have these amazing inventions for that, they're called computer and smart tvs. Also tablets and smartphones)
-Watch sports with ESPN, MLB.TV, NBA Game Time and UFC. (Again, I have a TV)
-Listen to personalized music with Xbox Music, iHeartRadio and Last.fm. (Everyone has an mp3 player or a phone)
-Download arcade and full Xbox 360 games. (Available on every other console)
-[Use your phone or tablet as a second screen for an enhanced game and
entertainment experience. (Fuck yeah!, oh, wait... That doesn't serve any pratical purpose)
-Explore the web on your TV with Internet Explorer for Xbox. (I'd rather shove a shovel up my butt than using IE)
-Access your cloud game saves wherever you are. (I can do that without live)
-Use your voice to easily find games, music, movies and TV shows with Kinect. (Why the fuck isn't that free?)

Soooo, where is the gain microsoft? Half of those features are useless and the others are free on other systems. The only real advantage is getting the demos a month sooner, but still, it's a fucking demo, why wouldn't I want to wait a month for a god damn demo? Meanwhile, other services are giving us free games, good web browsing and usefull features.

Microsoft needs to hire a proctologist in order to remove their heads from their own asses, or the Xbox won't make it to the next generation. I mean, I love my system, but I have given up online play a long time ago, one can only play Call of Duty and Halo or so much time, until he gets bored.

However, it still bugs me. Why? Why can't they make online gameplay free? Is it a DRM issue? Is it one of those crazy anti piracy thing microsoft usually does?
Microsoft needs to drop that fee entirely, because otherwise... I don't think Xbox720 is going to have a bright future.
Microsoft needs to leave the sixth generation and move on to the eight, were online is free.

I'm a person. Everyone is, but with that I mean that I ama person that lives in the real world, where everyone has money issues and where every single games costs 70 euros. And, as a real person from the real world, I can't buy all the games I want to play, so I am only left with two options: Either pirate the game which I think is an awful thing to do, but whatever), or I can choose the "lesser" evil, I can borrow games (or buy them in second hand).

"Xbox 720 is supposed to have anti-used technology"

But apparently the people who do not live in the same world as us "regular people" do, with all that bad stuff mentioned before, think it's a great idea to go ahead and stop people from buying used games or borrowing them. Well, here are my thoughts on that matter: Those people don't have a fucking clue what we go through! We have rents to pay, bills, credit cards, scholarships etc. and we can't waste the entirity of our money on entertainment, I mean, what are they thinking? Do they think that a student who receives at best 400 euros per month (that's without taxes) can afford a 70 euro game! Hell no! Games are too expensive, a movie that's just release on DVD will never cost more than 25 euros, never, and you can watch them for (almost) free on tv. Books, if they are fiction, will never have a price above 20. Have you ever seen any movie director, critic, actor, writer or anything saying "Uhh... I think people should not be able to buy our content in scond hand or borrow it because... UuUUhh... we are losing money". Fuck no, because they are swimming in money.
Those people need to get a reality check.