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To hell with anti-used technology!

by Osga21   //   3:24 PM on 01.26.2013

I'm a person. Everyone is, but with that I mean that I ama person that lives in the real world, where everyone has money issues and where every single games costs 70 euros. And, as a real person from the real world, I can't buy all the games I want to play, so I am only left with two options: Either pirate the game which I think is an awful thing to do, but whatever), or I can choose the "lesser" evil, I can borrow games (or buy them in second hand).

"Xbox 720 is supposed to have anti-used technology"

But apparently the people who do not live in the same world as us "regular people" do, with all that bad stuff mentioned before, think it's a great idea to go ahead and stop people from buying used games or borrowing them. Well, here are my thoughts on that matter: Those people don't have a fucking clue what we go through! We have rents to pay, bills, credit cards, scholarships etc. and we can't waste the entirity of our money on entertainment, I mean, what are they thinking? Do they think that a student who receives at best 400 euros per month (that's without taxes) can afford a 70 euro game! Hell no! Games are too expensive, a movie that's just release on DVD will never cost more than 25 euros, never, and you can watch them for (almost) free on tv. Books, if they are fiction, will never have a price above 20. Have you ever seen any movie director, critic, actor, writer or anything saying "Uhh... I think people should not be able to buy our content in scond hand or borrow it because... UuUUhh... we are losing money". Fuck no, because they are swimming in money.
Those people need to get a reality check.



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