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Society escape goat

by Osga21   //   1:27 PM on 01.12.2013

It seems like gaming is the most hated form of entertainment nowadays, it is almost like gaming is the escape goat to all of societys issus. Wait a minute! That's because it is!
Every single disaster is beeing blamed on gaming. In the last year only, gaming was blamed for the Dark Night shooting, every school shooting and now gaming causes CANCER.
What? What kind of doctor would say such a thing?! Also, how is gaming causing cancer and specifically what kind of cancer. It appears that the editors at the Mirror just wanted to blame something on gaming because their mean of entertainment is weaker. What they should be doing is creating interesting and relevant content, so that they can regain popularity, but no, of course they won't do that, instead they are going to attack us with lies, only ridicularizing themselves. It's sad. It really is.
But wait, I haven't yet referenced the best part, here it comes: They have abso-fucking-lutely no evidence whatsoever. TADAA! It's like a cherry on top of a pile of shit. Those guys should ashamed, in fact the WHOLE media should be ashamed of themselves. They are whats wrong with the world, they are the ones who feed the violent behavior!

A man escaping on a goat: An escape goat.

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