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Osga21 avatar 2:45 PM on 06.10.2013  (server time)
My thoughts on the announcements by Microsoft at E3

So, I just heard about the major things being announced by Microsoft at E3 and here are my thoughts:

Forza 5-
They say it is the end of AI, that it will be replaced by players i.e., the game will learn with what the players do. That might be a good thing, but what if the player sucks at that particular game? What if the player is constantly hitting walls or smashing is car? Will the "AI" do the same? This is a minor complaint and the final product most likely won't be like this, but I felt like I need to write this.

New Xbox360-
No. Just... no. This is a retarded move by Microsoft, why a new Xbox360 now? We already have a redesign of the original Xbox360 which was an actual improvement, since it's slimmer has a lower chance of RRoD etc. But this one... it looks just as big as the redesign, looks like the Xbox One which looks like a VHS player. You see where I'm getting at? This is just a re-skin, a case mod that any hacker could do. Why don't you put some LEDs on it microsoft? This console is just microsoft wanting to cash in.
BUT this can be justifiable if there is a significant price drop, because otherwise I don't see this system going anywhere.

Free games-
About damn time right? No. You see, Sony is offering 5 free titles to plus subscribers and microsoft is only offering two games. Two games that are tremendously outdated, one beeing almost seven years old and the other 3 years old, both have more than one sequel. Also, even though once you download them the games are yours to keep, unlike ps plus, those two free games a month will only last until the Xbox ONE launch, which will be in November. This means you will be getting a total of 12 games, which is still less than what ps plus will be offering. So, in conclusion, this is, again, just Microsoft grabbing your money.

Xbox One will have Live-
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Why? Why would you do this? Every other console will have free multiplayer but you! Are you out of your minds. This was perfectly justifiable with the original xbox, was sort of ok with the 360, even though other consoles were offering similar services for free, but with this generation? Are you serious? And they come out saying "oh, your gold will transfer from your 360". Oh really? You mean, that is your plus about this whole thing?
Fuck you microsoft you are not getting one single penny from me this generation, and here's why:

Price of Xbox One-
They also announced the prices of the xbox one which will be $499/499 and 499.
Are you out of your minds? What about exchange rates? The xbox one in the UK will be almost 200 dollars more expensive than in the U.S.! How is that justifiable? Seriously, tell me why I should pay more for your console just because I don't live in the U.S..
Also, really, 500 for a console? Really, I know the ps3 was expensive at launch, but fuck, no console is worth 500 grand I mean jeez! I think 300 is acceptable for a console, but the right price should be around 250. I could build a pc for 500 that would pack more punch than the puny Xbox One.
I hope you fail Microsoft, I really do, and this is coming from someone who proudly owns a 360(and does not own a ps3 ). I'm sorry, but you screwed up big time this generation and I hope you lose the console war.

P.S.: Even if I wanted to buy an Xbox One, I couldn't afford it, so I'll probably just wait for the PS4, see the pricing and if it's too expensive I'll just buy a Wii U, which right now seems like the best option.

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