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Osga21 avatar 1:30 PM on 01.29.2013  (server time)
Microsoft is screwing us over!

I just finished reading an article about plus point here on destructoid (go read this first and I noticed that the writer had touched a vital point. Xbox 360 owners are getting fucked over.
You see, the PS3, the Wii and the WiiU offer online gaming, web browsing, apps like twitter facebook etc. and the Xbox 360 does that too, but it costs money..... and it is a lot worse. I don't see why would Xbox live gold still exist, at least the way it does.

It was ok 10 years ago when the xbox was the only console able to provide a good online multiplayer service (PS2 sucked, Dreamcast was ok), the customers were paying for a good service with their 60 bucks, but bow there is absolutely no reason for that. It is basically scaring customers away, and that shows. Here's what I mean:

I pay 60$ (every year) and I get to:

-Enjoy unlimited online multiplayer with friends wherever they are. (Available on every other console)
-Download and play free game demos. (Available in every other console)
-Enjoy exclusive member deals and previews. (Available in every other console)
-Catch up on movies and TV with Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. (They have these amazing inventions for that, they're called computer and smart tvs. Also tablets and smartphones)
-Watch sports with ESPN, MLB.TV, NBA Game Time and UFC. (Again, I have a TV)
-Listen to personalized music with Xbox Music, iHeartRadio and (Everyone has an mp3 player or a phone)
-Download arcade and full Xbox 360 games. (Available on every other console)
-[Use your phone or tablet as a second screen for an enhanced game and
entertainment experience. (Fuck yeah!, oh, wait... That doesn't serve any pratical purpose)
-Explore the web on your TV with Internet Explorer for Xbox. (I'd rather shove a shovel up my butt than using IE)
-Access your cloud game saves wherever you are. (I can do that without live)
-Use your voice to easily find games, music, movies and TV shows with Kinect. (Why the fuck isn't that free?)

Soooo, where is the gain microsoft? Half of those features are useless and the others are free on other systems. The only real advantage is getting the demos a month sooner, but still, it's a fucking demo, why wouldn't I want to wait a month for a god damn demo? Meanwhile, other services are giving us free games, good web browsing and usefull features.

Microsoft needs to hire a proctologist in order to remove their heads from their own asses, or the Xbox won't make it to the next generation. I mean, I love my system, but I have given up online play a long time ago, one can only play Call of Duty and Halo or so much time, until he gets bored.

However, it still bugs me. Why? Why can't they make online gameplay free? Is it a DRM issue? Is it one of those crazy anti piracy thing microsoft usually does?
Microsoft needs to drop that fee entirely, because otherwise... I don't think Xbox720 is going to have a bright future.
Microsoft needs to leave the sixth generation and move on to the eight, were online is free.

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