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Jamestown: A (very) late and short review

by Osga21   //   2:25 PM on 02.19.2013

Once upon a time, there was a little destructoider called Osga21 who had a massive backlog. He had the bad habit of buying games on sale and/or humble bundle and never playing them.
One day, a long time ago, he decided to buy the Humble Indie Bundle 6 which came with a lot of games. Our protagonist, played Bit. Trip Runner (one of the games included) for a few hours, and then he got bored (he got bored easily, due to society and stuff like that).
But one day (totally not today) he decided to take a look at the bundles he had previously purchased and one game captured its attention, a game called Jamestown.

After that brief introduction, lets get to the actual review. Jamestown is a bullet hell shooter, a game genre which (arguably) dominated the arcades all through the 80s and the 90s. It is a genre that I love, but is also one that I don't find myself playing a lot, for some odd reason.

Right off the bat, the game presents us with a very and I mean very good soundtrack, that blends really well with the game play, and with the game style overall.
One would think that retro graphics are being overused nowadays (and they are), but this game does it right. It uses a steampunk-ish art style, with marvelous graphics that remind me of the glorious 16-bit era.

The game presents us very well deigned enemies, with the strenghts and weaknesses that you would expect (it shoots you, you die, you shoot it it dies, it's not rocket science). During each of the stages, you will find a great variety of enemies, which are only used on that specific stage. "Mini bosses" (weaker than bosses but with boss like qualities) are also a common find, and are sure to spice the game play and make your life a living hell.

At the end of each stage you will find a boss, usually with a life-bar divided into segments, where in each segment you are able to deplete, the boss changes something about they way it attacks, the enemies it spawns etc. Bosses were you have to target certain parts of its body are also common.

Jamestown also includes a shop, were you can buy game modes and different ships, among other things. The vast majority of the items are very expensive and will require credit farming (repeating the stages over and over).

Difficulty wise, it's a very hard game, if played on the highest difficulty levels, like one would expect, but still manages to present players with some challenge on the lowest difficulty level. Still, it is common for bullet hell shooters to provide such high levels of difficulty.

Jamestown also has a lot of replay value, because it is tough game to master, and credit farming will require you to beat the game several times in order to achieve a completion of the game. However, the story is very short and the main game can be beaten in under an hour.

The game also gives us a 4 player coop mode, in the same computer, which is a feature that is quite rare in recent computer games, so well done Final Form!

But what really stands out in this game is its accessibility. Most games in the same genre are very simple, and this one is no exception, but it far more accessible than other games in the said genre.

Jamestown is available for 9.99$ here: http://finalformgames.com/jamestown/

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