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Osga21 avatar 9:30 AM on 02.11.2013  (server time)
Are we on the verge of a videogame crash?

Dear Destructoiders, today, I bring you a question: Are we on the verge of another videogame crash?
In my opinion, yes, indeed we are, because if we look back at the causes of the previous crash in '83, we will see that the unfortunate event is repeating right now.

Cause 1:Too many consoles!

We are in the end of a console generation and a new one is begining, but that's not why there are too many platforms. In the past year, how many consoles were announced, or are at least to be announced? Let's count them: Vita,Wii U, OUYA, the PS4, Nvidias Project shield, the Xbox720, the Steam Box, Game Stick, GCW-Zero...
I mean, if that is not an overwhelming amount of consoles that will be competing, then I don't know what overwhelming means.

Cause 2: Competition from home computers

This time, the biggest threats aren't home computers. The biggest threat right now, is mobile gaming, and how it is advancing. We have phones and tablets, cheaper than consoles running games with the same quality. Sure most of those games are puzzle games and basic stuff, but right now we are witnessing a rise in AAA games. Just look for example at Shadowgun, Shadowgun Deathzone, DeadSpace, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, Gta III and Vice City, Max Payne.... And this is only the begining.
However, home computers are still a HUGE threat, because games are cheaper, it's easier to obtain them and computers can do a lot more than consoles, so buying a computer is always more viable than buying a console.

Cause 3: Loss of publishing control

In the last 2-3 years, we have seen the rise of the indies, but is that a good thing? Game quality is no longer assured by big time and trusted game companies. And this will lead us ti the next cause.

Cause 4: Too many games
If we open steam, the play store, the app store, Desura, we see lots and I mean lots of games being released, lots of games available and lots of games flopping. There are just too many games, too many AAA and too many Indies, so the average player, can't keep up with the releases.
And with this, comes the loss of quality in games, some games are being rushed, others are being delayed and others are simply being cancelled, it's a chaos.

Cause 5: World economics

Everyone knows that the world is going through an economical crisis, and that means less money in the consumers wallets to spend on entertainment, especially gaming, which is considered the most expensive type of entertainment. So right there.... Hmm, I don't know if we'll make it through this crisis with games costing 70$

Cause 6: The new generation

The new generation of consoles has promised us better graphics, game play and restrictions. Lots and lots of restrictions. Restrictions to used games, restrictions to how we'll play games.... It's hell, and the consumer will notice this and will eventually, stop buying games and consoles. I like my used games, I like having my console offline all the time, just leave it that way. There is no gain for us, and if there is noi gain for the consumer, that means sales will drop and companies will drop too, like birds in a shooting range.

But the final big question is: Will there be another NES to save us? Only time can tell, but right now, companies like THQ and even Atari, who had survived the previous crash are falling.

Note: I have hopefully corrected all the spelling errors in my text.

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