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Osga21 avatar 4:07 PM on 01.12.2013  (server time)
A piece of Valve.

You guys know valve right? That sweet corporation that brought us games like counter.strike, left for dead and (hopefully) Half-Life 3.
Yu know what they also made? Steam, one of (if not) the best digital game distribuiton platform, and it is succesful too. I mean, I'm an average gamer but according to steam calculator I have 600$ invested on my account (even though many were Humble Bundles that people offered me for 1cent and many many steam sales).
But the main point here is that ever since all the big companies noticed the succes of steam, they have been wanting a piece of it. In the last few years we got Origin, Uplay etc., just to name a few. And they are GOD awful. It is a pain having to install all this shit everytime I want to play a game. Why can't they just put their games on steam? Why do they have to be better than the others. The reason steam is so good is because it was once SHIT. I remember hating steam, but it was because of that that they are so good now, they learned from their mistakes over the years. The newer programs probably will too, but they will never be as good as steam. It is not clever to only have your game available on your platform(I know, valve does the same, but they are kind of neutral). In my opinion there should only exist a maximum of 2 digital distribuitors per platform, 1 for basically everything ans one indie exclusive (on the pc the best one is Desura).

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