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Hello I am Oscarno and welcome to a rad Video Game Music blog on Destructoid!

I'm way into Video Game Music, and with these blog posts, I hope to provide an investigation into and discussion about Video Game Music and how music affects video games as a creative medium.

I write weekly, usually posting on Thursdays. Most weeks will be OST Case Studies, looking a the music of a particular game and pulling it apart to find why it works so well. Sometimes, however, I'll just post a shorter opinion post or perhaps an article looking into other areas of Video Game Music.

If you wanna talk to me or follow me on Twitter ,you can.(but tbh it's pretty boring)

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As you may know, Iíve been writing OST Case Studies and general game music editorials here for about 2 months now. Weíve covered stuff from sonically focussed games such as Fract OSC and Proteus to games such as Bastion and 2013ís Sim City. There are still so many games on my list to cover and many topics to talk about but I really wanted to hear from you guys, what are the best sounding games?

I want you to really dig deep here and think about any game youíve played that really jumps out at you because of itís sound. Iím talking any game, Arcade games, handheld games, mobile games, console games, retro games, indie games, flash games, Triple A games, ABSOLUTELY ANY GAME!!!

There are so many games with great sound and music out there and I canít possibly begin to cover them all but Iíd love to hear what games you guys believe either have outstanding sound, or push the boundaries of video game music. Iíd love to talk with you guys about them and heck, Iíll probably end up doing some OST Case Studies on some of them down the line!†

Also a quick thank you for reading my stuff if you have been, Iím extremely genuinely grateful to anyone and everyone in the greater Destructoid community you guys are fantastic! (seriously though you rock my socks)

So let us know and discuss in the comments! There are no wrong answers, only great games!

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