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12:30 AM on 07.21.2012

Idea: Comic Characters All Stars 2D Fighter?

I had this idea and decided to pursue it in thought.

A 2D fighter with a roster consisting of characters from across the comics and graphic novel worlds.

Imagine Spiderman fighting Bane

John Constantine versus The Darkness

Joe the Barbarian against Invincible

Its certainly a licensing and logistics nightmare, but to be honest I'm just curious if anyone here has had a similar idea or if you simply think its neat.

Some things I thought of immediately:

John Constantine, The Darkness, and Joe the Barbarian are mid-range fighters. Special moves fill parts of the screen or control movement.

Constantine with spells and ritual circle traps

The Darkness with tendrils and his minions

Joe with his companions (Read the book its amazing)

Spiderman is his usual light and fast in-fighter

Bane and Invincible are heavy hitting bruisers. Bane is very Hugo like in play and Invincible is more like Alex (I guess we're sticking with Street Fighter 3 examples for them)

Think of more examples? I'd love to read them.   read

3:28 PM on 06.02.2009

Are we Done Being Impressed by Sandbox Games?

Sandbox titles such as InFamous, Prototype and almost every recent Spider-Man game have been on the rise as of late and boy are developers putting their e-peens out there with them.

While holding many pros to offer gaming enthusiasts there is much left to be desired that most of these titles do not deliver on. Yes, the rendering of a city in exquisite detail is a wonderful thing, but it does not warrant the boasting of creating an integrating experience. After all, in a city full of buildings, let's not forget that things do occur INSIDE those buildings. More often than not, sandbox title now means that the player is trapped in an outdoor prison. Left to spend hours traversing the same city-scape and rooftops to only stare longingly at a door where you wish there were a room behind.

I'm not saying these buildings need to ALL be interactive and fully rendered indoors, but how about some missions that occur in a building. Not even procedurally generated, but made to have a short load time and work within the story.

Think about the possibilities of playing as Cole from inFamous with a stealth mechanic inside of a wrecked office building, or better yet as Spider-Man. Even the PS1 titles of Spidey had a little stealth work in there and had both outdoor and indoor play. Sure it wasn't as free as a sandbox title, but think about what they could do now if they would forgo a little bit of that openness?

Just something to think about.   read

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