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LaserRot #4: Time Gal

4. TIME GAL(Taito - 1985)The year 2015 sure sounds like it's "The Future" (Despite SNK always assuring me previously that the future "is now") but as I peer out the windows chez orochileona I see that old sci-fi movies and 19...


LaserRot #3: Who Shot Johnny Rock?

American Laser Games, easily one of the most fantastically titled companies since time began, was a small studio based in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Y'know, that place that Bugs Bunny should have made a left turn at?) and was f...


LaserRot #2: Freedom Fighter

(Apologies for picture quality, 80's Laserdisc mpegs, doncha' know?)2. FREEDOM FIGHTER(Millenium Games - 1986)One of the biggest problems facing eager developers, keen to leap on the laserdisc bandwagon, was that beautiful an...


LaserRot #1: Badlands

Welcome brothers and sisters. I had originally planned to write a series based on my time living in a turn of the century French bordello, but my memories of it are shady at best. So I have decided to make a slight detour int...


Fanart: Plastic Fantastic

I'm quite ill.I had something lined up for today, but I'm in a state, my head is full of nasty goo and just isn't functioning.Seriously, my bedroom looks like Splatoon.Instead, I thought I'd share with you all some of my...


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