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Orn8's blog

8:34 PM on 08.31.2007

Nerds & Poetry

Today I realize just how much of a geek/nerd I really am. "When and how?", you ask impatiently. Well I already answered the first question and right here at the rickety card table that my computer is precariously perched upon. I was clutching my notebook and scrawling something in it. Then I stopped to think for a second about what to write next, before looking down and actually analyzing what I was writing. It was a sonnet...about Nintendo. I'm still not exactly sure what had driven me to do this but I stopped to figure out some good rhymes about Metroid. Then I realized that I was writing a freaking sonnet...about freaking Nintendo. What is wrong with me!? Of course, I won't be posting it because its as sloppily written as this very blog post. That is all   read

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