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Origim avatar 10:33 PM on 02.18.2008  (server time)
Expanding the FPS Universe. (JT Free Post)

There have been a lot of FPS games released in the last few years and a good number of them have been set in WWII. So it comes as no surprise that gamers really donít want to see more games set in that war. Itís been rumored that Treyarch will be producing another COD title in that era and itís hard to understand why when they have so many other unexplored directions they could go.

The first one that comes to mind would be the Korean War. Itís got all the elements needed for a decent game if developers are willing to do their homework. It took place in the cold war era and involved enough countries to draw stories from. The weapons used where pretty much the same as in most WWII FPS games so they wouldnít have to do to much work there. Levelís or missions could take place at the landings at Inchon to the Pusan perimeter to the fight at the chosin reservoir and ending with the seesaw fights around the 38th parallel where the war ended with an armistice agreement. To my mind its one of the most overlooked platforms for an FPS and could be made into a good game.

Vietnam is another one which EA and Dice tried but in all honesty failed miserably with. Itís similar to the Korean War in that itís the U.S. with allies fighting the communists over a divided country. The weapons are more modern which might appeal more to gamers and there are plenty of historical battles and campaignís to set the game in. Dice touched on some of them in BFV so developers have a good starting point. While Vietnam shares similarities to Korea itís still different enough to make a well researched game possible.

Really the possibilities are limitless when it comes to a setting and story for a good FPS.
A hypothetical WWIII FPS would be another good direction to head in. Either set it in the 60ís with U.S. , Britain ET all Vs. the U.S.S.R or with a little bit of imagination I could see a good U.S. and friends Vs. China and North Korea. All it takes is using a little creativity and developers can break the mold of going back to WWII to trot out another tired and pointless FPS. Just look at the few Iíve outlined and that hasnít even scratched the surface of whatís possible.

So Treyarch or any other developer out there who is thinking about foisting another tired WWII FPS please for the love of robotís donít. Just use a little creativity and imagination in your next FPS offering and I promise you gamers will buy it.

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