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9:51 AM on 02.28.2008

California Games law still floating around.

According to Gamepolitics California is trying to bring back the 2005 video games bill in the court of appeals. For those of you who don't remember this is Leland Yee's bill that was declared unconstitutional late last year. Media Coalition has filled an amicus brief on behalf of its member's in opposition of the appeal.

"The Media Coalition membersí amicus brief in the appeal argues that the stateís claim is contrary to all U.S. Supreme Court and Courts Of Appeal precedent and could lead to a wide array of mainstream books, magazines, movies, videos, recordings, and other material with violent content becoming subject to regulation.

Additionally, the brief argues that the terms used to define a ďviolent video gameĒ are unconstitutionally vague and the labeling requirement is unconstitutional compelled speech and a content-based requirement."

This bill was bad news in 2005 when Governor Schwarzenegger signed it into law and it needs to stay dead. I have no idea how California thinks its going to get anywhere with this appeal but I am glad that the Media Coalition is standing up for the industry in court. As a resident of California, it tells me my state government is at some point in the future going to try something along the lines of the 2005 bill again. As long as Yee is in office the states gamers have a fair amount of reason to be concerned.

Source: GamePolitics   read

10:33 PM on 02.18.2008

Expanding the FPS Universe. (JT Free Post)

There have been a lot of FPS games released in the last few years and a good number of them have been set in WWII. So it comes as no surprise that gamers really donít want to see more games set in that war. Itís been rumored that Treyarch will be producing another COD title in that era and itís hard to understand why when they have so many other unexplored directions they could go.

The first one that comes to mind would be the Korean War. Itís got all the elements needed for a decent game if developers are willing to do their homework. It took place in the cold war era and involved enough countries to draw stories from. The weapons used where pretty much the same as in most WWII FPS games so they wouldnít have to do to much work there. Levelís or missions could take place at the landings at Inchon to the Pusan perimeter to the fight at the chosin reservoir and ending with the seesaw fights around the 38th parallel where the war ended with an armistice agreement. To my mind its one of the most overlooked platforms for an FPS and could be made into a good game.

Vietnam is another one which EA and Dice tried but in all honesty failed miserably with. Itís similar to the Korean War in that itís the U.S. with allies fighting the communists over a divided country. The weapons are more modern which might appeal more to gamers and there are plenty of historical battles and campaignís to set the game in. Dice touched on some of them in BFV so developers have a good starting point. While Vietnam shares similarities to Korea itís still different enough to make a well researched game possible.

Really the possibilities are limitless when it comes to a setting and story for a good FPS.
A hypothetical WWIII FPS would be another good direction to head in. Either set it in the 60ís with U.S. , Britain ET all Vs. the U.S.S.R or with a little bit of imagination I could see a good U.S. and friends Vs. China and North Korea. All it takes is using a little creativity and developers can break the mold of going back to WWII to trot out another tired and pointless FPS. Just look at the few Iíve outlined and that hasnít even scratched the surface of whatís possible.

So Treyarch or any other developer out there who is thinking about foisting another tired WWII FPS please for the love of robotís donít. Just use a little creativity and imagination in your next FPS offering and I promise you gamers will buy it.   read

10:46 AM on 02.16.2008

New Mexico TV/video game tax dies.

GamePolitics is reporting that an attempt to Tax T.V. and video games has died in committe. Basically The bill if passed would have placed a 1% surcharge on T.V.'s and video games and the procceds would have went to outdoor education.

"The measure had been backed by a broad coalition of groups, led by the Sierra Club. The fund would have helped pay for outdoor education throughout the state. The tax would have been the first of its kind in the nationÖ

Critics complained they shouldnít have to foot the bill for parents who donít know how to raise their children." *

While this proposed tax was on electronic devices it would have pissed me off if it had been on car tires. Any form of government in this country that attempts to limit my freedom by taxing a behavior they deem bad needs to be bitch slapped by reanimated versions of the founding fathers. I am really glad the New Mexican legislatures had the balls to see this for what it was and kill it quickly.

* CopyPasta obviously but for some reason the BBcode was being a bitch about bolding shit this morning.   read

10:12 AM on 02.15.2008

Pissing and Moaning (WWOT)

Warning wall of text ahead, if you donít have the attention span to read through more than 700 words then avoid this post at all costs. If on the other hand youíre the adventurous type than by all means read away.

I was reading Gameboi's post on Cliffy B and I noticed some things in the comments that really irk the shit out of me. One was the whole Console vs. PC debate and the other was the PCís are to fucking expensive to maintain silliness. Both of these topics really make me wonder about gamers and just what their really into gaming for.

First off we have which platform is better for gaming. Truly this is a stupid argument as Iíve always held the notion itís about playing video games and not the machines we do it on. If itís not the 360 vs. the PS3 then itís those two against the Wii or all three of them against the PC. It doesnít fucking matter at all, they all play games and thatís what gamers do play video games. This constant bickering over what system we should be playing them on and how much it costís is just retarded. If you prefer one then go with it and be fucking happy. That doesnít mean you canít proclaim your love for your system of choice just donít bore me to tears with why itís superior over the other ones. While that specific argument never boiled to the surface in the post that has set me off I could see it brewing. All it was going to take was one dumb ass trying to prove his internet coolness and it was going to be on.

The next one is all about these graphics whores I see running around the net these days. This cropped up in the post in the form of bitching about high end video card prices. I have seen countless times where some dip shit is complaining about how game X will only run at 57.5323 frames per second and not the optimum 60 fps. My response to that is so fucking what. If youíre that much of an art lover that 2.4677 difference in frame rate between what you get and maxed bothers you that much then go to the fucking Louvre and stare at the Mona Lisa all day. There comes a point where being anal about shit like that ruins any enjoyment you where going to get out of the game anyway. Granted choppy slow fps sucks but even a middle of the road card can handle all games decently. So the argument of needing a top of the line video card to enjoy gaming on a PC is bull shit. Itís not the rest of the worldís problem if youíre a snobby bastard.

The last one is the fallacy that computers are to expensive to maintain. Actually I want to wander into a tangent that kind of ties into this somewhat. I see a metric shit ton of people wandering around explaining how they build their own PCís and would never buy one. Well good for you I suppose you want a cookie as a reward for such a stunning achievement. Fact of the matter is if you give me a monkey a screw driver and the necessary parts I could teach the fucking monkey to build a computer. Itís not fucking rocket science people but some of you sure seem to act like it is. It also appears some people want to perpetuate this myth that PCís are so expensive to upgrade and maintain. If your smart and schedule your upgrades correctly costs shouldnít be that much of an issue except for possibly the mobo and the processor. Iíve had my current system about 9 months or so and coming up I plan on adding a little more memory. Later this year I may add another whopping hard drive to store all my midget porn. Towards the end of the year I will probably pop for a video card. Spaced out like that and doing the upgrades before its absolutely necessary will spread the overall cost out in such a fashion that even a poor bastard like me can afford it. Thatís not to say the PC gaming is the most economical choice going but itís possible even on a budget if your hell bent on staying a PC gamer. Once again though it depends on how much of an elitist ass you are. If you just canít live without the high end video card or the largest dual core processor possible then of course itís going to be outrageously expensive. That doesnít mean sane people canít get a decent PC that will run all the current games at a decent pace for an affordable price. My current rig is no where near alien ware capabilities and it runs Bioshock extremely well at decent settings. I will never be convinced that even a game as beautiful as that would have been better if I had a $7000 dollar rig.

Iím not aiming this at any one person itís just the overall attitude when discussing PC gamin that pisses me off. I know no matter what I say the bitching and arguing will continue and thatís really sad in a way. Because as was stated before it shouldnít matter what platform you play games on. What should matter is how much fun youíre having playing the games and that type of enjoyment shouldnít come with a min/max requirement.   read

9:04 PM on 01.22.2008

Answering the Critics? (long)

The video game industry has finally matured enough and become main stream enough that it is currently being attacked by every pundit and ultra moralist looking for a wind mill to tilt. Itís no surprise really considering television, movies and music have all gone through the same battle. The problem is a lot of gamers and gaming pundits advocate ignoring these misinformed fools in a vain hope that they and the rest of the anti gaming crowd will wither and die if we donít pay any attention to them.

I can think of one prime example that makes that attitude dangerous and possibly harmful to the gaming industry. For those of you to young to remember I present for your viewing pleasure the PMRC. The Parents Music Resource Center was a group founded by Tipper Gore, Susan Baker, Pam Howar and Sally Nevius in 1985 and their goal was to censor and rate music. They felt that a lot of music was glorifying violence, sex, drugs and alcohol and it was harmful to the youth of the country. Eventually the whole fight ended up in front of congress and in the end the RIAA chose to voluntarily label music with warning stickers. While being forced to label music wasnít the best of out comes if the RIAA and artists themselves had chose to ignore the PMRC the outcome could have been vastly different.

I was 11 years old when the PMRC made the RIAA tap out in front of congress and because I had parents who cared my music purchases where monitored for the next few years. The PMRC never intended to reach parents who donít care what their kids do. Their audience all along was the concerned and caring parents of the world. In that respect they had a small victory against the music business but never attained there ultimate goal of music censorship because the RIAA chose to fight. The case can be that the gaming industry finds itself in much the same situation. Concerned parents still exist and they are a very formidable group. If pundits, groups and media outlets reach this audience with a bunch of misinformation and propaganda the gaming industry is screwed. It wonít be long until we see a rise of another PMRC type group only this time they wonít settle for labels and ratings like the PMRC did. They will want out right banning of video games and this is why these pundits must be brought to task for attempting to spread misinformation to their audience. By doing this we can make them think twice about using video games as a vehicle to fame and fortune. The trick is to respond to these attacks in an intelligent fashion which will is the only way the community will be taken seriously.

Threats of violence and necrophilia on the author of something we disagree with was hilarious in 1997 it just isnít going to cut it in 2008. Its time the gaming community and the industry they support start putting thought and care into how we respond to attacks and critics otherwise we will forever be viewed as basement dwelling mouth breathers. Making intelligent and constructive arguments for gaming will help us shed this reputation but we must do far more than just answer our critics. Because answering the critics is great and all but if we donít trumpet the positive aspects of gaming nobody else will. In my mind doing both of these will be the last steps in making gaming as much a part of the mainstream as music or movies. The critics will still exist but they will be forced to make more intelligent attacks on the industry or suffer the consequences.

Ultimately one thing is certain, the mindless attack on the gaming community are just too juicy a target for our critics to pass up. If we ignore them they will continue until they reach their goals of seriously doing damage if not outright killing video games as we know them today. That may sound a bit alarmist but it wasnít long ago they wouldnít show Elvis from the waste down on television due to his swiveling hips so itís not that much of a stretch. To my mind itís also the reason we need to answer them every time they decide attack the gaming community.   read

6:09 PM on 12.28.2007

Xbox 360 Help Needed Please!!!!!!

Normally I can solve most of my electronics related problems all by myself but this one has me stumped and pissed. I bought a 360 this morning and was going to use it with my PC monitor. I bought all the proper adaptors to do so and it was actually fairly easy. The problem is I have no bloody sound. I tried hooking into the jack on the speakers and about every combo I could find on my mother boards on board sound chip and I get nothing. According to the reading I did on the net I should have sound and yet I get fucking nothing. It's driving me nuts as I want to play fucking COD4 and cant unless I play as the worlds first completely deaf solider. Any help the community here can give me would be greatly appreciated. My computers OS is Vista with onboard sound.   read

9:41 AM on 12.23.2007

Tales From The Short Bus (random bitching)

There have been a lot of little grips swirling around in my brain for a while now and Iím going to puke them onto the page and see where it goes from there. Iíll apologize in advance if you get any on you.

First off I love the whining that has corresponded with the latest offering from Team Roomba. Seems nothing ever changes in the FPS world as griefing is still popular and so it people bitching about it. Speaking of which why is fucking with people referred to as griefing? It has to be the gayest term for screwing with gamers ever. I for one think itís gay as hell and perhaps we need to hold a contest to come up with a better term. Why not just call it fucking with people and be done with it. I could see the abbreviation FWP catching on just like TK (team killing) or SW (spawn whore) did. Doing shit like this is also a way for server owners on the PC side to come up with something creative and funny to punish these guys if you need to. I recall playing on a server back during the original COD that had this skin of Cartman as he appeared in the Special Olympics episode. If you acted like a retard you got stuck with that skin for a certain amount of time. They also worked it so that you ran about as fast and had all the skill level that Cartman would. So for the length of your punishment you became cannon fodder. It was hilarious to watch and it cut down on the amount of dumb asses on the server.

My second issue is with fan boys and just straight out of the ass bias. My specific example would be the pile of steaming poo that is Sony Defense Force. really donít care that the site exists I just really donít understand the point. Sites proclaiming rapid almost psycho like love for a particular console or game is fine but the fact that they run down other companyís products is the confusing part. Personally I think the guys that run the site are so collectively butt hurt over the PS3 less than stellar debut and game catalogue that they just need to lash out. Lashing out at Sony would cause to much mental damage so they trash everyone elseís products. I know there are other sites like this out there this one just happens to have popped on to my radar lately. Maybe Iíll start a site called Fan Boy Defense Force that advocates birth control being placed in Mountain Dew and fast food.

The last one is more of a memorial than a bitch fest. Some time between Dec 26 and the first part of 2008 I will be purchasing an Xbox360. While this fact is quite trivial to 95% of the gaming world itís kind of a milestone for me. Since 1990 or so I have gamed on PCís and so making the transition has been a tough choice. I will always love the PC and never forget the hours and hours of fun itís provided but its time for a change. So if you see me crop up on XBL in the next few weeks be gentle as for the first time in years Iíll truly be a noob.   read

10:39 PM on 12.16.2007

My Two Cents (platforms Games)

Platform style games are normally last on the list of games I want to play. Anything from Mario to The Tomb Raider series fall into this genre in my mind. Part of the problem is no patience on the playerís part. Itís hard to say if itís the jumping insane chasms or having to collect 97 dingle berries before meeting a mind numbingly difficult boss that just drive my blood pressure through the roof. Iíd take a 12 hour run through an RPG or slaughtering idiots online in an FPS over platforms any day. Lately with the goodness that is Game Tap I have been venturing a little more into platform games and the rage that normally accompanies playing them has warped into some insane obsession with beating the damn things.

The rage usually starts when I have to run the same jumping sequence over and over and it appears that the game is quite picky about how itís done. If youíre not hanging just at the edge of the ledge youíre suspended from you miss the next ledge. If youíre sitting at 22.5 degrees on the vertical pole you just scaled like a monkey and the game expects you to be at 22.3 degrees then your fucked my friend. Itís probably going to take 5 attempts or a degree in geometry to figure this shit out. Most of the time after three or four of these ass raping sequences I throw a tantrum that would make a three year old blush and never play the game again. Which, sucks because I hate quitting anything and these games routinely make me tap out like a bitch. That wouldnít be so bad if my massive failure didnít ride around in my brain for weeks afterwards.

So I downloaded Game Tap and the first title snagged was Blood Rayne. This one annoyed me and yet the obsession of beating the bastard was too much to make me quit. Yet it didnít dawn on me until I started playing Tomb Raider Legend just how warped my view on these games was becoming. Playing it would cause a stroke inducing blood rage and yet 30 minutes later I would be right back at it until I finally beat the bastard on hard tonight. Medically getting this worked up over a video game probably isnít healthy and yet I feel rather proud to be able to finish them instead of quitting like usual. No matter how much I grow to love them though, I still wonít play anything with the word Hitman in the title.   read

12:28 AM on 12.11.2007

My Two Cents (Wii)

It seems that some hardcore gamers arenít too happy with Nintendoís latest offering the Wii. Some of this is due to the system being less powerful than its two competitors systems. The fact that it requires 12 digit friend codes to connect with other players online has been another common complaint. The systems lack of horse power has kept game makers away from it to a certain extent so this leads to their being less block buster titles for the system. All of this is well known and has been debated all over the internet and yet hardcore gamers miss one simple fact time and time again. The Wii wasnít designed solely for the snarky cynical gamer crowd.

This is also a well known fact as Nintendo stated from pretty much day one that they wanted to broaden their demographic with this system. You need look no further than the advertising for the Wii. Most of the T.V. ads show whole families playing the damn thing, from Mom and Dad to the kids and even grandma gets in on the act. It was a smart move on Nintendoís part as there was no way they could compete with the monster systems that Sony and Microsoft had produced and they saw ruin in that route so they marketed more towards kids and families. It seems to be working as their keeping just ahead of the Xbox360 in sales and their just slaughtering Sony. In purely scientific terms this means their selling an ass load of Wiiís. If the internet griping is any indication there arenít as many of them going to hardcore gamers as say the 360 or PS3.

All of this has seemed to leave some of Nintendoís most ardent defenders feeling betrayed. You know them, the ones who have owned and loved every previous Nintendo system. Now they spend their time alternating between shitting on the Wii every chance they get and professing as much virtual love as possible to the system they bought instead. Makes you wonder how much of this hate is drawn from these gamerís childhood memories of days they shared with their SNES or GBís while hidden in a fort made out of couch cushions. Itís more probable than most people think. A good chunk of the current generation of gamers cut their teeth on the big Nís consoles and itís hard to come to terms with the realization that theyíve out grown their childhood friendís idea of fun. Sure the goodness of titles like Mario Galaxy have kept some of this very jaded group on board but itís a safe bet that many more jumped ship even if they wont admit it. Even more wonít admit to their Nintendo hate being based on the age old itís cool to hate them theory.

Some people are voicing the opinion that Wii fad will soon end and the sales numbers will lag. More than likely if sales do see a decline a price drop on the system will pick them right back up again as Nintendo isnít run by stupid people. Even if Wii numbers drop off Nintendo has done exactly what they set out to do. By broadening their demographic beyond the 15 to 30 year old range they have ensured that each console after the Wii will survive and flourish no matter how much anti fan boyís slag them. They have found a niche market that so many companies strive for. There isnít a damn thing wrong with that. Itís ruffled some feathers on the Hardcore gamer front but in the end Nintendo has hit one out of the park with the Wii no matter what the haters may say.   read

2:19 PM on 12.08.2007

My Two Cents (PC For Life?)

You know itís kind of sickening to be a PC gamer these days. Many of my Brethren have become screaming assholes when it comes to people choosing consoles over the PC. I am actually shocked that some dumb shits still consider consoles nothing more than kidís toys as that just ridiculous. What most of these fools fail to realize is they more than likely started on a console. I know I did as my first actually gaming device that I owned was an Atari2600 console. It was when I got a commodore 64 that I became a PC gamer.

From there I went to an Amiga and then to Microsoft based PCís. As I progressed I slowly taught myself how to build and maintain the bastards from soup to nuts and I just stayed with them. Thing is consoles have made huge leaps since the original Nintendo systems came out and I am to the point I want one and yet I still hesitate at the prospect of plunking down 400-600 bucks for one of the current systems. Part of it has to due with I canít work on them like I can my PC. I also donít really like the idea of paying to play on the internet. Itís why I refuse to play games like WOW, its bad enough I have to give 50-60 bucks per title let alone more money to play the stupid things.

The other side of the coin is although the initial cost of most consoles systems is pretty high, their still cheaper than decent PCís and donít require upgrading. I figure most of the current systems are good to go for the next 5 or 6 years before they develop new ones. My PC on the other hand will probably need a small up grade at the end of next year. So that would be some savings if I bought a console although not near as much as some of the anti PC crowd would love for you to think. My current rig cost me 900 bucks shipped to me from Dell. While it isnít a top of the line gaming monster, it is more than capable of handling games like Bioshock, COD4 and the Orange Box. You can probably add another 300 bucks to that cost to upgrade my rig slightly and have a damn good system for the next couple of years. The consoleís still are a better value, but this myth that it requires 2500 or more to have a competent PC rig is just stupid.

What it comes down to is games and people to play them with. Most of my buddies have consoles and they canít afford even the minimum cost to maintain a PC like I do. Enough of the titles I want to play on PC are also on consoles so I wouldnít lose anything there. Combine that with plenty of friends to blow up shit with and I think I will finally submit to the console world and get an Xbox360 in early 08. Hey I may be starting a new chapter in my gaming history but that doesnít mean I canít still be Microsoftís bitch.   read

9:53 PM on 12.05.2007

My Two Cents (gamespot mess)

some links if you have been living under a rock for the last week.;picks;title;4

So now that Cnet/Gamespot has come out with their side of the story on why they fired Jeff Gerstmann I thought I would pick apart the bones of the whole issue and see if I as a humble gamer can make any sense of the mess.

First thing we as gamers heard was Jeff had been fired for giving Kane&Lynch a less than stellar review. This made some sense as the whole site was skinned with the games advertising. Couple that with the immediate yanking of both the text and video review of the game. This caused the gaming community to explode with rage over what was seen as Gamespot caving to advertiser pressure.

Fast forward to Monday and we had a very pathetic excuse post from the Cnet that didnít appease anyone. The community was still on fire and people where bailing on Gamespot in hordes. Yesterday some of the senior Editors for the spot posted a pod cast that attempted to explain what happened to Jeff and why we as gamers should still trust them for honest reviews. The overall rage of gamers was cooled by the audio but it still was just a band aid being applied to a pumping artery.

Today the Editorial crew made a post with more detail on why Jeff was fired and while parts of it made sense there was still the feeling that they could have explained themselves even better. Itís understood that theyíre working within the constraints of NDAís, California state laws and possible a man with a pistol say ďjust post what we wrote and maybe your family wont be shotĒ. Ok so I made that last part up but listening to the audio yesterday that thought crossed my mind once or twice.

All of this paraphrasing leads us to my personal opinion as a simple gamer thatís followed the debacle. It appears Cnet corporate didnít realize the type of audience they where dealing with. Gamers as a group are one of the most vocal consumer groups around. If Cnet had been smart they would have figured out a way to explain this mess late day one or day two at the latest. I believe the other editors at the spot that they didnít have clue about this decision. Corporations make decisions like this constantly without warning the part of the company itís going to effect.

The Skinning of the site with Kane&Lynch adverts are a coincidence that as Gamespot has said they where bought weeks in advance and I believe them. The reviews I could personally go either way on. The video review wasnít the quality of other video reviews I have seen on the site so its yanking is just another coincidence. The part I donít buy is on the Text review. If the games score, achievements and demerits werenít altered why screw with the text. It doesnít make sense to me and alas smells a bit fishy.

If you boil all the down you get the most pertinent piece of information I have heard all week. Jeff was fired due to an internal review by management. In most cases if youíre under an internal review you have managed to piss someone off big time. Who he pissed off and why we will never know. If the timing of this firing is any indication I would have to guess it was game makers. They have admitted Edios wasnít pleased with the review and maybe that was the final straw. Cnet couldnít tolerate having him around anymore due to his review style and the accompanied complaintís from game companies. I know this much, there is no way Edios alone caused this firing by itself. If the company involved was EA or Actiblizzard maybe but freaking Edios isnít even capable of making a decent game let alone a decent threat. This of course now leads gamers to wonder if they can trust the reviews they read on Gamespot or anywhere else for that matter. My advice would be to continue reading applying a pinch or a pound of salt as needed.   read

8:19 PM on 12.02.2007

My Two Cents (FPS Bitching)

I love playing FPS games online they can be an absolute blast if you find a good group to play with. Problem is I have a disease that precludes me from become part of a good group. Iíve had this dreaded affliction since MOHAA and my gaming life has never been the same since. My malady is known as Ilovesnipingdumbasses or in laymanís terms I prefer to play as a sniper. No matter what I do I canít seem to make people understand its not my fault that I get such glee from blowing peoples heads apart at long distances, Iím just wired that way.

Problem is most of my fellow gamers really hate snipers. They hate it almost as much as the dreaded shotgun and it makes my life miserable. Typically I can last a night maybe two on most servers before I am asked to leave and the fucked up part is I donít spawn camp. Right there is part of the reason people like me have gotten such a horrid rep, some jack off just has to get that .50 cal and sit looking right down on the enemies spawn point. Now even I have to admit if I could only get 2 maybe 3 steps before getting fragged it would piss me off too.

Thing is I donít play like that and I prefer my prey to be unaware and paying attention to something else. My tactic is to find an out of the way corner where I can view the path between teams spawns. That way my target gets complacent after having made it quite a ways from his base and only then will I make his melon into a canoe. I had people so frustrated one night in Desert Combat that I had 4 tanks and a chopper surrounding the building I was using. I mean come now fucking tanks and choppers just for one poor little sniper? Christ I really must have made them mad. Best part was I made a mad dash out the door and managed to give the fucking tank goons the slip.

As always happens that's when the whining started on vent. Ban that fucker heís cheating or quit being a sniper you dick. I less than politely told them either they needed to get better at beating me or just mod the damn sniper guns off the server. Sadly they didnít do either, the next night when I showed up one of the servers owner politely asked me to leave or he was going to ban me. I understood his dilemma, as I had slaughtered two of his spray and pray golden boys repeatedly the night before. So once again like a desert Bedouin I searched for a new home.

Actually that was just before I cut back on gaming and I havenít played a FPS online since. My love of sniping had nothing to do with that, life just got in the way for a while and I havenít felt like dealing with it lately. Thing is I will be getting a 360 soon and then I will return and sniping once more. For those who hate people like me I would like you to remember two things. First, the guns are in the games so Iím going to use them until enough whining takes place to get them removed. Second, would you kindly stick your head out a wee bit more, thanks that will do nicely.   read

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