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If you love it, change it: WarioWare

For those of you unfortunate enough to have never played a WarioWare game, a quick summary. WarioWare takes the concept of the minigame to its logical conclusion - the microgame, in which the player is thrown into all manner ...


The Guardian: You Should Play GTA4

The Guardian is fast becoming the most pro-gaming newspaper on the planet. Today, Catherine Bennett writes I'm game for Grand Theft Auto. You should be too. She makes the excellent point that Grand Theft Auto is probably the ...


Gamers vs. politicians: gamers win

A great article by Richard Bartle (co-creator of the first MUD) on the Guardian website today on why gamers have won and politicians should just stop fighting. A choice quote: "Half the UK population has grown up playing com...


Psychonauts 2 - coming soon?

This image has appeared on the Double Fine projects page, right below the recently announced Brütal Legend. Could it be that a sequel to the critically acclaimed but commercially failed game is in the works? To be honest, I...


Redesigning the Wiimote

These guys have suggested quite a nifty redesign for the Wiimote, for playing games like Metroid: Now, being a filthy Brit I haven't yet had the good fortune to play Metroid (damn you Nintendo of Europe) but I would still ...


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