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German Blogger, writing the series "The worst thing about censorship is ███████ " (go check it out!) since I like to write about that topic and am invested in it a whole lot. Also writes some other stuff sometimes. Likes to listen to very strange bands and has the ultimate goal in life to taste every soft drink there is at least once.
Pure Gonzo - and while I thank god for Jim Sterling sometimes, I thank god for Hunter S. Thompson every day.

I'm a bastard. Don't trust me. Always keep asking, don let yourself get fed bullshit - not even by me.

I like good games. Yes, that's quite general, but I don't really like confining myself to certain genres. I like interesting approaches, invention and creativity. But I can enjoy a straight-up shooter as much as a "Bastion". It just has to be done well and appeal to me on some level.

Want to know anything else? Just leave a comment under a blog or write a message. Same goes for corrections (please), as English isn't my native language and thus isn't nearly perfect.

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Salida dear readers,
my name is Jim aka "OpiumHerz" and as some of you may already guess by that nickname: I am german. With the blog series "The worst thing about censorship is ███████ " I want to simply give you a little insight in videogame censorship, which is still pretty much alive and kicking here in Germany (but I won't restrict myself to Germany exclusively). I started this blog in 2013 and consider this series to be now in Season 2. Fuck yeah! After getting frontpage-famous I'll continue to take stuff from my colleagues at Schnittberichte and recycle that stuff for your enjoyment.

This episode is about: Left 4 Dead 2

Unlike with Left 4 Dead, the sequel got only one censored version in Germany. This time the banhammer hit harder than before though. L4D got indexed on list B but german justice went full retard on the second part. In February of 2010 the US version of the game got confiscated (the UK version follow in March 2013 - because logic!).
No I know that L4D2 is censored in Australia too, I don't know however to which extend. It MIGHT be that the version is identical, it might be that it is not. I don't have a comparison for it at hand so I can't really say too much about it.

First thing that got hit in Germany was the cover again. The ripped off thumb got retouched for Germany.

There is also an alternative version for the UK. Because the island dwellers don't know how to use their middle fingers properly showing middle- and index-finger like the cover does is an insult. So it got changed for obvious reasons.

The first thing that got hit pretty hard was the intro. It's a mixture of missing scenes (Ellis shoots the zombie a hole in his head, Rochelle slams an axe into a Zombie's face, the Smoker's tongue gets sawn off) and the removal of gore and bloods. Basically everything too explicit was removed or edited, meaning the Zombie apocalypse is a pretty clean thing in Germany.


As for the game itself, it got scrubbed too. First off every kind of splatter effect was completely removed. Flying legs, parts of meat being shot out of the Zombies bodies, heads being cut off - all that is completely gone. Event the ripped apart, bloody post-explosion Boomer body was completely removed. There is also a sort of special death animation where the Zombie in question is loosing part of it's colon. This animation was removed too. Same goes for the burning animation. Instead of dying painfully in the flames the Zombies pretty much just drop dead instantly.

Blood is still in the game when you hit enemies, but that's it. There are no blood splatters on the walls or the ground anymore. Blood from decorative corpses has been colored black. The survivors have been compeltely cleaned. They don't get any sort of wounds anymore, even when another player shoots at them. There are no blood splatters on the screen anymore when you hit an enemy at close range and also the melee weapons don't get covered in blood anymore.

Last but not least corpses dissolve pretty much instantly again. This means the corpse ragdoll is also out of the window.

That's it for this time. check in again next week when the big Christmas Giveaway will start. You can get games for freel. Lots of them.

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Salida dear readers,
my name is Jim aka "OpiumHerz" and as some of you may already guess by that nickname: I am german. With the blog series "The worst thing about censorship is ███████ " I want to simply give you a little insight in videogame censorship, which is still pretty much alive and kicking here in Germany (but I won't restrict myself to Germany exclusively). I started this blog in 2013 and consider this series to be now in Season 2. Fuck yeah! After getting frontpage-famous I'll continue to take stuff from my colleagues at Schnittberichte and recycle that stuff for your enjoyment.

This episode is about: Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead was one of those games that didn't have it easy in Germany. Being literally a bloody good time it was announced early the game would arrive censored in Germany. For some strange reason the X-Box 360 Version and the PC version were censored differently, even though they were both rated with the same rating (18+ - yes, even in the censored version). The game got indexed on the so called B List, means the board that indexed the game saw a juristical relevance here and stated the game would glorify violence, making it a candidate to get confiscated.

The first and most obvious censorship hit the cover. The ripped of thumb was a bit too much and so the thumb was added back. The same censorship hit the japanese version by the way.

Japan also has another censored version of the cover where the wound is covered by a white splash.

Now on to the game the intro sequence was the first thing getting hit. Of course the iconic hand is censored here too.
That aside, the intro got treated pretty good. There were only four parts censored: the corpse of a Boomer got removed, a Zombie is allowed to keep it's head and two blood splatters were cut out/lessened.

The X360 version is a different beast. The hand got censored here too, but overall the censorship was far more drastic here. Walls were scrubbed clean, blood got completely removed (for example by coloring it black so it falls together with the surrounding shadows) or colored green. Welcome back to the 90s.

Now the game got censored differently too. In the PC version the Zombies still do bleed like normal. For the X360 version the blood got colored green and was slightly reduced. In both versions corpses disappear pretty fast instead of staying on the ground.

When you shoot a survivor in the PC version it also still bleeds, but the wound on the character model is missing.

When you shoot a survivor in the X360 version the wound is missing too, but the blood was also colored black. Shooting a decoration corpse on the X360 version was also changed so it only yields black splatters. Also generally blood splatters that are there for decoration on walls etc. were colored black too.

What was completely removed was blood splattering on walls. When you shoot an enemy close to a wall a blood decal will show. This was completely removed in the german X360 version, but is still there in the german PC version.
Also completely removed were of course the splatter effects. If you hoped to see flying limbs in any german version you were naive. Every kind of limb removal or head splattering was taken out completely. Blood splattering on the camera, which happens when you kill an enemy close by, was removed too.

Just like with the players the Special Infected don't show any blood on their bodies when you hit them. Also the Hunter got cleaned up too. Usually it is covered in blood after it attacked a survivor. In both german versions he remains "clean" after an attack.

Fire effects were also hit by the censorship bus. When enemies are set ablaze they waddle around a bit and die (except the Special Infected of course, which can keep attacking even when burning). In the german versions the enemies just don't catch fire. They take damage like normal and even move like they are burning. It looks like they're having a stroke before they die.

And last but not least any ragdoll effects are gone in both versions too.

Overall the german versions got butchered pretty hard. Right next to it's sequel Left 4 Dead is one of the most censored games in recent times and it's somewhat surprising Valve went the extra mile here. Usually companies these days decide to just not release the game instead. The question which way is better is up to debate. This level of censorship was unacceptable to me however. I want blood and gore in my Zombie settings, it just belongs together for me and I can't imagine "clean" Zombies. It's just part of the fun.

Salida and until next time

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you know what I love? I love me some good Coop games. I just love to play Coop. The best of both worlds is Team against Team, like Team Fortress, Magic the Gathering 2on2 or Left 4 Dead 2. Given that I also like somewhat realistic setting, the both Payday games made me cream my pants. So I pre-ordered Payday 2 when it released and after 40 hours I stopped playing. The game had become stale. Promised features were missing, overall it felt like a DOWNGRADE from part 1 at that point. My friend and I mastered the hardest difficulty, we had filled our nine item slots for everything... we were just done with the game.

Now I gotten back into it and holy fucking hell, Overkill really went all out with patching this thing up to snuff. Safehouse Customization is still missing, but here is what they added since I last played:
- a new Skill Tree
- an endgame Skill Tree for Lvl 100 players
- another new Skill Tree is to be released soon
- 7 (!!!) new Heists, most of them free if I'm not missing something (and even if you don't have a DLC you can still JOIN the games for the DLC if somebody else hosts the game - so you can basically try it out very easily before buying)
- collectibles in the levels that will unlock weapon mods and masks if collected enough
- revamped the Skill Trees
- one new Character (Keanu Reeves - I shit you not)
- new masks (of course)
- Grenades
- revamped the difficulty levels and added a new one (Death Wish)
- new enemies
- added a tool for modding (sadly not in the extend I would love to see it - we need a level editor!)
- new armors
- new weapons
- melee weapons
- revamped XP/money earning

So you see, there has been A LOT added to the game. Actually enough to get me into it again, I'm really hyped for it at the moment.

Still, there is stuff I would like to see added. If not in this one, maybe in the next one. Overkill, here are my ideas.

The world is against me - it wouldn't be fair otherwise.

Idea: PvP

Think of it as a Kane & Lynch 2 style of thing, because say what you want, the MP idea this thing had was great. You could betray your allies. In K&L2 you had a bunch of robbers who had to fight through a level to escape, but you could betray your allies, kill them, and take their loot. Imagine this as an Option (!) for Payday. You are able to kill your partners in crime and get more loot, but so can they. This will cause a very tense, very fragile alliance and could do for some absolutely great mindgames.
Make it optional when the host starts his game, so you can easily filter out games with or without this, if you want to.

Idea: Team vs Team

Imagine this: you and your crew are robbing a bank. And suddenly, bam, another crew shows up. They are after the same thing you are. A second car is parked on the other side of a map for them. It would be basically a bit like Dark Souls MP. You have three parties and everyone is an enemy to each other. You have two teams of robbers, but you also have the cops who will attack them all the same. Again, this could make from some crazy shootouts and I always like fighting against humans, because their behavior is far less predictable than any AI. If you manage to fend off the invaders you also get an experiences/money bonus. Maybe you could even include something like a danger mode, where the reward is higher - but if you die, an enemy can steal your mask. You would literally risk losing a rare mask (you might have to balance it out though, so people with ultra rare masks don't invade with just the Standard Ones you wouldn't be able to lose - so it should maybe recognize "Hey, there are two people with rare dropping masks, so your team needs at least two members with those too or you can't invade").
Again: make it simply optional make a game invadeable or  not.

I didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose me.

Idea: Cops vs. Robbers

It's as simple as Left 4 Dead: let players take control of Cops. I really don't know what else to say, just copy Left 4 Dead for fuck's sake. They perfected that shit pretty much.

Idea: Enemy Scaling

Let the server host scale how many of any enemy type will spawn during the match. So if someone wants a shootout with like 100 Bulldozers over the course of the game - hey, let them have it. Of course money and experience should scale expectingly, but if I just want to rob a bank with fat city policemen but like 500 of them - why not? It shouldn't be that hard to pull this off and would be a neat option.


Idea: Level Editor

No more words needed. Fuck if it'll be complicated, fans WILL figure it out and be able to create some GREAT stuff. It's what will keep your game alive for a longer time. Again, look at Left 4 Dead 2!

So come on Overkill, make a good game an outstanding one. You can do it. 

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2:17 PM on 10.16.2014

Alright, so this news popped up on the FP just about now. Telling us how gross and fucked up the game is (sorry, how "f*cked up" it is - mom might be reading, after all) didn't stop anyone from posting the news, it was oh so offensive and not okay and the moral soapbox was getting larger with every sentence. As a little note here: I like to read editorials, but I dislike when the headline already shoves down an opinion down my throat. I read editorials for opinions, not news. I'm an adult, I decide for myself what is "fucked up" and what's "not okay". The german censors already treat me like a baby. Okay? Cool.

But you know what? No. That game, HATRED, IS okay.

First off: we already commited multiple genocides in dozens of games. And aside from Spec Ops: The Line, most don't try to make you feel bad over it. How many times have we already run amok in Grand Theft Auto and just killed cops, hookers and civlians alike to let god sort them out? I'm pretty sure we all did that already. And we had fun. We did tried to reach the maximum stars, we did the Kill Frenzies - we did it all. We slaughtered them like cattle and not a second was wasted on how "fucked up" that is (except by Jack Thompson and his peers). This game seems to be that, only in condensed form. Postal 1 wasn't anything else but a "running amok and killing people"-simulator. It had basically no story and you just went around killing people. Postal 2 was again not much else, under a sloppy guise of satire (and you know what, I'm fine with satire). "It's satire" doesn't change the fact that you put a fucking cat, asshole first, on the barrel of your assault rifle and then mowed over a dozen peaceful protestants or mall goers.

Pop pop pop, watch motherfuckers drop

Now people might argue that context is important. But really, what content was there in GTA? Oh, right, you play basically the almost worst kind of criminal every time. In the older GTAs you even didn't have a real story, just getting mysterious phone calls and doing the bidding of strangers. Someone tells you "Go kill that chump" and you go and kill that chump. In Postal you were simply running amok. Again: games like Spec Ops: The Line are very rare, as they give a lot of context and development.
You can even spin this though further, going into most shooters, and see that you are rarely more than a glorified walking genocide. Unless you completely ignore action games, we already are virtual mass murderers and we had mostly fun becoming them. Trying to swing the big moral flag NOW seems a bit hypocritic. Having stuff in games that would be highly questionable in regarsd to real life ethics is something that has always been done.

Remembering Postal 1 leads me to the next point: apparently it doesn't even do anything new. All we get to see is some bloody finishers. Really, that's it? It's not RapeLay. The main character doesn't shoot a pregnant woman in the stomach to watch the unborn child well out of the wound. The original Evil Dead movie had more explicit gore in it than this trailer so far. Of course, you don't have to like the Gore genre or bloody/gory games, but saying something is "not okay" just because of that is treating into the topic of censorship. And I think we all know how I think about that.
The only thing this games does so far is that it's upfront and puts the player in the shoes of someone who isn't even slightly a good guy. Even the ethical dubious characters like the GTA "heroes" had some scenes in them to redeem themselves to the player - be it by their actions or by humour. This game is upfront. You're a maniac who is sick of life and goes out to get shot down during his rampage. That's it. It's an unusual attempt, that is certain. But being this upfront is another thing that the game shouldn't be ACCUSED with. 

Remember Postal 1? Where you only went out and murdered stuff dead? A lot?

And last but not least, lest we forget: games are art. Art may offend you. Art may even insult you. It's allowed to do that because it is Art. But it's important to fathom all the borders and even overstepping them. That is what development needs. Nothing was EVER achieved but just sitting with your thumbs up your ass in your little comfort zone. If some people want to create something just to shit on the political correctness, then that is as fine as it is with people not liking it. I think it might have come at a better time, but that is a different topic.
The thing is: this game won't take anything away from you. Stupid gory action movies are a staple of the cinema for ages already. Stupid bloody action games were tried to held back often, but they are coming and they will become a staple too. Just as much as excessive, dialogue heavy RPGs or deep Strategy games. And if anything especially the outlets should encourage the creation of a game. Let the gamers decide after release if they accept it or not. It's basically our equivalent to natural selection. But you know what's not okay? Trying to rile people up like this from the get go.

The only thing I'm going to agree with is that I'm embarrassed over this - but not over the existence of the game. 


As a closing line: art is varied, that what makes it lively and valuable. Variation is trump. You might not like the result and that is fine too. But that doesn't mean the step of creation should not be undertaken. Creative endeavor is pretty much always worth the effort, because it helps to develop the medium. And that's not only okay, that's what we need. Because otherwise the artform will stagnate, and that will mean it will die. And nobody would want games dead, right? The game is okay. You liking the game is okay. You not liking the game is okay. You not wanting to play a bad guy withtout the context of a GTA is okay.

We will all be okay.

That said: if you really WANT to put yourself on Jack Thompson level, by all means, it's your right. But I think you're wrong here then.

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Salida dear readers,
my name is Jim aka "OpiumHerz" and as some of you may already guess by that nickname: I am german. With the blog series "The worst thing about censorship is ███████ " I want to simply give you a little insight in videogame censorship, which is still pretty much alive and kicking here in Germany (but I won't restrict myself to Germany exclusively). I started this blog in 2013 and consider this series to be now in Season 2. Fuck yeah! After getting frontpage-famous I'll continue to take stuff from my colleagues at Schnittberichte and recycle that stuff for your enjoyment.

This episode is about Turning Point: Pokemon

Alright, as an intro for this: this isn't completely video game related. But since it's all Pokemon, I consider it all VGR. I will go through multiple things here and there might be easily enough content for a second entry. But because I let this one slide for far too long now, sorry guys, I will make this one a bit longer.

The Pokemon manga was very clearly censored. As manga are sometimes, this one was a bit too sexy for the west. Jesse's brests were clearly reduced in size and Misty's outfit was also made a good bit less skimpy. In general the manga had quite some erotic undertones in it that really can't be found in the anime series or games we all know and love. It also shows clearly the target audience was a different one than intended in the US. There were also some slight violence censorships done.
Sometimes pictures like this were edited, as seen below. In some instances however it sufficed to move speech bubbles over characters or something like that. It somewhat changes the overall tone of the series and thus is the kind of censorship that can hardly be overlooked, if you want to get the original experiences.


The Pokemon anime got censored in multiple instances too. One of the most well known episode was episode 38, called Computer Warrior Porygon. This episode had some flickering scenes in them which were animated in a way that they would cause epileptic seizures, nausea and other symptoms. It was basically a strobe light kids were staring into. I even remember this making it to national news here in Germany. Shit was quite big.
There exists actually an edited version of this, which was apparently even bought by the US publisher 4kids entertainment and even dubbed. But because the Japanese basically banned the episode it was completely scrapped.

Now of course 4kids took it on them to protect our youth from the vile Japanese people. In episode 18 called Beauty and the beach all female characters enter a beauty pageant. James from Team Rocket gets inflatable so he can also compete. This is used for comedic effect and of course the prude murricans didn't find it funny. The episode was skipped. Later when WB picked the series up they dubbed the episode and presented it as a "lost episode", which was of course total bullshit. This episode was knowingly skipped. The episode was also apparently just shown once on US TV and not on the DVDs. Apparently the US version was edited too.

There were also some "cultural fixes" done. Some things were apparently far too japanese for the US market and people feared kids' heads would explode when they see people eating rice balls. So, guess what happened?

Then there is also the Pokemon trading card game. Yes, the card game was censored too. There were apparently A LOT of changes in regards to content from the japanese originals. Unfortunately I don't speak japanese, so I have to believe that and focus on the pictures here.
One of the most known changes is about the Pokemon Jynx. Their skin color was changed from black to deep purple, most likely she was dangerously close to being a blackface, even though it's assumed to be unintended. It garnered enough attention to get an own article in the magazine Black World Today - which I have no idea of if it's a big deal or not. However, people were offended, people cried, and Jynx was edited.


The Grimer card was also a subject of censorship. Poor sob can't even look up in the US card anymore. Well, the possibly underage schoolgirl might come into play here too.

Misty was again censored too. Her card, where she is basically nude (even though nothing is explicit here) got a completely new picture.

Oh, and can you imagine what was the problem here? Of course it can only be assumed, but the fact that Sabrina's hand looks like she is slightly giving the finger in the original might have been problematic.

Now let's talk about the games a bit. There, of course, isn't really much to censor here. But wait, what is this? A censored sprite? Correctly. The Registeel sprite in Diamond/Pearl was changed for the european release. It had an outstretched arm which looked basically like the Hitler greeting. Suffice it to say that was kinda problematic over here. Nowadays the censored sprite has become the worldwide standard for Registeel.

Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsiver were censored all outside of Japan too. The problem here was gambling. While the japanese version has slot machines, the rest of the world got a card game called Voltorb Flip. The irony here is: while you can SOMEWHAT estimate where the right cards are in this game, it's basically still a game where luck is required and thus can be considered still gambling.

Comparison of the original slot machines:

With the Voltorb Flip game:

The slot machines were also removed in the Platin version of the game, by the way. This time, however, they were completely cut out of the EU version. You can't earn coins anymore by playing, but you find a random amount every day. The amount you find is random and between 5 and 20 coins. The kicker about this is the prices of the prizes you can get for said coins. The cheapest item is already 1000 coins (this means you have to find the maximum amount of coins 50 days  in a row to get the cheapest item), the most expensive one is 20.000 coins! You do the math on that one.

That's it for today. Covered quite some ground here. There is still a lot more to cover. You can google yourself: there are dozens of censorship articles out there about Pokemon articles. Cards, episodes, mangas, games - we're not done with this series yet and I'm sure I'll revisit it at some point later again.

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Salida dear readers,

yes, yes, I know, still no new censorship blog. Shit I'm busy at the moment. I'll try my best to make it on Monday. As a little preview: It'll be about mah Pokemanz.


But now for something really grave and serious. Guys, this is it. The ultimate list of ALL the evil conspiracies that have ever been and ever will be happening in the gaming industry. People need to know this!


Advertister conspiracy
Websites get actually paid by advertisers if people see the ads. This is clearly work against a free, ad-free Internet and to the inconvenience of the enduser. #themoreyouknow


Paid games conspiracy
There is an undisclosed number of people paying for games. It's still not entirely known why these people pay for what is available for free on the Internet, but following the money here shows it goes through shops, which take their share, directly to the publishers. I'm still not sure who is profiting from this in the long run, but there is DEFINITELY something up. #themoreyouknow


Andy Dixon's dick conspiracy
Andy Dixon has a dick. So did every president of the United States. I don't think I have to say anything else. #themoreyouknow


Journalism conspiracy
There is a large group of people who earn money by writing about games. Not games they created themselves, but games of other people. They're practically riding along on the creativity of other people. #themoreyouknow


Consumption conspiracy
On more than one occasion people from different parts of the industry have come together to consume food or drinks in a rather private, leisure way. What do they talk about? What do they plan? How are they steering the future of a whole industry? Nobody knows. Because, of course, they try to keep it secret and don't post a log or a video on Twitter or something like that. If you can't see something happening there, you're just a sheep. #themoreyouknow


The Milo Yiannopoulospiracy
It has been proven that Milo Yiannopoulus, a guy nobody heard or talked about prior to a few weeks, has said ""Personally, I don't understand grown men wasting their lives playing computer games. It seems a bit sad to me.". This was a huge slip up, proving that he is in fact just an alternative personality of Anita Sarkeesian, who went on record saying something very similar. Also this proves Anita Sarkeesian has some form of shizophrenia. #themoreyouknow


Troll conspiracy
Few people are actually using and weaponizing masses of trolls in the internet to cover up certain things. While a shitstorm is happening around strawmen and the whole Internet looks at them, actually bad stuff is just getting drowned out. Politicians do this for years already, now it has arrived in the politics of this century - gaming! #themoreyouknow


Notch conspiracy
It can be assumed that Microsoft didn't buy Minecraft for 2.5 billion US Dollars, but Notch himself. Which makes Microsoft the only company who is into gaming AND owning their own little house-elf. Coincidence? I think not. It's their first step to a monopoly of unknown proportions. #themoreyouknow


Talking conspiracy
This one is kinda like the Consumption conspiracy. People from different fields of the industry meet and talk about things, not disclosing what this is and also not disclosing the talking happened later down the road. Who knows what illicit offers were made during those talks? #themoreyouknow


The Kucheraspiracy
Ben Kuchera isn't actually a real person. That impression was only created to hide the fact he is a huge AI built by the NSA to filter out information. That is why he started to pick up whenever he was talked about and demanded deletion of those postings. It was a test run. Once he is complete and successfully tested the NSA will be able to filter information from all around the globe instantly with this. #themoreyouknow

The Everybody Conspiracy
If you're reading this, I know you're part of it. I won't tell you what I already know, mofo! #themoreyouknow



Don't stay dumb, people. Don't be sheeple people. You need to inform yourself! Fight back! #themoreyouknow

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