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German Blogger, writing the series "The worst thing about censorship is ███████ " (go check it out!) since I like to write about that topic and am invested in it a whole lot. Also writes some other stuff sometimes. Likes to listen to very strange bands and has the ultimate goal in life to taste every soft drink there is at least once.
Pure Gonzo - and while I thank god for Jim Sterling sometimes, I thank god for Hunter S. Thompson every day.

I'm a bastard. Don't trust me. Always keep asking, don let yourself get fed bullshit - not even by me.

I like good games. Yes, that's quite general, but I don't really like confining myself to certain genres. I like interesting approaches, invention and creativity. But I can enjoy a straight-up shooter as much as a "Bastion". It just has to be done well and appeal to me on some level.

Want to know anything else? Just leave a comment under a blog or write a message. Same goes for corrections (please), as English isn't my native language and thus isn't nearly perfect.

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Salida dear readers,

yes, yes, I know, still no new censorship blog. Shit I'm busy at the moment. I'll try my best to make it on Monday. As a little preview: It'll be about mah Pokemanz.


But now for something really grave and serious. Guys, this is it. The ultimate list of ALL the evil conspiracies that have ever been and ever will be happening in the gaming industry. People need to know this!


Advertister conspiracy
Websites get actually paid by advertisers if people see the ads. This is clearly work against a free, ad-free Internet and to the inconvenience of the enduser. #themoreyouknow


Paid games conspiracy
There is an undisclosed number of people paying for games. It's still not entirely known why these people pay for what is available for free on the Internet, but following the money here shows it goes through shops, which take their share, directly to the publishers. I'm still not sure who is profiting from this in the long run, but there is DEFINITELY something up. #themoreyouknow


Andy Dixon's dick conspiracy
Andy Dixon has a dick. So did every president of the United States. I don't think I have to say anything else. #themoreyouknow


Journalism conspiracy
There is a large group of people who earn money by writing about games. Not games they created themselves, but games of other people. They're practically riding along on the creativity of other people. #themoreyouknow


Consumption conspiracy
On more than one occasion people from different parts of the industry have come together to consume food or drinks in a rather private, leisure way. What do they talk about? What do they plan? How are they steering the future of a whole industry? Nobody knows. Because, of course, they try to keep it secret and don't post a log or a video on Twitter or something like that. If you can't see something happening there, you're just a sheep. #themoreyouknow


The Milo Yiannopoulospiracy
It has been proven that Milo Yiannopoulus, a guy nobody heard or talked about prior to a few weeks, has said ""Personally, I don't understand grown men wasting their lives playing computer games. It seems a bit sad to me.". This was a huge slip up, proving that he is in fact just an alternative personality of Anita Sarkeesian, who went on record saying something very similar. Also this proves Anita Sarkeesian has some form of shizophrenia. #themoreyouknow


Troll conspiracy
Few people are actually using and weaponizing masses of trolls in the internet to cover up certain things. While a shitstorm is happening around strawmen and the whole Internet looks at them, actually bad stuff is just getting drowned out. Politicians do this for years already, now it has arrived in the politics of this century - gaming! #themoreyouknow


Notch conspiracy
It can be assumed that Microsoft didn't buy Minecraft for 2.5 billion US Dollars, but Notch himself. Which makes Microsoft the only company who is into gaming AND owning their own little house-elf. Coincidence? I think not. It's their first step to a monopoly of unknown proportions. #themoreyouknow


Talking conspiracy
This one is kinda like the Consumption conspiracy. People from different fields of the industry meet and talk about things, not disclosing what this is and also not disclosing the talking happened later down the road. Who knows what illicit offers were made during those talks? #themoreyouknow


The Kucheraspiracy
Ben Kuchera isn't actually a real person. That impression was only created to hide the fact he is a huge AI built by the NSA to filter out information. That is why he started to pick up whenever he was talked about and demanded deletion of those postings. It was a test run. Once he is complete and successfully tested the NSA will be able to filter information from all around the globe instantly with this. #themoreyouknow

The Everybody Conspiracy
If you're reading this, I know you're part of it. I won't tell you what I already know, mofo! #themoreyouknow



Don't stay dumb, people. Don't be sheeple people. You need to inform yourself! Fight back! #themoreyouknow

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Salida dear readers

I started Dead Rising 3 on PC last friday. While I myself always enjoyed the Dead Rising games immensively, I understood very well why others didn't. The games aren't perfect, not even close and even those things it does kinda well, you are free to dislike, like the constant time limits. That said, so far I've also enjoyed Dead Rising 3 a lot. Then again, it runs pretty well on my PC too.

While I was looking at GameFAQs to find out where I can find one certain item I saw an ad for the Gamespot review. 3/10? Wait, what? I'm curious to read that. So I read that. Which led to the title giving dictum. I have no idea who Nick Capozzoli is, but he most certainly can fuck himself. Not for the rating of the game, mind you. I find some things he critiques and the weight he puts on those things strange, but hey, different strokes. No, what really riled me up was the tone and the flatout lies in some parts of this abomination of a review (which gets shit on pretty hard in the comments too, I might add).

Those parts were about the battles with the so called Psychopaths. A stable since Dead Rising 1, the Psychos were always humans who totally lost it in the zombie apocalypse. They went totally batshit bonkers. A clown who juggled with chainsaws started attacking people, a chef wanted to "get meat" and some others were flatout crazy killers. You get the idea. They've returned in Dead Rising 3 too. And for some reason they apparently ruffled poor Mr. Capozzoli's jimmies harder than... I don't know. Anything.

First off, look at this:

Mhmh, "deeply sexist and mean-spirited overtones". I think it's pretty clear which direction the writer tries to shoot here. I think you all get it. Now let me give you a little background info on this: the woman there is Rhonda, one of the main characters and your companion. You get ambushed by a group of bikers which separate you. Of course those two there go for the "cake", to use Super Mario terms. I want to remind you again: these people are branded as Psychopaths. What happens now in that scene? Well, Rhonda basically kicks so much ass that the two discard the plan to go for the cake pretty quickly again. The first one gets kicked so hard in the balls, literally, that he has to call his buddy for help. After a short pause the two FLEE THE ROOM they disappeared to with Rhonda, because she handed their asses back to them.
... pretty sexist, yeah? That one woman can beat two grown men in self-defense. Wait, no, that's simply a good character kicking the asses of bad dudes. Of course, you don't know that when you don't know the scene itself. I found this pretty bad already, but it only got worse with the second to last paragraph of the review, which was about the Psychopath encounters again.

I'll again just explain the situations here:
- the sexualized policewoman is, again, one of the more major bad guys. She isn't really so much sexualized, as she is more one of those "I get off on death and violence"-characters. Even that shtick isn't nearly played to the maximum. I hope I don't have to remind you that Dead Rising however parodies it's original genre and thus overplays the clichés to the maximum. That said, your playable character pretty clearly is turned off by it all and just wants an USB stick with incriminating data from her, which leads to the fight.
- the female bodybuilder is never "gleefully misgendered". Nick Ramos, your main character, even apologizes vigorous- and repeatedly for the misgender, even more so after he does it a second time. He is clearly very sorry about it. How did the misgender happen in the first place? Well, when first meeting this Psychopath Nick only sees her from behind and she is trained to a muscular state, where you can't differentiate it really (*cough* Roid abuse *cough). And our little Psycho here introduces herself as "Jherii". Pronounced like "Jerry". Throws a bit of a different light on the "gleeful misgender", huh?
- the "bisexual man" has indeed a phallic flamethrower. It even has two balls. One for fire, one with apparently liquid nitrogen for ice attacks. Now how do we know this Psycho who hides in a storage room behind a sex shop is bisexual? Well, because he tied a man and a woman up and apparently abused them already pretty heavily! He also tells Nick basically to bow down and suck his dick if he doesn't want to get killed! But yeah, who needs the information that the guy went rapeshit crazy when you can just say he is bisexual and has a dick flamethrower?
- the one thing we can let slide here is the fight with Zhi (the "chinese man" has a name, you know?). I kinda missed the fact that he apparently IS a chinese monk and thus dressed as one and can be found in a temple, but hey. He is pretty much literally the overexeggeration of the clichés I mentioned earlier. It's already typical in the genre itself and I bet you kinda know how a parody handles clichés.

As I said: I don't get mad about the low score. I don't get mad if someone doesn't like the games I like. You know what, I don't even get mad when you don't have a good reason to not like it. Sometimes a game just doesn't click and that's totally fine, even when you're a reviewer. But for fuck's sake, the shit that's been pulled in this review is the poorest, most despicable attempt for simply badmouthing something in a totally unjustified way I've seen in the past few weeks.
I don't know if this is par for the course with Gamespot, I never followed that site. And this review made damn sure I most likely never will. If THIS is the style of work the site supports, I want no part in it and if this is the style in which Mr. Capozzoli does his work, I hope he is forced into a new business rather sooner than later. Shit like this creates a mood and assumptions many people would describe as "toxic" and I somehow feel right now this is the last thing we need.


PS: the real kicker about this? Of course I couldn't resist to look at this guy's Twitter. And he complained about Polygon's headlines lending the "worst possible interpretation". Way to go. *slow clap*

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(Note: this entry isn't really directed at Dtoid, any specific Dtoiders or strictly (but also) videogame related. It was, however, inspired by some things I've read from people here and in other forums, on top of my own experiences in other communites)

"The first season was good, but then it started to go down the shitter."
"I love their first few albums, but now their music just sucks."
"This place was really cool, but now it's just full of assholes."

I think we all know sentences like this. We might have said them at some point. I know I sure as hell did. There are bands I liked quite some time, but then evolved into a direction I can't stand. There are communities, multiple ones, I was eagerly a part of and contributed a lot of them, where as opposed to know I barely post in them at all. I put work into these communities, hours over hours of actual stuff that was exhausting. Nowadays... well, I can't say I don't care of them, I just don't like it there anymore.

 Pictured: old and new
Pictured: New and Old. Not pictured: jarring conflicts.

See, being part of something is pretty cool. When you are part of something over a long time you'll likely start to make friends and acquaintances. You might even get something out of it. But the ugly truth is this: things will most likely always change at some point. Bands or directors will evolve their skills, go into new directions and try out new stuff. Communities will grow and grow, more folks will flood in and thus people you don't like. Companies will grow bigger, thus trying themselves on bigger projects with larger target audiences, which changes the style of their products. And when that happens the "old ones" will be alienated, at least pretty likely.

The reason, I figured, was that the things you once cherished change. One forum I was posting in a while back was a small, tight group. We all knew each other. Nowadays there are so many users and postings, I can't keep up with this anymore. Literally. And these users, ugh. So much stupid posts. So much idiocy. Almost everything I loved about that community is once gone, including my love for movies.
Wait, wat? Yes, that's right. I have also changed over the years. Everybody does. Opinions and viewpoints on grander things evolve and change. I think that when we get beyond a certain point the changes become slower and less drastic, but when I look back on the past ten years, I'm 28 now, quite some things have changed. Almost all of them for the better, I might say. But my focus on certain hobbies has changed too. Gaming was never as big for me as it is at the moment. At this point it's eating up a good chunk of my time and I game as much as I can because I just fucking LOVE gaming. Dead Rising 3 has just proven it to me again. 


That said, I also get pretty nostalgic and melancholic at times when I look on the "old" communities that don't mean anything to me anymore. I was there so long ago, was part of something and now I'm not anymore. People I had contact with have become names of strangers again, I've went from being a contributor to being a silent reader.
Being one of the "old guys" is kinda cool, because I was part of something nobody of the new guys else will. I've met great people because of this and with some I still have good contact to this day. Heck, I'm living with one of these together at the moment. It's great.
But it also sucks. You have only two choices: accept that changes happen. Because they WILL happen. Nobody will ask you and most likely nobody gives a shit if you want them to happen or not. It's the nature of things and usually nobody owes you anything. The creators of content don't own it to you to stay true to their roots and other people don't owe it to you to live up to your standards, whatever those may be. You can try to adapt to the new circumstances, if you want. I for once don't want to deal with 16 year old shitheads who only care for getting their movies/games uncensored because "Duhhh, blood, gore, tits!". I just don't want to deal with it and that's, for example, the majority of a community I'm now part of. So I chose the other thing: I left. Sort of. I'm still reading, posting here and there, but that's it. At first I kinda felt that I'm abandoning things, leaving them behind without trying to make them better. But the thing is: I did try. By being around, amidst all the change, just to end up being a stone that's swept over the flood. There is nothing I have to blame myself for.

Some things can never be taken from you.

That said, I'm happy that these communities got bigger and more successful. Even if it means it creates an environment I don't want to be a part of anymore, I'm happy to see these things have success. And I just don't want to become one of those begruntled "oldies", sitting in "their" communities, only nagging on how everything has turned to shit, how exhausting all the new guys are and basically just shitting on everything that is new, because I don't like it. Instead I still try to do my service to all the things I once liked and don't like anymore. Shove new people into their direction if I deem them a good fit and preserve the memories of the good times. Have a beer with the folks from back then, try to stay in contact, stay with each other. Things will always change, maybe not to your liking, but nothing can take the goods time you had away. Just as much as you can't stop change.



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EDIT: http://www.destructoid.com/in-light-of-recent-events-280654.phtmlAn official statement has been posted. It still doesn't make me happy, for all the reasons I listed below. But at least now we know where the staff stands on this matter.

Salida dear readers,
I'm sorry I can't really write positive blogs at th emoment, but somehow stuff just stacks up. Next time it'll be censorship stuff again (well, it technically is today too), I promise. This time today, though, I'm a bit bummed out.

I think we all caught wind of what happened over the past ~two weeks. The things now known as Gamersgate that all started with an ex-boyfriend publishing that his ex-girlfriend allegedly slept with someone who she also has/had a job related relationship with (I won't write "allegedly" for the rest of the things I'm gonna list, but until someone confesses to something there IS still a chance for everything to be one of the most exhaustive fakes ever - so please imagine this word thrown in here and there). This exploded beyond anything anyone imagined. I myself thought that the topic would go completely cold after one or two days, as this stuff usually does. But instead more and more stuff surfaced. Journalists backing people and then reporting about them in a very positive way. Promotion giving away to friends. Indie Devs and Journalists being pretty tight with each other. Cliques that favor each other. Contests that have a somewhat big reputation and very shady tactics in choosing both jury and winners.

And none of this was heard of by any of the major game sites. Including Destructoid. Now, first off let me start with one thing: I know pretty damn well that touching something like this in a scene that is "tight" can become very problematic very fast. But I would have wished, from the bottom of my heart, that anyone here would have said "Alright, my job is writing about stuff going on the gaming industry, there are some pretty damn shady things surfacing right now with pictures to proof it, so I guess I start doing my job right now" and started typing. I don't have any high hopes for the Kotakus or Escapists of this world. Fuck, Escapist's boss himself basically said "We will continue to run stories without fact checking if it sounds like it'll give us clicks galore". That ain't made up or anything. He DID post that.
But god damn it, I initially came and still come ("Haha, COME" -PhilKenSebben) here to get information on what's going on. And I kinda expect a somewhat neutral reporting going on. And yet, Dtoid made like every other major site in this matter. You kept silent.

Now as I said: I know this shit can turn very ugly very fast. And as much as I love indie devs myself, over the course of the past weeks some shit surfaced that is on the one hand ugly and on the other pretty interesting.
"Oh, but Jim, we're not some TMZ like tabloid, we don't want to report on the personal affairs of some indie dev." - NO! Don't even try to spin it like this whole thing got that big because of someone being unfaithful. This has actually nothing to do anymore with someone having affairs or some shit. Gamersgate got far bigger and far more important. Hell, The Escapist got thrown out of Wikipedia's list of "reliable sources". And given the shit you can pull with still landing there, it also shows that this went far beyond the usual gamer forums. This isn't some fat nerds bashing an indie dev for being scummy anymore, not even close. It mostly threw up one question: who can we still trust anymore?

Gaming journalism has ever since been a VERY important part of gaming itself. You show us games, show us if they're good or bad, talk to devs, attend shows and tell us what is coming and if the upcoming releases look good or bad because we can't be there. The gaming crash of the 80s might have never happened if we've had a gaming press back then. You are our first line of information... you are basically EVERY line of information until we hold something in hands and play it ourselves.
"Oh, but Jim, we're just enthusiasts/bloggers and not journalists!" - NO! You know what, if you get press access, are invited to press releases, get preview/review copies, press passes for conventions and stuff like that, then you ARE gaming press and thus a gaming journalist. You might not have studied journalism or had an apprenticeship in it, but welcome to the world of cross entering careers!

The thing is: I trusted you to cover this. Because, at some point, there was literally no reason to not cover this any more, given how man colleagues and devs and other things like PR companies are in this shit together. Granted, you are not to blame for what I expect, but come on guys. What happened to the mentality to basically just lie your way onto E3? Every other site shut their fucking mouth about it and this was your chance to be the ONE site that says "You know what, fuck that, this is getting so big so fast that we need some coverage on this".
And before anyone brings it up: yeah, at least we got a forums thread about this, which is more than pretty much every other site got, since they also started censoring their users (which would have been a reason for me to pack my stuff and leave immediately - but I guess you kinda guesses that already given the title and main theme of my blog). The level of censorship, of deleting comments and threads that happened here is pretty astonishing. I've never seen something like this happen "before my own eyes". But as long as topic is talked about in a civil and neutral way, nothing that is not strictly personal business should be considered a taboo. I live in a country where that, however, is a reality for some topics and please trust me when I say: that path leads to an ugly, ugly end.

This is the second time I'm kinda disappointed in how you handled something that got really big, albeit through all the wrong triggers and for all the wrong reasons (the first one being the interview with Anita-"fucking hell, aren't we still over this shit?"-Sarkeesian, which was really just a comfortable cuddle round instead of maybe asking some critical and legitimate questions... but hey, it was par for the course, congrats). I have no idea what will come up next and we can all be sure there will be something next. Gaming only gets bigger. We aren't just nerd subculture anymore. And with more and more people in the culture more and more things are bound to happen. That includes ugly things. The world ain't no ponyfarm but bad things are also news and won't be undone by just shutting up about it. Huh... right now I'm thinking about the Simpsons episode where Lisa does her own newspaper, against every oppression from Mr. Burns. Figures. But you know what, reporting over bad stuff too won't end games.

Maybe I'm being unjust because I can talk so easy because I'm not risking a job here (then again I fail to see who writing the truth about this in an objective way could lead to losing your job, especially since I wouldn't expect you to take a stance in such a matter, just to report about it and only about the stuff that is somehow proven and not put every thing some asshole on 4chan says). Maybe you are preparing something all this time, collecting more and more infos. Maybe you're just waiting for the dust to settle a bit so it cools down a bit. I'm kinda hoping for this, but I'm also a cynic and not an optimist. Now we can all argue if that was more or less important than PAX and it's announcements or anything else that happened over the last two weeks. But the operative point is this: it was in no way so unimportant to not cover it.

Salida, till next time.

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Female body. Male voice. Best president ever on top of that.

It didn't!

Salida dear readers,
my name is Jim aka "OpiumHerz" and as some of you may already guess by that nickname: I am german. With the blog series "The worst thing about censorship is ███████ " I want to simply give you a little insight in videogame censorship, which is still pretty much alive and kicking here in Germany (but I won't restrict myself to Germany exclusively). I started this blog in 2013 and consider this series to be now in Season 2. Fuck yeah! After getting frontpage-famous I'll continue to take stuff from my colleagues at Schnittberichte and recycle that stuff for your enjoyment.

This episode is about Turning Point: black people and women

And sometimes also about black women. Back in the day one of the things that liked to get censored were black and female characters. This mostly hit action and beat em up games, since you, well, had to beat them up as enemies there. This was considered to be problematic in the western world which led to some censored versions for both the US and EU.

One of the most famous examples would be Final Fight. No, I'm not aiming at the Ivy controversy. In Final Fight 2 two female enemy types were exchanged with male enemies.

In Final Fight 3, on the other hand, only the japanese version has black enemies. They were recolored for the international release.

DJ Boy was a simple beat em up game that started off as an arcade game and then got ported over to the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis, for you yankees). The port wasn't really all that great to begin with, due to technical limitations. On top of that the non-japanese version got censored. The endbosses Big mama and Big Karate Mama got a little skin recoloring.

A game you might still remember from the SNES was Ninja Warriors: The New Generation. The intro was reworked here and blood was removed (which is strange because the blood was green to begin with) for the western world. However, this game also featured female Ninja enemies. Those were replaced with some small, monkey like enemies with claws.

Sonic Blast Man did something that once was supposed to be implemented in Street Fighter arcade machines. You could hit the arcade cabinet to punch enemies in game! Since this was however bad for your joints the maker got sued and the machine pulled. For the home console port on the Super Nintendo the game got censored again outside of Japan. This time all the female enemies were completely replaced with male equivalents.

Streets Of Rage II also got hit by the censorship bus. Aside from the final boss not smoking anymore in the western version there was namechange and this one is really strange. You would assume the names would be the other way around due to racial stereotypes, but the character Sammy was renamed to Skate in the western version.

That said has the US version one additional censorship. The female character Blaze can do a jumpkick. Everywhere but in the US version her skirt flies up a bit and you can see her panties, the US version however changed the animation a bit to make this tamer.

That said, just like with religious censorship, stuff like this really isn't a topic anymore. It would most likely cause a little outcry to just remove black or female characters because it would be deemed racist/sexist.

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