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OpiumHerz avatar 2:04 PM on 04.22.2013  (server time)
Violence: Snake enjoys all the killing - and so do we

Humans are monsters. It's simply said, but I think it's true. We crave violence, whether we want to admit it or not. Of course we are not bloodthirsty, gore-craving things on the surface of a planet. But we enjoy violence. We enjoy the spectacle. We want to see what's inside. And nothing is more evidence to this than videogames.

Videogames allow us to do things we can't do in reality. I'm not talking about jumping as high as a building, like Prototype. No, I mean it more like this: we can pull some poor sob out of his car, shoot him in the face, drive to the next hooker, fuck her, then shoot her to get our money back we payed upfront. Videogames allow us to dissect corpses. They allow us to take a pair of pliers to the testicles of someone and just PULL. All these things are things most of us would not do in real life - for a good reason. We have a moral compass, we are afraid of what would happen afterwards, and we have no motivation to do it. The guy that turned the back on us, standing there on the corner, is not an enemy - it's just another citizen.

But still, violent videogames are bought like hell. And especially violent ones always create buzz. Every gamer on the WORLD knew about "Manhunt 2", just because of it's gore. That alone was enough to bring into the news of every gaming site around the globe. Not because it was so much. I played "Manhunt 2" in every available version, I still can't get what all the fuss was about because I didn't find it sooo~ much more violent than certain other games.
But I am a firm believer that there is a monster inside of all us. We keep it in check, it is hidden inside us during our normal life and very few let it out. And if it's let out, it makes the headlines. And if I look don't on history I find myyself finding evidence for it. Be it public executions, be it slaves fighting to the death in the Colosseum. Humans enjoyed violence back then, they enjoey it today. Why should it be any different? Us humans, as a race, haven't gotten any "better" all of a sudden. And you know what? I don't see the problem with that.

I don't hurt ANYBODY when I cut an enemy up into ~500 pieces in "Metal Gear Rising". Not a single person dies because of me in real life, while I shoot down hordes of Russians in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3". And not a single testicle gets damaged when I boot up "Manhunt 2". Violence, or rather the effects of it, have a fascination on us. I can't explain why, after all I am no exception from the rule and I am no psychologist. But I honestly can't see the problem with it. Games didn't turn me into a serial killer and didn't make me run amok. And while I am willing to admit they can have a harmful effect, I also always say in relation to that, that they can have a harmful effect on an already broken mind.

But we enjoy the killing. We enjoy the blood, the gore, the dying. Even those of us who don't want to admit it. You know, my parents were quite the watchful type. They always took a look into the games I played and movies I wanted to watch. And the more gruesome and "realistic" the violence became, the more they tried to keep me away from it. "From Dusk Till Dawn" was a movie I was allowed to watch at the age of 14 (it is indexed in Germany), but "SE7EN" was on the blacklist until I was 16 (it is rated 16+ in Germany). But be it "SE7EN" or "Evil Dead", which my parents also found dreadful, they watched these movies to completion. They knew exactly what they were shielding me from, or tried to at least.

As long as we keep our "inner monster" in check and can repress it in real life, there is no problem. And if someone actually ENJOYS killing person in virtual worlds - so what? It might an unusual liking, but it's still a liking that won't hurt anyone. I might have killed thousands in virtual world and not a single real person gut hurt because of it. That's the way videogames work. They are virtual worlds. And for someone to admit they actually enjoy violent videogames - that takes some balls in these times. I still stick to my theory that we all enjoy violence (of course there are exceptions to the rule, as always) in some way. We are entertained by it and we can admit that or not. But admitting it or not doesn't, in the end, change a thing. But looking at the sales numbers of the games that contain violence, the success of the Gore-Genre in the movie-section... let's just say that the pieces come together quite nicely, in my opinion. And it is not a bad thing, as long as we can still distinguish between real and virtual world. In the end we should be kinda thankful that we can get our fill with movies and games in these days and don't have to watch some slaves cut each other up with swords for our entertainment.


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