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OpiumHerz avatar 3:45 AM on 11.06.2013  (server time)
To a beloved enemy - A last, but well deserved, salute

Salida my dear readers,
yesterday was the last review of Jim Sterling on this website. Chris Carter is reviews director now and Sterling is gone. The reasons are left undisclosed and Jim Sterling only announced it via Twitter. Some users smell something fishy and given some factors I can't blame them for it, but this is not supposed to be the place for rumors.

Since there isn't one on the main page (be it because Jim didn't want one, be it because he wasn't granted one - the reasons don't matter, really) and I just assume there won't be a goodbye post, this is it. Because no matter if you like or despise him, he was a part of this site for years and he fucking deserves it.

Jim, you are a magnificent bastard. I often disagree with you, I'd even go so far to say I don't think you were good at reviewing games for some reasons, but god fucking damnit you were a polarizing figure on this site. I read the stuff you did because of your style and I never regretted it. I'd call you out on many things, but I know you would most likely not care enough. And I can't blame you for it.
No matter what I think of your qualities, the loss is on Destructoid's side here. You were a dick, but it was you who led me here, it was you who made me stay here and I'll sure as hell miss the shitstorms under every one of your articles. Also they can't advertise HUGE with "Block Jim Sterling" now anymore.
Godspeed on your ways. May you find happiness.

If you want to say some last words to Jim too, post them in the comments. Maybe he'll read them.

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