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OpiumHerz avatar 11:34 AM on 06.16.2014  (server time)
The worst thing about censorship is ███████ - 031 - Resident Evil (main games)

Salida dear readers,
my name is Jim aka "OpiumHerz" and as some of you may already guess by that nickname: I am german. With the blog series "The worst thing about censorship is ███████ " I want to simply give you a little insight in videogame censorship, which is still pretty much alive and kicking here in Germany (but I won't restrict myself to Germany exclusively). I started this blog in 2013 and consider this series to be now in Season 2. Fuck yeah! After getting frontpage-famous I'll continue to take stuff from my colleagues at Schnittberichte and recycle that stuff for your enjoyment.

This episode is about Resident Evil (main series)
But first off: the Wolfenstein entry was updated! Look at the end for infos about Wolfenstein: The New Order!

Resident Evil had a hard time in Germany. Being the most horryfing and a very gory game back in the day of course our youth protectors didn't like it too much. While the original Resident Evil was released censored first we got an uncensored PC version and the Director's Cut for Playstation 1 later on.
First off the intro got censored. It had a black and white filter and multiple gory scenes were simply removed (the dogs getting hit, Joseph dying, the look at Joseph's corpse...). Also we got an alternative shot of Chris Redfield when the characters are introduced - he doesn't light a cigarette in the german version. Him lighting a cigarette was also removed in the ending scene with him.

The only real ingame censorship was about one second of a render sequence. When you meet the first zombie it's eating a corpse and drops a head. The shot of the head was removed. The rest of the ingame gore was completely there.
The Gamecube remake of the original one was uncensored and rated 18+.

Resident Evil 2 was released uncut directly. However it got indexed in April of 1998. Every german release after that one was censored (the Gamecube version is multilingual and uncensored as long as you don't play it in german).
In the censored versions the zombies bleed grey instead of red and when they're dead the puddle of blood on the floor is green.
The only other censorship is the sequence when you die. Instead of seeing how you get eaten by zombies the screen turns from white to black and then the "You died" writing appears.

Then Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was released. This was the first one with a 16+ rating, part 1 and 2 being rated 18+ even in their censored version. The censorship was quite heavy here.
First off the zombies bleed grey again. When they're dead the corpses flicker for a moment and disappear then. Splatter effects like shooting limbs off were completely removed, you also can't kick their heads off anymore when they're on the ground.

Really bad, however, was it with the "Mercenaries" mode. For those that don't know, that is kind of a time trial mode. You have a timer ticking down and you get bonus seconds when you kill enemies. However this reward for killing was removed. So you don't have any way of getting addtional time in the censored version which makes this bonus game practically unwinable. You only get time bonus for killing animal enemies which just isn't enough for a good rating and you need a good rating for getting all the weapons and items.

Resident Evil 4 set the bar again when it came to gore and of course we just couldn't have that. To everyone's surprise however the gore was completely untouched. That's right. The headshots, the splatter, the woman with the pitchfork in their head - it was ALL there.
But there were bonus games again. Resident Evil 4 had again a version of the "Mercenaries" mode from Resident Evil 3 and a little bonus story mode called "Assignment Ada". Those were completely removed... and this was most likely Capcom's own fault. Apparently they gave a version of the game to the ratings board that didn't contain those bonus games. So when they released the game WITH those games it was technically a different version and had to be pulled from shelves again. So there is a little first run for the Gamecube that is completly uncensored.

But then there is also the japanese version. And if you think the land of the rising sun doesn't censor it's own games you are dead wrong. And yes, Resident Evil 4 got censored in Japan. While the japanese ratings board had no problem with the bonus content some of the gore got removed.
If you headshot an emey the head doesn't explode in the japanese version, while it splatters into pieces sometimes in the uncensored one. This censorship also goes for the enemies that have a grown Plagas coming out of their head. The parasite doesn't exploed anymore when hit, but instead just "bleeds away" (so to say) in the japanese version. And then there is the famous Dr. Salvador (which I think isn't a real doctor) who cures all of Leon's problems with a chansaw to the neck. In the japanese version his head stays where it is, while it normally rolls of his shoulders. Also: Ahsley's tits don't wobble arround when she is running. Which is a somewhat strange censorship for Japan.

Resident Evil 6's censorship is laughable. Everything is in there but you have to complete all campaigns to unlock the "Mercenaries" mode. I still think that is somewhat of a bug or a glitch, but still worht mentioning. Aside from that everything is in there.

Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 5 were released uncensored.

Next time we'll look at the spin offs.

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