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OpiumHerz avatar 10:22 AM on 05.08.2013  (server time)
My consoles don't fight each other - what's your excuse?

With my 28 years of age I have seen quite some things in my life. I have seen possibly the worst and the best movies of all times. I saw pigeons do "the dance" right in front of me more times than I will ever admit. I literally watched someone die. But I could cope with all these thinges, I could understand them. The one thing I can't understand, however, are the infamous console wars.

I see myself first and foremost as gamer, in that regard. I play videogames. And while I can understand why someone would prefer Console X, I could never understand why that would mean that you had to insult people who don't. I play videogames since I am 4 years old, I started out with something called "AMIGA". After that I got my SNES (which I still own). My grandmother later got the SEGA Mega Drive (aka Genesis). You know why she got it? Because we owned the SNES! The logic was that every once in a while we would simply trade the whole console and library of games, so that the other one could experience them (and yes, my grandmother plays videogames - if someone really wants to know more about that, I could indeed tell some nice stories, ask for it, because I doubt anybody wants to hear about me banging on about my Granny). And so we did.
The next generation we did the same thing. I got a N64, she would later get the Playstation. It went on like that for that generation too. After a while we would give the console and games to the other for some time and play the games they had. It was a good way to enjoy all the relevant games for me, because I simply couldn't afford many games at that time. And there was no way I could have multiple consoles.

See, we gamers are, at least in my understanding. One unity. We are united by one and the same hobby: gaming. Why is it that some feel the need to bash others in the ground for the console they prefer? Why is it so bad that some like X-Box and some like Playstation and others like the Wii?
Well, I think that the reason lies, partially, in something I like to call "denial of badness" (I can't really translate it from the german term I use for it, sorry). See, I enjoy Steven Seagal movies. I know they are bad, I would never call them good movies, but I enjoy them. I also love Rammstein for example. I really like their music. But I know that their songs are very simple composed, their riffing and the complexity of their songs is mediocre AT BEST and their lyrics are often very stupid, flat metaphors for sex. I know these things, I acknolowedge them - but I still enjoy these things nonetheless. Most people, on the other hand, can't do that. They feel the urge to put something they like on a podest, denying any kind of flaw in fear that admitting these flaws would diminish their own enjoyment. And let me tell you something: You. Are. WRONG!

I found that admitting the flaws in the things I like does in no way diminish the fun I get out of these things. Why should it? Please, name one reason, if you can. Admitting something isn't perfect won't change the thing you are talking about one bit.

Some people like to aim at the perfomance of consoles. And you know what? This isn't relevant either. Can't we simply acknowledge some facts and move on? For example: PC games or ports to the PC usually have the better graphics. There is talking around this, they usually do. This is simply due to the fact that, while a console is stagnant as long as the next gen comes, the PC is evolving constantly. A PS3 or X-Box 360 or WiiU has no chance to compete with my actual gaming rig. So what?! Does that make "Catherine" any worse? Is "Uncharted" or "Gears of War" any less fun because of that? Does "Persona 3" start sucking of all a sudden because of this? No, they don't. They are still exellent games.
On the other side, of course, PC games have to fight with other stuff. More restrictive DRM methods, driver issues, incompability stuff - that are all worries you don't have with consoles. There, it's out and it's a fact.

I know I repeast myself here, but us - the gaming community as a whole - has already enough enemies. We don't need some kind of civil wear were we are tearing each other apart, the press tries this enough when someone goes mental again. No matther what you game on, you should not be afraid to acknowledge that your choice has flaws. Because it simply has. There is no perfect console out there and neither is the PC the perfect gaming system. They all have their advantages, they all have downsides. Each has exclusives that are fun, each has exclusives that are shit and for the multiplattform titles: you are free to choose what you want to play them on.

But please, don't forget that we are all gamers. We all want the same thing: play games that are fun. Get entertained. Maybe eben get videogames finally seen as a form of art by the mass media and rest of humanity. I have, so to say, ALL THE CONSOLES. There is an X-Box 360 standing right next to my PS3, and I have everything relevant since the NES era in my cabinet (because I don't have too much space right now to display them all like I want to do) and these consoles don't bitch at each other. My X-Box is not yelling "Your framerate and forced installations suck, LOL!" and the PS3 doesn't shout back "Yeah? Well you gave birth to HALO and created the generic shooter of today, sucker!". These consoles don't fight each other. So tell me: what is your excuse?
I enjoyed games on all my consoles and I would feel like really missing out on something, if I would have left one of them out. They all brought me joy, great experiences and games I still like to play and I will probably never understand how someone would miss out on great games by their own choice, just because "It's Playstation/X-Box/Nintendo". Simply admit that your console and the games you like are not perfect and then go and experience other great games, that aren't perfect either, on consoles that aren't perfect. It will still be a lot of fun.

And with the new generation coming up I honestly can't stand this anymore. It's stupid. If you fight over what someone plays on like this, YOU are stupid. Grab 25cents, call your mother and tell her that you are a disappointment, because you simply can't get over the fact that someone plays his videogames on some other machine than you and is happy with that choice! Okay? ... thanks.

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