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OpiumHerz avatar 11:59 AM on 11.14.2013  (server time)
Idea: Radio DToid

allright: for a few days now I have an idea and am now confident enough to present it to get some feedback on it. And since some people only surf the blogs and not the forum I'll post it here again. The title pretty much says it: Radio DToid (or: something else where someone talks and also some music).

Since I have to consider time differences and the maun audience here, I thought about going dual. Meaining:
1. do the show as a Stream.
2. record the Stream while doing it, putting a MP3 file out afterwards.

- unlike the other Podcasts I would do the moderation alone or maybe with one guest each time, but I don't plan to have a five people crew on every time for example.
- one show will go 90-120 minutes
- since it's a radio show, of course music will fill up a good bit of it. I think of using a good variety and use stuff from every genre, every era, every game - basically. But I wouldn't want to limit myself to anything.
- as for the talking parts: this is one where I'm still pondering about the most. Sure, I can fill up some time with a bit of recapping what happened with videogames, with DToid. But I'd be most interested in what you'd guys actually would WANT to listen to. That said, I'd most likely refuse to cover stuff that has been already beaten to death by everyone everywhere. So no talk on how the industry has "a problem" or harping on about Sarkeesian from me. But what would be most interesting? Some column-like stuff focused on games?

So, now that it's out there, feel free rip it to shreds... or whatever.

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