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OpiumHerz avatar 2:17 PM on 03.19.2014  (server time)
Hallo DToid. I want to play a game. (searching for other players)

Well, multiple games to be honest. Salida, folks.

Even though I wrote something for the Friday Night Fights multiple times the gaming sessions never happened so far. Mostly due to time zone differences. When I say I play all night I play through the german night. But most of the users here are in the US, which means are they are 7 or more hours in the past. Or was it 9? I don't even know.

So I'll try it this way. Because my schedule has to line up with somebody on here. Basically this is what people did before this fancy internet thingie: arrange a gaming session with a fixed time and date. Also a list of the games I'd be willing to play. Let's see if this can get off the ground. I'd love to actually find a group of regulars for regular gaming sessions that aren't necessarily bound to a weekend or anything.

My schedule: basically from 5pm/17:00 to 10pm/22:00 on weekdays. As for weekends... I simply have to see. If you are free on a weekend just ask.
For time references:  The Berlin time is my time, so you can gauge then "when" according to your schedule.

Games I want to play: I won't put them in a real specific order. Basically I'm willing to play all of these since pretty much every game gets good when you trashtalk via Skype. So I'll write them down the way they pop into my head. All games are for PC!

Left 4 Dead 2
Rock Of Ages
Typing of the Dead: Overkill
Dead Island
Beat Hazard (we'd have to agree upon songs here, but that should be managable)
Binary Domain coop (expect me shitfaced for this one)
Team Fortress 2
FEAR 3 coop
Kane & Lynch 2 coop (yes, I like that game!)
Killing Floor
Payday 2 (maybe - haven't been into this one for quite some time)
Serious Sam First/Second Encounter (normal version or HD, I have both)
Torchlight II (but only if you're not one of those hardcore "rush through story, only pick up purple loot fuck you you're holding me back" players - I play dungeon crawlers in a rather casual manner)

So: if you're up for any of those games, hit me up. I'm pretty much always up for some coop gaming as it's the most enjoyable form of gaming for me, so I'll go some lengths to make it happen if need be. Just don't expect me to stay awake till midnight on weekdays or invest 60€ for a new game right away.

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